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With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people pay more and more attention to health. For example, many people will have regular physical examinations, and will install air purifiers at home. Many pregnant women wear radiation protection suits…to keep themselves and their families healthy. However, have you, who are so concerned about your health, know why you feel short of breath and dizzy when you sit in a car for a long time? In fact, these may be related to the substandard quality of your interior environment.vase

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a model that has passed the environmental quality of the car. In the name of healthy cockpit, JETOUR X70 Zhuge Edition adopts two-pronged approach by optimizing interior materials and applying air quality management technology, so that the whole family can travel with confidence.vase

118 kinds of environmental protection materials, eliminating the source of pollution in the carvase

In fact, the pollution in the car is similar to the well-known home improvement pollution, most of which are harmful volatile Organics such as formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, etc.vase

How do these harmful organics deplete your health? Here we take the well-known formaldehyde as an example to briefly explain.vase

We all know that formaldehyde is a carcinogen, so how does it cause cancer? It starts with DNA first. DNA damage has long been thought to be closely related to the occurrence of cancer. Human cells are dividing all the time,   DNA molecules will inevitably make mistakes after working for a long time, and some spontaneous damage will occur. The smart human body can repair itself through specific proteins. Partial formaldehyde will coagulate and denature proteins, preventing the repair process of damaged DNA, and formaldehyde itself will also aggravate the occurrence of DNA damage. In this way, formaldehyde damages DNA while blocking the repair of the damage. Over time, cancer occurs.vase

It can be seen how important it is to avoid pollution sources in the car. To this end, Jietu X70 Zhuge Edition has made great efforts. Its interior has selected 118 kinds of environmentally friendly materials, which not only fully cover key parts such as seats, steering wheels, ceilings, and carpets, but also the adhesive materials are safe and environmentally friendly. , to eliminate the problem of pollution sources in the car itself, so that the family can sit at ease.vase

High-tech blessing to create a smart and healthy cockpitvase

valentines day decor

Of course, it is not enough to eliminate the sources of pollution in the car, but also To be able to prevent the damage of external PM2.5.vase

This first requires a superb body sealing technology. Thanks to the multiple empowerment of the three-layer sealing technology of the door, the mute acoustic laminated glass, the external noise-absorbing and shock-absorbing ring, etc., when the doors and windows are closed, the interior of the Jietu X70 Zhuge Edition is continuously in a 29Pa micro-positive pressure environment. , which allows outside air to enter the car only through the air conditioning system.vase

The air conditioning system of Jietu X70 Zhuge Edition is equipped with CN95 filter element. The monitoring results of TÜV Rheinland show that the filter has a PM2.5 filtration efficiency of over 96%.vase

As a supplement to CN95 filter element, Jietu X70 Zhuge Edition also applies dual-channel laser PM2.5 sensing technology, which can simultaneously monitor PM2.5 concentration inside and outside the car . When the sensor finds that the external pollution is serious, it will adjust the air conditioner to the internal circulation mode; if the internal PM2.5 concentration is high, it will start the air purifier to purify the air in the car. TÜV Rheinland has measured that the Jietu X70 Zhuge Edition can remove 99.95% of particulate matter in a 3-cubic space within 5 minutes.vase

In addition, Jietu X70 Zhuge Edition also applies negative ion fresh air technology, which produces negative ions with a concentration of 21460/cm3 at the air outlet of the air conditioner. While purifying the air, negative ions can also activate oxygen molecules in the air to generate negative ion oxygen that is more easily absorbed by the human body. After the human body inhales negative ion oxygen, the lungs can absorb 20% more oxygen and expel 15% more carbon dioxide, which plays a role in improving breathing.vase

Over the years, Chery Holding Jietu Automobile has always been committed to building smart and healthy ecological vehicles. The project has carried out in-depth cooperation and leveraged TÜV Rheinland  more than 150 years of technology accumulation to build its products into the benchmark of domestic smart and healthy vehicles. As the flagship model of Chery-controlled Jetour Motor, Jetour X70 Zhuge Edition has successively obtained health certifications from two authoritative institutions, China Automobile Research Institute and TÜV Rheinland. The need for healthy travel.vase

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