In this house decoration design for a family of three, the overall modern minimalist style is the keynote of the space. A warm and natural happy home atmosphere, making life full of comfortable lightness and comfort.wall art decor




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Living Roomwall art decor



▲The living room space cancels the TV set, and focuses on the functional design of home leisure and entertainment parent-child activities, making the home time full of comfortable and calm atmosphere .wall art decor

▲The childrens room is located in the living room space, combining the upper and lower bunks, The functions of the slide are integrated into a fun leisure space, creating a childlike and energetic experience for children.wall art decor

▲The circular carpet arrangement in the living room allows the family to Sit here and play interactive games.wall art decor

Restaurantwall art decor



section A blue storage display cabinet is installed on the wall, and there is a glass cabinet door in the middle. There are tableware decorations, combined with retro-style dining tables and chairs, so that the dining atmosphere is also interesting and elegant.wall art decor

Play Areawall art decor< /span>

wall art decor

wall art decor

▲The stairs entering the children’s bed are integrated with the slides, which can be used for both stairs and slides, making daily life easier Also more interesting.wall art decor

living room decor

Kids Roomwall art decor< br>

wall art decor

▲The childrens room is the upper bunk design, and the lower part is separated by a curtain for storage Space use, the upper bunk is the bed area, making the space more rich and interesting.wall art decor

wall art decor



▲The open kitchen combines the functions of Chinese and Western kitchens. Cooking together makes life more interesting.wall art decor

▲The refrigerator position and storage cabinet behind the middle island, let All kinds of kitchen utensils and small electrical appliances can be conveniently stored and placed.wall art decor


▲The bedroom space has a light blue wall, combined with the design of venetian blinds and curtains, and a wardrobe suitable for childrens height , the overall space is simple, practical and comfortable.wall art decor


▲The cloakroom is designed with glass cabinet doors, and also has an open clothes hanging area, allowing The storage and search of clothes provides a convenient experience.wall art decor


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