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How to spend the least amount of money to achieve the best effect during decoration is the common goal of all owners and decoration professionals.

It is how to achieve open source and reduce expenditure and how to save money when decorating.diy christmas decorations

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every decoration After finishing it, I found out that I made some unpractical and unsightly designs.

Why didn’t I think of putting this money in the first place? Use it in a more appropriate place, or save it directly?diy christmas decorations

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Of course, saving money is not easy Where you can save, you can’t save it indiscriminately,

Then here is a list of money-saving strategies for decoration, don’t be troubled by money. , to spend every penny on the edge.diy christmas decorations

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We can from the following aspects Come and save money~

1. Floor tiles save money

First of all, you need to determine what to lay in your living room and room. Detailed space length, width size data, area data,diy christmas decorations

Please professional workers to arrange the bricks first, it is best to have a brick row Figure,diy christmas decorationsin order to minimize the loss of tiles when laying.

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The area to be cut can be reasonable when the bricks are designed Matching,

such as corners, guarantees, yin and yang corners, etc., plan the stitching position, and use the cut tiles to make up, Greatly improve the utilization rate of tiles.diy christmas decorations

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Find a skilled worker for paving, so that when cutting bricks, he can reduce the loss of tiles, and when paving, he will make better use of each tile.diy christmas decorations

Do not stick all special-shaped bricks or small bricks in large areas, so the labor cost will be ridiculously expensive,

If you like the owner of small bricks, you can embellish it in a small area and play the finishing touch.diy christmas decorations

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2, Insufficient budget, laminate flooring replaces solid wood flooring

< p>Compared with composite floors, solid wood floors are more environmentally friendly and feel good on the feet, but solid wood floors have always maintained a high price. If the budget is tight, you have to weigh them.

And the solid wood floor is actually very delicate, the maintenance cost in the later stage is high, it is afraid of water damage, and it needs to be waxed regularly. Improper maintenance can cause many problems.diy christmas decorations

The composite floor is very cost-effective, and has good wear resistance, good stability, long life, and It is easy to take care of, but there is a disadvantage that the foot feels not so good.diy christmas decorations

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3, do not do complicated TV background wall

Dont take the TV background wall as the top priority of decoration. Most of this face project has abandoned the complexity and returned to the simple style.diy christmas decorations

Nowadays, the presence of TV has been greatly weakened, and peoples home improvement concept has begun to advocatediy christmas decorations“remove complexity and simplify”

strong>, it is no longer a complicated design, but how to simplify and make this wall more practical.

So, there is absolutely no need to spend money on the TV background wall, you can save a lot of money here.

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complex The TV background wall is not only expensive, not well matched, but also easy to overturn, ruining the entire living room.diy christmas decorations

In many families, a large white wall is simply painted with latex paint. /span>diy christmas decorationsWith a wood color TV storage cabinet, the whole warm effect comes out.

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4, the sofa background white wall + decorative painting is not monotonous

The TV background wall is simplified. Similarly, the sofa background wall does not need to be complicated.diy christmas decorations

< u>Hang a few decorative paintings, or a few plaster lines for decoration, and the style will come up immediately.

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This simple Isnt the background wall fragrant? The space seems to be bigger.diy christmas decorations

5. No ceiling or simplified ceiling

In fact, it is not not to do no ceiling, but to do less ceiling, or The shape of the ceiling is simplified.

Complex ceilings are not cheap in terms of materials and labor.diy christmas decorations

christmas ornaments

If your home is high or low, installing a ceiling will be more depressing.

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A friend from a few years ago Renovation, because the budget is not large, so I didnt do a ceiling, just walked a circle of plaster lines, I remember being laughed at as being too simple at that time,diy christmas decorations

< span>But he didnt know that after so many years, his choice was classic and attractive, and those who made ceilings looked short and earthy, and the ceilings were yellow and dusty.diy christmas decorations

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You can also choose very simple The double eyelid ceiling,

looks simple and atmospheric without occupying the height of the floor, and can also make the central air conditioning and fresh air system The fuselage and pipes are hidden.diy christmas decorations

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6. Don’t make too many storage cabinets

I was afraid that there would not be enough space during the renovation. The whole house was filled with cabinets, and it was still empty and useless after a few years of living. Do you think this is not a waste of money?diy christmas decorations

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Many owners think about things after moving in There are more and more cabinets, so there must be more cabinets, such as shoe cabinets, TV cabinets, wine cabinets, sideboards, bookcases, storage cabinets, etc.diy christmas decorations

Actually, its not really necessary.diy christmas decorationsThe best storage is to study and organize well, plan the storage space reasonably, and make it practical.

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Look, someone else’s home I built a wine cabinet, designed a red wine compartment, and built two spotlights. I havent used it for a few years. I wiped dust there every day, and I regretted taking up the land and spending money.diy christmas decorations

If you dont drink a lot, theres really no need to be arty. If you drink, a small cupboard is enough.diy christmas decorations

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7, hardware sanitary ware, switch panel, skirting line online shopping is cheaper< /h1>

Buying building materials such as hardware sanitary ware and switch panels online is more affordable than in physical stores, and has more choices, complete styles, and guarantees.diy christmas decorations

The whole house switch panel and hardware skirting can save a lot of money when choosing Please note that if you choose a regular brand, many owners buy online. Bought on the Internet, it is much cheaper than the cabinet custom shop, and the quality is also quite good.diy christmas decorations

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8, no complicated crystal lightsdiy christmas decorations

Stop using gorgeous crystal chandeliers. If your home is renovated, then cry while waiting for cleaning.diy christmas decorationsIt’s really easy to mess with Dust!

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The main light design has been To become the mainstream, dont use the big chandelier at the head, use more specific lights to illuminate the space, so that the space is not so depressing and more layered,diy christmas decorations

Or use the ceiling light as the main light and then the auxiliary lighting, which is generous and practical, and can also save a lot of money.diy christmas decorations

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9, no large bathtub

During the renovation, I was determined to have a Jacuzzi, but after the renovation, the probability of using it is extremely small.diy christmas decorations

< span>Before installing a bathtub, you must consider your frequency of use.diy christmas decorationsIf you only take a bath occasionally, it is recommended not to install it.Not to mention that this thing occupies a large area, When you take a bath, you have to put water for half an hour, and then clean it up for half an hour after soaking, if you can bear it, put it on!

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10, the floor is not covered with a large area of carpetdiy christmas decorations

Many people see that other peoples homes are covered with oversized carpets, and think that their own homes must also be covered with large carpets. It is gorgeous and warm, and you can sit directly on the floor while watching TV, which is so comfortable.diy christmas decorations

It looks good at first, but over time, the fluffy carpet is full of dust and stains, and it is troublesome to clean up, the carpet I dont know how many mites and bacteria are hidden in it!diy christmas decorations

Many people withdraw after a while.

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If you are very If you like carpets, it is also recommended that you do not buy large ones.diy christmas decorations

Use small carpets or tile carpets in the living room sofa area instead, the effect Also very good.

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End of the article:

< p>The above 10 points are the strategies for saving money on home improvement for everyone. Friends who want to be stingy, please keep it.

You can also decorate with a low budget, and see if these money-saving moves have inspired you?diy christmas decorations

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