The American pastoral style has also become the American country style. The core concept is to return to nature, and strive to express a leisurely, comfortable and natural life in the indoor environment, so natural wood, stone, rattan, bamboo and other materials are often used. texture.grinch christmas tree

Look at a case study.

When you enter the door, the ceiling of the living room is the most attractive. The wooden beams and the white grille are the most classic features of the American pastoral style, which is simple and durable.grinch christmas tree

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Next to the living room is a small bar, the overall color matching is also very good, the background behind The wall is decorated with pastoral style, and there are two small chandeliers with candlesticks. It’s so sensual. With the wine storage cabinet on the side of the wall, the atmosphere of the living room is up up up~grinch christmas tree

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The design of the TV wall and the arch of the pass is exquisite and practical, which fully reflects the American style.grinch christmas tree

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The plaid sofa and throw pillows, vintage rugs, round stools look complicated, but they don’t match well It looks messy, but the whole is harmonious.grinch christmas tree

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Every knickknack has a heart.
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interior design styles

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The steps of the mosaic pattern, are they? Also special?

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Open study design with overall storage cabinets, desks, The color matching and decoration of the chair close-up give people a comfortable and beautiful experience.grinch christmas tree

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From a close-up perspective, it is also quite delicate, with art everywhere.

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With heart Design and decoration, the American pastoral style home is full of scenery, doesnt it feel good?

Edited by Qijia Xiaobian, some of the pictures are from the Internet, invaded and deleted!grinch christmas tree

Article source: Qijia Decoration Design Network (jia-jiaju)

Decoration Assistant: Qijia Yiyi (qijiavc)

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