10decorationdesignsthatyouwilluseforalifetime,youwillloseifyoudontseeit!fall decor

In this issue, the editor summarizes ten decoration designs that are easy to use in a lifetime, so that everyone can be prepared before the decoration, and you wont have to regret it after finishing it!bathroom accessories set

First: install a double-control switch in the bedroom

I climbed into bed but found that the light was not turned off, especially in the winter when it was so cold that I doubted my life. I really don’t want to. Go to the door and turn off the lights. A double-control switch by the door and bedside is installed, and the small design saves a lot of trouble.bathroom accessories set

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Secondbathroom accessories set:The layout of the three areas of washing, cutting and cooking in the kitchen To do a good job

the most reasonable kitchen layout is the arrangement of the washing area, the vegetable cutting area (preparation area), and the cooking area. The wash area should not be too close to the cooking area, as moisture can get into the gas stove. An L-shaped kitchen is an ideal design.bathroom accessories set

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Third: Water, electricity and tile building materials cannot be savedbathroom accessories set

< p>Many people compress the cost of water, electricity and building materials for the purpose of saving money when decorating. The editor must tell you carefully, other things can be saved, but those buried in the wall must not be saved. These decoration materials that are difficult to replace twice must be of good quality to live comfortably.
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Fourth: Determine the direction of the air conditioner wires according to the placement of the bedp>

Everyone who is decorating knows that the air conditioner in the bedroom of the rough room needs to reserve a socket. For comfort, the air conditioner should be hung on the side of the bed to avoid direct blowing. Therefore, determine the orientation of the bed in advance, determine the direction of the wires, and reserve sockets, so as not to cause the wires to be exposed and affect the appearance.bathroom accessories set

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Fifth: Kitchen tiles cover the wallbathroom accessories set

When many people renovate the kitchen, the tiles are only attached to half the wall. But in fact, the tiles on the whole wall can effectively prevent oil fume. The tile will not make the wall black, and it is easy to clean and not afraid of water. Gently spray and wipe with a cleanser.bathroom accessories set

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Sixthbathroom accessories set:Enough sockets and switches are reserved

Dont design sockets and switches according to the existing home appliances. For example, in the kitchen, it is a reasonable design to reserve multiple sockets with one-to-one switches, which are suitable for various kitchen appliances that are added later.bathroom accessories set

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Seventh:Must have child safety sockets

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If you are going to have children at home, or if you already have children between the ages of 1-6, then a safety outlet is essential. Safety sockets can effectively prevent children from electric shock hazards caused by playing with sockets.bathroom accessories set

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Eighth: Install double curtainsbathroom accessories set

Whether it is shading or sound insulation , Double curtains are better than single layer. And when the sun is not dazzling, you can use a single layer to block the outside sight and at the same time, the ventilation effect is good.bathroom accessories set

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Ninth: No chandeliers in the living room if it is not necessary

In the decoration of the older generation, they like to install chandeliers because they are very stylish. Of course, the chandelier does have a sound insulation effect. But now most of the buildings are high and low, and the installation of chandeliers will appear depressing and cramped. If it is not to block beams or central air conditioners, try not to install ceilings.bathroom accessories set

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Tenthbathroom accessories set:Install anti-odor water leaks

Many people do not consider the problem of deodorizing the sewer when decorating. In fact, it is necessary to install a water trap at the drain to prevent odor. to the blocking effect. When decorating, use deodorant floor drains instead of ordinary floor drains!bathroom accessories set

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Attention,bathroom accessories set

If you don’t read these ten designs before decoration,

really regret it!

These ten thoughtful decoration designs,

Have you done it in your home?

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