115squaremetersofmodernstylethree-bedroom,simpleyetconnotative,rigidyetwarmpop up christmas tree

This case is mainly based on modern style, abandoning the shape of modern traditional style, taking its meaning, taking modernity as the foundation, combining the meaning of Chinese style, and making the space more concise and clear. The whole space is simple yet connotative, rigid yet warmfall wreath


OCT Jade Tianyu modern style living room design

For the bedroom, it should not be too long or too large, one is that the narrow and long space is not easy to arrange, and it is easy to make people feel lonely . In order to avoid this phenomenon, we can divide it into two and add a cloakroom or study room inside.fall wreath


OCT Jade Tianyu Modern Style bedroom designfall wreath

The quality of the dining environment determines the appetite and also determines the dining mood, so if the restaurant is an independent space, it requires smooth air and a clean environment. Ornaments are emotional, but too many can be distracting. Soft upholstery or fresh, elegant fabrics are good choices. The kitchen is connected to the dining room, and a small bar is also very practical.fall wreath


OCT Jade Tianyu Modern Style restaurant designfall wreath

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How to choose lamps for study decoration? Generally speaking, the desk lamp in the study can use a swing arm desk lamp or a dimming desk lamp, so that the light directly shines on the desk. If you want to read on a seat or sofa, it is recommended to use a floor lamp with adjustable height and direction. The choice of lamps and lanterns for study decoration affects the later use experience and work mood, so it must be treated with caution.fall wreath


OCT Jade Tianyu Modern Style study designfall wreath

The porch is the door face of a family. In order to protect the privacy of the owner and prevent guests from having an unobstructed view of the entire room as soon as they enter the door, use wood or glass as a partition at the entrance to delineate an independent area , which is visually obscured.fall wreath


Modern style entrance design< /p>fall wreath


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