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This is an era of looking at the face, so as long as you can catch up with the trend and the topic,

Even if it only has the function of posting on Moments, it seems worth a try!


But friends, listen to my advice, if you plan to live in a long-term home, don’t just follow the trend. Because many designs cannot meet the actual needs of use, or it is easy to cause difficulties in cleaning and maintenance in the future, and once aesthetic fatigue occurs, I am afraid that it will fall into the problem of dismantling and not dismantling.bathroom wall decor


and taking stock of the homeowners’ messages on various social media, I found the following 10 home designs, which belong to Overly praised decoration, it is worth thinking twice before building a space.bathroom wall decor

Overall Design One│Open Kitchenbathroom wall decor

Reality: Cant stop the smoke from spreadingbathroom wall decor

The open layout is helpful for the expansion effect of small units, so the public spaces including the kitchen For the venue, it is very popular recently to adopt an open plan; but for families who prefer to stir fry and cook every day, it is simply suffering! Because even if a high-power range hood is used, it is still impossible to avoid the situation of soot.bathroom wall decor


It is suggested that if you really like the spaciousness of an open kitchen, please install a transparent glass partition when decorating, It can be closed when cooking to achieve the effect of blocking oil fume, and does not hinder the penetration of the space.bathroom wall decor


Guoyu Design II│Barbathroom wall decor

Reality: Lost interest, reduced to clutter

When you get off work or on vacation, it is a romantic and pleasant thing to sit at the bar with your lover and friends for a drink! But what if you really think so? I am afraid that I will be severely slapped in the face by reality. Because, how many people will use the bar frequently? Once the time has passed and the leisure time is no longer, the bar often becomes a place for placing sundries, which not only occupies space but also does not function well, which makes people not sure how to deal with it.bathroom wall decor


Famous Design Three│Small Double Sink, Round Sinkbathroom wall decor

Reality: Cleaning is limited, cleaning tools are difficult to installbathroom wall decor

If your kitchen is not large, it is recommended not to install double sinks; because small double sinks cannot accommodate larger ones Pots and utensils will be troublesome to clean; if it is converted into a large double sink, it will take up too much space on the console, which is not conducive to cooking. So, you might as well install a single sink that fits your kitchen size.bathroom wall decor


Secondly, don’t learn to install circular sinks from bloggers on the Internet; because even if you don’t cook often, There will still be the need to clean cups and bowls; at this point, you will find that a conventional long drain rack cannot be placed in a round sink, and even a scouring pad hanger is difficult to install.bathroom wall decor


Famous Design IV│Terrazzo Countertopbathroom wall decor

Reality: Easy to absorb color, imprintsbathroom wall decor

Terrazzo has been widely used in interior decoration in recent years due to its rich colors and the characteristics of wear resistance and scratch resistance. The decoration, which extends to the kitchen countertop, adds a colorful atmosphere to the kitchen.bathroom wall decor


But it has a fatal flaw, that is, it is easy to “eat sex”! That is, when coffee and soy sauce are accidentally spilled on the countertop, if they are not wiped off immediately, they will seep into it and leave an ugly mark.bathroom wall decor


Fuyu Design 5│Slate Integrated Basinbathroom wall decor

Reality: Easy to accumulate water, clean with dead spots

Slate is also a very popular building material in recent years. It not only has many colors, but also is anti-fouling, heat-resistant and anti-aging, so its application range is also very wide. Diversified; one of them is a net red design, which is to help the bathroom to create a “slate-integrated basin”, but after use, you will find that the right-angle sink is not easy to remove except for the dirt on the corners, and the basin has almost no slope, which often cannot be completely drained. Water conditions are common.bathroom wall decor


In addition, the one-piece basin is actually spliced, so if the pasting process is not good, in addition to easy water leakage, and even the bottom of the basin There will also be falling off, so you have to pay attention.bathroom wall decor

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Exceeded Design Six│Ceilingbathroom wall decor

Reality: High compression layers, difficult to cleanbathroom wall decor


The ceiling mentioned here refers to an overly complicated design. Although the layered line board decoration is visually beautiful, it is really not suitable for spaces with a floor height lower than 2.8 meters. It is not only easy to produce a sense of oppression, but also accumulates dust, causing a major problem in cleaning. So strictly speaking, the ceiling is one of the absolutely unnecessary decoration itemsbathroom wall decor


Future Design VII│Indirect Lightingbathroom wall decor

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Reality: Low usage and dust accumulationbathroom wall decor< /span>

In order to make the space more beautiful, more atmosphere, or to make the overall light more Soft, many designers recommend indirect lighting (ambient lights) for decoration, but from the actual operating experience, the frequency of turning on is not high, usually the main light is still the main light.bathroom wall decor


And what’s more troublesome is that in order to decorate the ambient light, a light trough is often built on the ceiling, which forms another dust Accumulated and difficult to clean dead corners.bathroom wall decor


Overview Design Eight│Customized TV Wall

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Reality: Easy to gas, difficult to maintain

The C position of the living room is a TV wall, so it seems that it needs to be carefully crafted to show its status; so the marble, grille, Line panels and other decoration techniques have come out one after another, so as to create a delicate and atmospheric effect. However, the more details of the design, the more troublesome the daily cleaning and maintenance, and it is easy to get bored and tired.bathroom wall decor


By the way, the function of the TV cabinet is also fading, and it is no longer as necessary as before. There are a lot of audio-visual equipment, so if you customize a large TV cabinet, it is a waste, and it even becomes an obstacle on the aisle; therefore, it is better not to use it at all, or to replace the traditional TV cabinet with a floating board.bathroom wall decor


Over Design Nine│Bedside Wall Cabinetbathroom wall decor

Realistic situation: great pressure, worry about items falling suddenlybathroom wall decor

Storage has always been the focus of decoration, especially for bedrooms! So the head of the cabinet design was moved to the bedside background wall, and a whole wall cabinet was built along the edge of the headboard.bathroom wall decor


This seems to help the bedroom gain more storage space, but when people sleep on the bed, except for the feeling of the items In front of me, I feel a lot of pressure, and I am even more worried that if I shake it slightly, the item will fall and hit people, making people sleep uneasy!bathroom wall decor


Famous Design Ten│Floor Storagebathroom wall decor

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Reality: Low usage, easy to get wet and smellybathroom wall decor


Whether its installing tatami, a platform bed, or raising the floor for other reasons, many designers will build under the platform Storage function.


But this seemingly kills two birds with one stone, in addition to the convenience of use is not so good, the space under the floor is also Relatively humid and unventilated, it is easy to breed odors and molds, so it is not a good storage space.bathroom wall decor


Of course, the interior decoration that is too famous is not limited to the above 10 items. For example, some people think that bathtubs, bay windows, cards There is no need for a seat at all; so if it is not practical, it depends on your personal needs, but you must keep in mind, dont follow the trend of decoration in order to show your face in the circle of friends and get traffic, and the result will only create more trouble for yourself. !bathroom wall decor


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