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In this 101-square-meter house, the overall space adopts the space tone of modern minimalist style, and adopts the space design of black, white and gray, which brings a fashionable and advanced space atmosphere; and then implants the wooden cabinet. With wooden floors, it creates a natural and comfortable texture. With the combination of black, white, gray and wood, it dresses up a unique fashion and generous effect.thanksgiving decorations

Entrancethanksgiving decorations

▲The left side of the entrance is the kitchen space. After the glass sliding door is opened, the space looks more transparent and bright; The wall panel extends to the sofa wall in the living room, maintaining a highly unified style effect throughout the space.thanksgiving decorations

Living Room

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▲In the modern living room, the ceiling is suspended around the ceiling and the design of downlights is added. Combined with the texture of the gray wall panel and the wood-like TV wall, it brings a modern and elegant sense of comfort and generosity.thanksgiving decorations

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< span>▲A custom TV wall made of wood veneer, the middle is embedded with a wall-mounted TV on a dark gray foundation, an open bookshelf is added to the right, and a light strip is hidden, bringing a simple, dignified and bright TV wall.thanksgiving decorations

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▲Books and glassware are placed on the bookshelf, which also makes the living room more elegant and refined.thanksgiving decorations

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>▲The sofa wall is based on the gray hard bag, and the spotlight decoration is installed above it, and the gray leather sofa is arranged to create a simple and comfortable atmosphere. A circle of black metal wire is added to the ceiling, combined with the gray carpet, which also makes the space look elegant and high-end.thanksgiving decorations

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▲Dark wood color coffee table, with magazines and cups arranged, combined with gray leather sofa, brings a high-grade and elegant effect.thanksgiving decorations


▲The hard decoration of the dining room is consistent with that of the living room, with a slate dining table + leather dining chairs, the whole space looks modern Elegant and comfortable atmosphere.thanksgiving decorations

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▲The white dining table top, combined with the black dining table and chair tripods, next to a sideboard and drawer, and simple vases on the dining table, make the dining space more interesting and delicate.thanksgiving decorations

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▲The door of the sideboard drawer is designed with gray stripes, and a simple gray-tone decorative painting is placed to bring A simple and elegant dining atmosphere.thanksgiving decorations


▲The kitchen floor is made of herringbone wood-grain bricks, the two-character console layout, wooden cabinets + elegant white It presents a modern and minimalist kitchen environment; light strips are hidden at the bottom of the wall cabinet and the skirting area under the cabinet, combined with the downlights of the ceiling, it also makes the cooking space brighter without dark corners.thanksgiving decorations

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span>▲From the wooden feel of the floor and cabinets, to the clean white design of the operating table, walls and ceilings, plus the sliding doors and electrical appliances with black borders, the cooking space is simple, natural and comfortable.thanksgiving decorations

Aislethanksgiving decorations

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▲The black skirting line of the aisle echoes the metal lines around the ceiling, which is concise The aisle space is equipped with wooden doors, which is also simple, natural and generous.thanksgiving decorations


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▲The bedroom is based on the gray wall, bed and sheet space, adding The design of wooden floors and wooden low cabinets brings a sense of simple and natural comfortable atmosphere. Sleeping in this space is also pleasant and calm.thanksgiving decorations

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▲ There is a row of low cabinet drawers + dresser combination at the end of the bedroom bed, and a corner wardrobe is installed in the corner. On the basis of practical storage, adding the function of dressing table, the whole space design is coherent and unified, making the space look natural and comfortable.thanksgiving decorations

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▲Grey sheets and space, combined with a custom-made wardrobe with a wooden feel, in the simple ceiling space without main lights, it gives people a comfortable, comfortable and natural feeling.thanksgiving decorations

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▲Grey hard-packed siding, elegant white bedside table, adding hourglass, magazines and tea cups, also make the space more simple, comfortable and beautiful.thanksgiving decorations

Second Bedroomthanksgiving decorations

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▲Customized wardrobe for the second bedroom It is integrated with the bed, and the combination of gray and wood color also looks simple, natural, generous and comfortable.thanksgiving decorations

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span>▲The design of hidden light strips has been added to the interior of the wardrobe. After opening, the interior of the wardrobe becomes brighter and it is more convenient to find clothes.


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▲balcony The ground is laid with wood grain bricks, and a combination of washing machine basin cabinet and hanging cabinet is added to the side to facilitate the storage of laundry, housework and sundries.thanksgiving decorations


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▲The bathroom has a grey matt brick wall and floor, and the washbasin is a large-sized double washbasin, with a combination of wood and elegant white marble countertops, plus a mirror cabinet combination with a hidden light strip. Create a stylish and sophisticated bathroom space atmosphere.thanksgiving decorations

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▲The floor of the shower room is treated with grooves, and the walls of gray matt bricks are added. The glass of the shower room is also brown, creating a fashionable and advanced bathroom experience.thanksgiving decorations

Plan + Floor Plan

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Design: Six products design, Review: Design Pavilionthanksgiving decorations

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