117squaremetersofmodernminimaliststylethree-bedroom,thewholewallofstoragemakesthediningroomfullofpracticalitycanvas wall art

This scheme is mainly based on simplicity and simplicity. The soft furnishings in the scheme are matched with log furniture, a space, and the overall practicality and personalization are reflected in the entire space. In this scheme, the main It advocates simplicity in architecture, and simplifies design elements, colors, lighting, and raw materials to the extentinterior decoration

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The soft furnishing in the scheme chooses the log furniture collocation, a space, the overall practicality and personalization are reflected in the whole space, in this The scheme is mainly in the buildinginterior decoration

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The dark floor tiles in the bathroom give the space a sense of hierarchy and are resistant to dirt. The dark wall tiles you see when you enter the door can perfectly combine the ground and the wall. This design also increases the visual effect of entering the door. Impact forceinterior decoration

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The open kitchen and dining room are designed with bar counters, which can be used as kitchen worktops and have beautiful effects, increasing the owners life style. The renovated space layout is more reasonable and standardized. Rustic cabinets and small orange retro bricks decorate a fresh and clean kitchen, and the color matching gives people a comfortable and natural feelinginterior decoration

floor vase

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Rendering of an open kitchen, increasing the feeling of openness

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The design of the study, this room is a combination of tatami and study , the design of tatami not only saves space but also increases storage function, and can also read books, surf the Internet, drink tea, and the wood-colored tatami also enhances the theme of small freshnessinterior decoration



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