Original title: 108m² stunning American-style home decoration, crying as soon as the door is opened


In the context of time, push open a door

The breeze is not dry, the sun is just right

The leisurely afternoon tea is slow Timechristmas tree skirt

Slightly drinking and slow tasting, home is beautiful…

This case is a 108-square-meter modern American style, and every detail can show the designers careful consideration, everywhere There is style. The owner has a high aesthetic awareness and taste, so he strives for perfection in the entire design process, and the design effect is perfectly implemented. It unexpectedly became a model room of the community and was visited by many people.christmas tree skirt

Case informationchristmas tree skirt

[Project area]: 108㎡

[Design style]: Modern American style

11e66b3a2c61446bb710c5631e268921plan structure

In the overall layout, it is refreshing, open, and concise. Use a variety of ways to increase storage space, the integrated design allows the locker to increase the overall sense of space without affecting the appearance.christmas tree skirt

Living Room✦christmas tree skirt


Elegant and not excessive decoration, the brown leather sofa sets the tone of light luxury for the whole home.



The table lamps and ornaments with great sense of design add bright and lively to the elegant atmosphere, bringing a strong atmosphere of life, embellishing a warm home Ambience.christmas tree skirt

pencil christmas tree



Guest Restaurant✦


Continue the style of the living room

The dining room does not have too much complicated designchristmas tree skirt

But a square dining table for four

With magic bean lamp, unique and elegant

Master bedroom✦


The master bedroom is warm and elegant, and the curtains and bedding are mainly in the blue line of healing, which makes people relax all of a sudden. Here, you can unload the fatigue of the day.christmas tree skirt




Kids room✦

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The childrens room is divided into different areas for study, rest, games, etc. multiple needs. The color contrast style is the main style, and the jumping Hermes orange is embellished, adding vitality to the space and showing the youth and vitality of children.christmas tree skirtReturn to Sohu, see more

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