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Since September, Jinhuang Decoration has launched the second batch of 40 million home improvement policy consumption subsidy and consumer rights protection season. During the event, 1,000 chief experience officers of healthy whole homes have been collected from the whole province. The excellent team of Jinhuang Decoration will customize a healthy whole decoration solution for each experience officer to create a high-quality home space.christmas decorations

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In the post-epidemic era, home health has become the focus of attention, and health-oriented design and construction have been continuously strengthened. However, everyone has a different understanding of home health, and even the same person may have different health requirements at different stages. Jinhuang Decoration Healths customized solutions for the whole home, from design, material selection, construction to testing, and after-sales to build a home health system, aiming to make the decoration meet the home health needs of different family members and different stages. The chief experience officer recruited for this event participated in all aspects of design, material selection, and construction, and deeply experienced Jinhuangs healthy design, healthy material selection, and healthy craftsmanship system.christmas decorations

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Experience healthy design. Healthy living space, not only refers to the physical space level, the designer will start from the physical level, the physiological level, the psychological level, so that the living space, the environmental space and the spiritual space are perfectly combined, so that the occupants can balance their mind and body and relax freely. This requires comprehensive consideration of factors such as sound, light, water, electricity, wind, material, and color in the residence, and also requires careful planning for different functional areas. For example, in the bathroom, from the perspective of waterproof, anti-skid, anti-mildew, and anti-leakage, the toilet area, toilet area, shower area, laundry area, etc. should be separated from wet and dry, and suspended in the air. The material should be waterproof and anti-slip floor tiles. Details such as installing anti-fall handrails for the elderly and children, and keeping the Yuba away from water should be considered. Another example is the childrens room. Based on the characteristics of childrens safety and growth and development, the colors of the functional areas such as childrens sleep, learning, and games should be reasonably designed. The light should take into account natural light and artificial light to protect childrens eyesight. It is also necessary to choose environmental protection, safety, and anti-collision. The materials and configurations are suitable for furniture used in different stages of childrens growth.christmas decorations

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Experience healthy selection. Jinhuang health decoration not only uses environmentally friendly materials throughout the house, but also ensures the safety and convenience of daily use in terms of material shape, material hardness, anti-skid, anti-corrosion, fire resistance and other properties. In order to ensure the environmental protection and health of materials, Jinhuang Decoration has formulated 52 material inspection standards. Only water pipe inspection standards involve service life, antibacterial performance, corrosion resistance, strength resistance, environmental protection certification, and world sanitation drinking water certification. The company promises that all products that do not meet the environmental protection standards will be smashed and redone. And after all projects are installed, environmental protection testing is done by a third party, and testing reports are issued by authoritative organizations, so that owners can rest assured with real data.christmas decorations

Experience the healthy craft system. Whether the quality of the decoration is high or not, the craftsmanship is the key. For a long time, Jinhuang Decoration has formed 7 major healthy process systems, namely: sound insulation and noise reduction process system, anti-corrosion process system, deodorization process system, energy saving and heat preservation process system, anti-cracking process system, waterproof and moisture-proof process system, and fire protection process system. The situation that may be encountered in residential use, comprehensively and meticulously solve the problem. Taking the energy-saving thermal insulation process system as an example, it includes door and window thermal insulation, internal thermal insulation layer on the wall, adding thermal insulation layer on the top surface, placing thermal insulation material between the grilles under the floor, placing thermal insulation material on the top of the wall when the ceiling is suspended, water-saving faucets and flow control. The valve can be described as carefully crafting every detail to protect the safety and health of the home.christmas decorations

In order to effectively protect the rights and interests of consumers, Jinhuang Decoration solemnly makes 7 reassuring commitments to the owners – 0 additional items, 0 stealing work, 0 material reduction, 0 concealment, 0 delay, 0 worry, 0 exceeding the standard. 1,000 Chief Experience Officers will oversee the commitments.christmas decorations

Building a green and healthy home is the long-term pursuit of Jinhuang Decoration. In this season of consumer rights protection, all Jinhuang people will pay more attention to creating a safe, environmentally friendly and Healthy and stylish living space.christmas decorations

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