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This is a set of 115 square meters of minimalist Nordic style decoration cases. The overall space is based on simplicity and generosity. Some retro and literary design elements are appropriately added, and the embellishment of green plants is introduced to make the space look simple. Comfortable and unique design.garden ornaments


▲The floor of the porch is matched with tiles, a decorative painting with a parrot pattern is hung on the wall, and a custom black shoe cabinet + replacement The combination of shoes and stools turns the entrance into a space of literary and retro style, and it is full of literary and dignified atmosphere as soon as you enter the door.garden ornaments

Living Roomgarden ornaments

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▲The whole space of the living room, dining room and kitchen is open and simple, The artistic design and layout add a circle of dark green decoration around the ceiling to add a fresh atmosphere to the space, and then embellish it with green plants to create a spacious and comfortable space atmosphere.garden ornaments

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▲ A black cabinet display stand was customized behind the living room, and a slide was installed at the corner of the wall. A pink lounge chair and a small round rug make the space full of literary and elegant childlike atmosphere.garden ornaments

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▲On the ground near the display stand area, the black ground is used to make the platform design, which makes the living room without sofa also have more abundant and diverse seating positions.garden ornaments

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span>▲The simple TV wall is painted with white latex paint, and a hanging TV cabinet + wall-mounted TV combination is installed, bringing a simple and comfortable sense of spaciousness.garden ornaments

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▲The living, dining and kitchen space is integrated, and the ceiling is not made of ceiling pipes to reveal whitewashing, creating a spacious and generous space atmosphere.garden ornaments


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▲The aisle space behind the living room is mainly white and concise The design of arched doors and barn doors in the aisle space also makes the space more elegant and advanced.garden ornaments


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1dc450e85c35499d87cc4fa82aacbfbd~noop.image? iz=58558&from=article>▲The kitchen and the guest dining room are in an open layout. There is a middle island in the middle. The combination design of the hanger lamps and red wine glass racks on the top, and the aluminum decorations are also more refined and artistic.
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▲The middle island avoids the window and makes a corner, and installs the battery stove and sink, creating a dignified and elegant atmosphere. Literary high-end cooking environment. The arrangement of the console with the combination of pink and black at the rear also makes the style of the kitchen space more advanced and unique.garden ornaments

Restaurantgarden ornaments

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▲The restaurant is in front of the central island, with a simple combination of dining tables and chairs, plus monstera green plants in the corner, and a green decorative painting on the side. The window is designed with venetian blinds to make the dining space It looks very fresh and refined.garden ornaments


wall hanging

▲The bedroom is dominated by clean white space, and black, yellow and gray soft furnishings are added to make the bedroom space It looks simple and cozy.garden ornaments

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▲The simple and modern bedroom is furnished with gray + yellow sheets, showing a simple and playful sense of activity.garden ornaments

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▲The base of the bedside wall is black + the upper part of the white custom cabinet combination design, and the black simple bedside table is arranged, There is also a warm light table lamp arrangement, which adds a dignified and warm atmosphere to the bedroom.garden ornaments

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▲The black arched door and the wall-mounted air conditioner above make the bedroom space simple, practical and advanced. The invisible sliding door design integrated with the body makes the bathroom space cleverly hidden.garden ornaments

Main guard

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▲The master bathroom floor and wall base area adopts small white tiles , the wall is made of gray waterproof paint, and the bathtub is arranged to make the bathroom space simple, comfortable and artistic.garden ornaments

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>▲The black wash basin and the black-framed round mirror on the wall provide a clean and simple bathroom experience for the owners bathroom.garden ornaments

Kids Room

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▲The childrens room is also designed with black arched doors. Small tents and carpets are arranged in the empty area, and toys are added to create a childlike and comfortable play space.garden ornaments

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▲The small tent echoes the hill-shaped color matching wall on the wall, making the space more childlike.

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▲A simple bed is arranged, a pot of green plants is added at the end of the bed, and a hut-shaped color-blocking wall is painted on the window position to echo it, which also makes the childrens room look simple, comfortable and childlike.garden ornaments

Bathroomgarden ornaments

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▲The bathroom is diagonally paved with floor tiles, with orange checkered bricks at the walls and grey checkered bricks as waist The lines and walls are made of waterproof paint, and the shower area is designed with glass partitions, providing residents with a convenient, practical and artistic bathroom space.garden ornaments

Design: Yuzi Design, Review: Design Pavilion

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