103㎡ismodernandsimple,withwhitespace+logs+greenplants,makinglifeleisurelyandcomfortablewithstoriesbathroom decor

In this 103-square-meter house, the overall space is designed with a modern minimalist style, making the space simple, generous and comfortable. The furniture is arranged with log materials, and the green plants are decorated in the details. Embellishment, the jungle outside the window is introduced into the interior, so that the home space is full of leisure, comfort and vitality.interior decoration



▲Storage cabinets are installed on both sides of the entrance, one is a locker, the other is a shoe cabinet + shoe changing stool combination, and the bottom of the shoe cabinet is reserved Empty and light strip design, often worn shoe cabinets can be conveniently placed here, adding shoe-changing stools and empty shelf designs in the shoe cabinet also provides a convenient user experience for the owner.interior decoration

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▲The guest restaurant is facing the door, and a Changhong glass screen is added in the middle. The Changhong glass has good light transmission effect and excellent design effect. When you open the door and see this picturesque scene, it also looks more gorgeous and delicate .interior decoration

Restaurantinterior decoration

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▲In the small aisle between the dining room and the entrance, a blackboard wall was made, and two Layers of clapboard shelves, with books, ornaments and small potted plants, also make the space full of literary and comfortable atmosphere.interior decoration

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>▲The simple and light space is furnished with log dining tables and chairs, a wooden sideboard against the wall at the back, and a gray tablecloth to make the dining space look relaxed, comfortable and artistic.
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▲ Solid wood meal The table and chairs are also equipped with a long bench, and two white chandeliers are installed above the table top. Under the decoration of green plants and ornaments, a bright, comfortable and natural and fresh dining space is created for the host.interior decoration

Kitcheninterior decoration

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▲The kitchen has an open design, and a space is made between the kitchen and the dining room The middle island partition, the combination of white wall tiles and wood-colored cabinets provide a literary and comfortable cooking space for the host.interior decoration

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▲The U-shaped console space makes the movement line more reasonable when cooking. There is also a niche behind the sink, and hanging rods are installed on the wall, so that kitchen utensils can be conveniently and practically stored. It is more handy and can maintain a beautiful picture at ordinary times.interior decoration

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▲The washing machine and dryer are placed in the corner of the kitchen, which also provides convenience for the owner to wash and dry clothes.interior decoration

Living Roominterior decoration

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▲The living room and the balcony are connected, and the overall simple space is free from surface mounted downlights. The main lamp design, the off-white fabric sofa with solid wood frame + fabric cushion, and two unique round coffee tables make the space simple, natural and comfortable.interior decoration

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▲The sofa wall is based on a white wall, and three simple circular paintings are hung on the sofa wall.interior decoration

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>▲The TV wall and the aisle are made into an L-shaped custom cabinet, and a floor-mounted TV cabinet is installed below, and a hidden light strip is installed to provide a bright and comfortable lighting atmosphere; the TV is cancelled with a projection screen Instead, let the owner have a large-screen viewing experience when he is at home.interior decoration

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▲ During weekends at home, the couple watched movies and chatted together. The days were romantic and leisurely.interior decoration

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▲Place a bunch of potted green plants by the window, echoing the natural trees outside the window, filling the space with a natural and fresh sense of oxygen; Sitting here reading a book or brushing a mobile phone, basking in the sun is also a different kind of comfort.interior decoration

nativity set

Aisleinterior decoration

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▲ There is an open bookshelf in the aisle, where books can be placed.

Multipurpose Room

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▲The back of the TV wall is made into a multi-functional room, and tea is arranged on the customized tatami The platform becomes a space for tea tasting and chatting. Occasionally working overtime, it can also be used here, or as a temporary bedroom for visiting guests, with various functions and practicality.interior decoration

Bedroominterior decoration

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▲The simple and comfortable bedroom has a gray wall space, and the bedside wall is hung with gray pink The matching decorative painting; a solid wood bed is arranged on the basis of the light wood-colored wood floor, the bedside is added with a fabric backrest, and striped sheets are added. Combined with the design of the solid wood bedside table, it provides a simple, relaxed, quiet and comfortable bedroom.interior decoration

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▲The bamboo and small lamps are arranged on the bedside table, combined with the elegant decorative paintings, it also makes the bedroom space full of natural and relaxed elegance and Zen temperamentinterior decoration

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▲The trees outside the window give the interior a jungle-like natural feel , with the design of the wooden bay window sill, sitting on the bay window also has a forest-like experience.interior decoration

Bathroominterior decoration

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▲The bathroom is made of grey floor and wall tiles, with niche design and wall cabinets added to the wall , The wash basin is installed by the window, and two layers of storage are added under the wash basin to facilitate the storage of bathtubs and other utensils.interior decoration

Second Bedroom

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▲The second bedroom has an off-white wall, and two circles are hung on the bedside wall It is a poetic mountain-view decorative painting in the shape of a solid wood bed, gray leather backrest and gray sheets, and the overall space is also full of simple and comfortable atmosphere. A column of open cells is added to the built-in wardrobe, which is also convenient for the owners storage and storage needs.interior decoration

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▲The pale pink vase on the bedside table echoes the ink-colored mountain scenery hanging paintings at the back, and also creates a simple Zen temperament in the details.interior decoration

floor planinterior decoration

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Design:Zhiwu Design, Review: Design Pavilion


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