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Work introduction:Project addressPoly TimesProject area115 square metersProject styleAmerican pastoral styleProject designPoem Enjoy Home Design

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Design description As a just-needed wedding room, the owner said that it is necessary to strictly control the budget and abandon all impractical hard-packed shapes. Therefore, when doing in-depth design, more attention is paid to the use of functions, and the aesthetics On the other hand, the treatment is relatively simple. The hard decoration is made of parquet floor tiles in the entrance, bright latex paint colors in the guest dining room, arches that echo each other in the aisles, and Roman column door covers to set off a natural, fresh and energetic atmosphere. The decoration is quite important and requires close cooperation between the designer and the owner.personalized christmas ornaments

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Speaking of the house itself, the original house type itself is already regular, this The apartment type can be seen everywhere in Wuhan. The difference is that the balcony has an extra corner, which is not square. The entrance hall is side by side with a room at the door. If the room is closed, the entrance will not have lighting. The area of the two bathrooms and kitchen is the same. very compact.personalized christmas ornaments

house interior design

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< p>According to the advantages and disadvantages of the original apartment, combined with the needs of the owner, the designer retained two bedrooms and a multi-functional room after optimization and renovation. The balcony is divided into two parts from the corner, and the square side is used as the independent study for the male protagonist. , the part of the long strip is connected to the master bedroom as a functional balcony and a place for the hostess to grow flowers and plants. The multi-functional room next to the entrance uses folding glass doors to separate the two areas to ensure the lighting of the entrance, and the shoe cabinets are set on both sides, making these two areas the highlights of the home.
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The hostess and the designer are all people who love small animals, so in the end, when purchasing accessories, do not Hehe accepted various pattern elements of deer, kittens and dogs, adding a lot of vitality to the whole home.personalized christmas ornaments

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