108㎡Nordicminimaliststyle,concise,brightandfullofvitality!office decor

Nordic style is one of the most popular decoration styles when you are young. It has an artistic sense of returning to nature. With bright colors and concise lines, the whole home is full of warmth. ​

In this case shared today, Nordic meets minimalism, which is so beautiful that it makes people intoxicated. The use of natural materials, with the texture and color of the material itself, creates a relaxed and comfortable home atmosphere.christmas decorations

Housing Informationchristmas decorations

Area: 108㎡

Style: Nordic Minimalist

Unit Type: Three-bedroom

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Original floor plan

It was originally a three-bedroom layout, but two bedrooms were retained after the renovation. Another bedroom was converted into a study room for daily study and office needs.christmas decorations

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Living room design

The living room does not have any extra design, showing the minimalist Nordic temperament. The use of natural materials, natural textures, soft tones, and embellishment of green plants creates a relaxed and comfortable home atmosphere.christmas decorations

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The TV wall can directly customize the locker, which not only improves the storage capacity of the living room, but also keeps the space tidy. The lockers are designed without door handles, so that the visual effect is more unified and tidy.christmas decorations

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The TV cabinet and the invisible door of the bedroom are connected in a line, and the whole space is clean and neat. The addition of greenery adds a touch of liveliness to the space.christmas decorations

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dining room designchristmas decorations

The living room looks at the dining room and the entrance, the entrance is designed with custom storage cabinets and blank space , so that the space is not limited and crowded. After returning home from the noisy outside world, after washing in the corridor, it helps to unload the burden and enjoy the comfort of returning home.christmas decorations

wall art prints

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The simple restaurant space accommodates rich decorative elements, and the sweet but not greasy color matching injects vitality into the space.christmas decorations

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Kitchen Design

The natural stone paving space in the kitchen is clean and neat. The smooth kitchen moving line design brings a more comfortable experience to cooking.christmas decorations

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Bathroom Design

The bathroom follows a minimalist design, and through precise manipulation of materials and colors, it is easy to Free to return to life. The calmness of stone and the tolerance of glass not only make the space easy and comfortable, but also make cleaning much easier.christmas decorations

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Master bedroom design

The master bedroom is simple, romantic and reserved, with a gray-green background wall It contrasts with the lush green plant hanging paintings, making the bedroom a little more quiet.christmas decorations

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Study Design

Study, simple layout And comfortable colors, let the space reveal a leisurely elegance. The finished floor-to-ceiling bookcase is matched with a transparent glass door, giving a more relaxed access experience.christmas decorations

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Secondary bedroom design

Secondary bedroom is simple and easy, combined with wood veneer and light gray wall , bringing out a sense of spatial hierarchy. The large area of ​​blank design gives space for inner contemplation.christmas decorations

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