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This is a 113-square-meter modern minimalist style decoration case. The overall space adopts a minimalist and elegant decoration tone, adopts a low-key and fashionable color scheme, and adds light luxury and high-end furniture soft decoration, making the home space full of modernity High-end design effect.vase

Living Room

< p>▲The living room has a flat ceiling design, with hidden light strips + rail lights around, and the space below is furnished with modern and fashionable furniture and hard-wear, creating a space full of prudence and dignified temperament.

▲TV wall Based on the background wall of the Great Wall board, white slate material is added, and a TV is hung on the wall in the middle. There is no TV cabinet arrangement.vase


▲Sofa Wall Based on the hard-packed background wall, an invisible door design is added to the sofa wall to make the background wall complete and atmospheric; a set of off-white fabric sofas, a polygonal coffee table, and a yellow blanket decoration are also arranged. Make the space more lively and interesting.vase


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▲The dining room is connected to the living room. The ground and ceiling are decorated with the same shape and material, which makes the space style unified and atmospheric.


▲Modern style In the dining room space, the side cabinets are customized on the side, the combination of stone dining table + leather dining chairs in the middle, and the end view platform with metal frame on the aisle, and the ceramics also make the space more artistic, refined and dignified.vase


▲The dining table with stone countertops is set with exquisite tableware, vases and glassware, and a chandelier with avant-garde design is installed above, making the dining space more dignified, elegant and gorgeous.vase


▲Mealside The cabinet is made of gray wood, the upper hanging cabinet is added with white doors and open grids, and the empty wall in the middle is also designed with white slate material, making the restaurant space beautiful, practical and exquisite.vase



▲The kitchen adopts a gray space style, adopts an L-shaped console layout, and adds a hidden light strip at the bottom of the wall cabinet to make The operating table is brighter and more convenient.vase


▲The kitchen door is made of transparent glass, and the outside is the dining area. A large refrigerator with double doors is arranged near the kitchen door, providing a practical and convenient storage location for the owner.vase



▲The bedroom is also a modern space atmosphere, the ceiling is suspended and the light strips are hidden around it, and a brown leather bed is placed +Grey sheets, the bedside wall is a beige hard-pack material, the whole bedroom looks modern, simple and comfortable.vase


▲The bedside table is placed on the left and right sides of the bedside wall, and the design of a dressing table is also added at the window position. A black and white decorative painting is placed on the bedside, which also adds to the elegance of the space Low key atmosphere.vase

interior design styles


▲A black bedside table with a metal frame is placed on the left bedside table, a spherical table lamp is placed, and the adjacent part of the wardrobe and the bedside table is made into an open grid. The whole bedroom looks simple, practical, gorgeous and high-end.vase


▲The style of the right side of the bed is the same, and the arrangement of light luxury chandeliers + ornaments makes the bedroom space more gorgeous and exquisite.vase

Main guardvase


▲The master bathroom is based on a taupe space, the shower room is a diamond-shaped design, the washbasin, shower room and toilet The triangular distribution design makes the bathroom space full of modern and elegant atmosphere.vase

Secondary bedroomvase


▲ The secondary bedroom ceiling has no main light design, with warm color light strips installed around it, and the overall gray siding is the wall , the arrangement of black bed + gray sheets, and a yellow blanket decoration make the bedroom space look extraordinarily low-key and warm.vase


▲The wardrobe at the end of the bed is a combination of closed cabinets and open cabinets. It is installed in a modern and simple bedroom space, and it also brings a modern and dignified sense of practicality.vase

Recreation Room


▲The leisure room has a minimalist design. Linear light strips are added to the ceiling and walls, and leisure chairs and small coffee tables are arranged to create a modern and avant-garde style for the host. And spacious and generous reading and leisure space.vase



▲The bathroom is in a gray space, the diamond-shaped shower room floor is designed with slotted treatment, and the mirror in front of the washbasin The cabinet also adds light strips to make the bathroom space practical, delicate and beautiful.vase



▲A washing machine cabinet + wash basin is installed on the side of the balcony, and a dark hanging cabinet is designed on the top. The whole space is simple and practical. The master, provides a convenient location for the master laundry.vase

Design: Mo Chuan Design, Comments: Design Pavilion

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