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Weve rounded up 10 decor examples from the interior design archives where vibrant patterned tiles take center stage.

Common in southern European countries such as Spain and Italy, patterned ceramic or colored tiles can be used to create striking finishes for floors and walls.tree skirt

In warmer climates, durable and easy-to-clean tile can even serve as a decorative alternative to carpet. Here is our latest collection of 10 Mediterranean-inspired decor examples to provide visual inspiration for home decorating.tree skirt

1. Barcelona Apartments, Spain

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Narch Architects demolished many interior walls for Barcelona This apartment created interior spaces that put the spotlight on a 20th-century wax-tiled floor.tree skirt

Without walls to mark the boundaries between the different rooms, the tiled floors, previously in separate rooms, now sit together to create a carpet-like floor finish.tree skirt

2.Austin Profect Hotel and Residence, USA

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Kelly Wurster Kelly Werstler designed a warm interior for this hotel in Austin, Texas, which features walls covered in cheerful Portuguese-inspired tiles.tree skirt

A vintage rug on the wooden floors creates a vibrant patterned collision that adds a bohemian touch to the hotel.

3.Tsubo House, UK

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This at Tsubo House, London In one bathroom, a more subtle patterned tile can be found. The pattern of the tiles creates a trompe loeil effect that complements the jet-black tub.tree skirt

Monochrome floor tiles are used in all bathrooms in the house, which was originally built in the Victorian era but has been completely refurbished.tree skirt

4.Mixtape Apartments, Spain

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Architecture studio Azab in Bilba, Spain This apartment in E was updated to complement the existing elements of the house, including hardwood floors and window frames.tree skirt

In the kitchen, a herringbone floor mixes tiles of different colors for a playful feel.

Some tiles are peach orange or mint green, while others are cherry red, which matches the color of the public staircase in the center of the apartment building.tree skirt

5.MD Apartments, India

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This is located in Ahmedah, India Bedrooms in Bards apartment feature patterned tile floors in shades of dark blue and turquoise, with orange details.tree skirt

fairy lights

The tiles complement the dark brown teak used throughout the apartment, which, along with the arched doorway, helps to delineate the sleeping areas of this apartment.tree skirt

6. 47 Valirana, Spain

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via Architecture Studio Vora Decorating the walls to accentuate its original patterned tiled floors, this apartment in Barcelona has been renovated.tree skirt

The surrounding walls and ceiling are painted white so as not to draw attention to the walls. In the kitchen space, new patterned tiles have been added to create an interesting graphic pattern.tree skirt

7. Casa AB Building in Spain

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This 19th century Barcelona apartment The grounds are decorated with original mosaic tiles, and the building was refurbished by a local studio.tree skirt

Tiles are used in the bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways of the modernist apartment, giving each room a different feel.

8. Carrer Avinyo 34, Spain

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London studio David Kohn Architects A modern graphic effect was used in designing the floors of this Spanish apartment.tree skirt

The decorative floor tiles consist of 25 different designs with progressively changing shades, with green tiles next to two bedrooms and red tiles in the kitchen.tree skirt

9.Chloe Hotel, USA

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This New Orleans hotel features original tiles Features include a tiled porch from 1861. The pale yellow and clear blue of the tiles contrast with the green of the surrounding plants and the dark green painted columns of the porch.tree skirt

Patterned floors enliven outdoor spaces and are an abrasion-resistant solution for high-traffic areas.

10. Casanito, Argentinatree skirt

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This is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina The Art Deco home in Leith was extended by PK Arquitectos, retaining orange decorative tiles to show the history of the house.

A tiled floor runs along the entry to the house, adding a warm, cozy feel to the space.tree skirt

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