11.7mX13.9m丨Two-storeyandsemi-commercial-residentialself-builthouseplansharinggarden statues


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In the last issue, we introduced a set of sloping roof villas for both commercial and residential purposes, covering an area of about 120 square meters. A friend asked the editor if there is a plan for a larger store, or a plan that is not a sloping roof, and so on. This time, I will introduce this large space flat roofshopboho decorself-built house. The bay is 11.7 meters, the depth is 13.9 meters, and the total area is 168 square meters, which meansall the way. The exterior facade is dominated by light colors, the exterior walls are pasted with off-white tiles, and the perimeter of the roof is designed as a slope shape, which I believe many people have seen. In addition, the scheme also combines courtyard and landscape design, surrounding walls or fences can be built to form a courtyard, the interior can be used as a garage, and leisure and fitness facilities can be added.

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▲[First floor plan]boho decor

▲Second layerFloor plan]boho decor

▲[Three-floor floor plan]boho decor

The first floor is divided into two parts, some of which are close to 90 square meters, used for shops; the other part is self-occupied, in addition to the standard dining, kitchen and bathroom, there is also a suite; the second floor layout has two master bedrooms, two bedrooms, two living rooms, and a study room; three There is a suite on the first floor, plus a KTV video room, which can be used for leisure entertainment.boho decor

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Appearance tour appreciation:boho decor

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8mX12m is the most commonly applicable house size丨Three-story and semi-self-built residential plan sharingboho decor

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If you have a house to design, you can contact our designer WeChat (same phone numberboho decor):

13923609875(Gong He)

15625114178(Gong Yang)

Construction teams engaged in self-built house construction are welcome to call and join us.boho decor

Huimin Housing Designboho decorThe team members are all from Class A design institutes and first-line engineering fields. Let the common people live in a safe, comfortable and beautiful large yard of their own, dedicated to the design of self-built houses such as ordinary houses, new rural villas, rental houses, workshops, etc., and provide professional and comprehensive design drawings for the common people, which not only saves money but also saves money. Safe, truly affordable and beneficial to the people.

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