120㎡minimalistNordicstyle,withthesekindsoffurniture,itisabitadvancedpillow covers

The owner Hedda, the husband and wife both like the minimalist style, and think that minimalism is not blindly saving or digging, but to achieve the texture of life through subtraction.

The minimalist style originated from the Bauhaus school, advocating the principle of function first, advocating simplicity in architectural decoration, The hardware is simple in shape, without complicated and superfluous decorations, and household items also do not occupy an area and are practical.The style pursues simplicity and atmosphere. The space layout pays attention to the transparency inside and outside, and pursues the freedom not restricted by the solid wall. Open design or transparent glass partitions are often used, and the furniture shapes are mostly straight lines, which are neat and smooth.Because of the simple lines and few decorations, the simple style pays more attention to soft decoration, such as hanging pictures on the wall, cushions for the sofa, tablecloths for the dining table, the materials are mostly shiny, and the metal is the highlight of the simple style. For example, metal lamps of various shapes are used to highlight the modern minimalist style and fashionable avant-garde feeling.string lights

Lets take a look at how the owner decorates a minimalist home.string lights

Housing Informationstring lights

City: Shanghaistring lights

Area: 120㎡string lights

Unit type: 3 rooms and 2 hallsstring lights

< span>Cost: 400,000

House plan

The original house is still Zhou Zheng, but the storage space is a little tight.string lights

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▲Original floor plan

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▲Demolition and modification diagram

Originally, the entrance area of the house was too large, and the dining and kitchen area was not very harmonious.string lights

The master and secondary bedrooms and bathrooms are a bit cramped, and some walls also affect the overall flow.

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▲Wall renovation diagram

So, smash, smash, dismantle and dismantle, there is an extra cloakroom (storage room) at the entrance, the main and secondary bedrooms and the entrance to the bathroom, each room also allows people to enter and exit smoothly, the experience is very nice~string lights

Entrancestring lights

There is a dividing line for taking off shoes when entering the door, which separates the home and the outside world. The entrance cabinet faces the side of the entrance door. , The large storage space is specially customized to store coats, umbrellas and other handbags, etc., and small items can be easily placed in the small grid below, which is more convenient.string lights

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Viewing the entrance from various angles :string lights

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L-shaped black wooden link for shoe cabinet and shoe changing stool, next to it A narrow and long window was opened on the wall to increase the lighting of the entrance.

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The left side of the door borrowed the space of the original studio to make a storage room , as a supplement to the storage of the entryway cabinet.string lights

Haha, one entrance area can accommodate 80 pairs of shoes, 20 bags, 10 large storage boxes, 2 suitcases, and 50 short coats or tops~~string lights


For families with children, such a storage room that can be installed is very practical.

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The back of the entrance cabinet is the tea cabinet of the restaurant. Starting from the central island, the central axis of the central island-dining room-living room-balcony is planned, and the entire space is often neat and orderly.string lights

Does it mean that it is a bit simple and not simple? If you want to be minimalist, you cant be too casual, and you have to spend some careful thought everywhere.string lights

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The balcony, living room, dining and kitchen area are connected in one line, so there is about 35 square meters of more open extension space.string lights

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It can accommodate 20 peoples friends party, which is more visually and online. Comfortable and natural.string lights


The owner and his wife like it on weekdays Staying at home and doing some delicious food, kitchen and dining room are very important places for them.

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The kitchen has been designed with Chinese and Western kitchens, from the wall, cabinet to the floor The overall tone of the black and white tiles maintains a unified style, and the design uses various splicing methods to make the space appear smart and not rigid.string lights

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The principle of storage is to hide as much as possible, other than to hide as much as possible On the wall, keep the countertop clean and fresh.string lights

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The central island of the western kitchen area is the starting point of the central axis of the whole space, except for the western The function of kitchen side dishes, but also to eat a meal, it is very useful.string lights

The marble countertop is hollowed out, just enough to put down 2 high stools.string lights

easter decorations

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The left side of the middle island is the back of the porch shoe cabinet, making a tea cabinet. Make the most of the space by making the decorative wall of the niche in the kitchen entrance of the barn door.string lights

The tea table is on the back of the entrance cabinet. It is very close to the central island and is easy to take. It is not a problem to make milk, make coffee, and make simple meals here, and the rest of the cabinets just serve as sideboards.string lights

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no ceiling The living and dining room of the hotel retains the comfort of the original floor height. The track lights on one side not only meet the daily lighting requirements, but also use the halo to visually raise the ceiling by brightening the wall and washing the walls.string lights

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The dining room hangs with a low chandelier that will When the light source hits the food, it looks more delicious, more appetizing, and has a more relaxed communication atmosphere. The wooden tables and chairs make the restaurant more textured.string lights

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The ground is paved with herringbone Spell the floor.string lights

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Living Room

Living Room Matching Pure and rustic, gray fabric sofa, simple and fashionable, with wooden floor and furniture, the owner likes this inner peace feeling very much.string lights

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The main color of the earth, with white, gray and a small amount of copper, through rattan, flannel, rough wood, walnut texture and other textured materials , the feel created is still a bit freehand~~string lights

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different Furniture with materials, textures and colors seems to give the home a rich sense of hierarchy, which is not simple to achieve.

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Molecular lamps, floor lamps, geometric line furniture, and a little more Lost sense of modernity~~string lights

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The living room made an open storage cabinet, The color of the storage box is controlled in one color system, which looks very comfortable.string lights

The bottom of the cabinet is mainly some scattered objects and childrens toys, which are uniformly stored in the storage basket, and the middle position is readily available for my husbands favorite books and commonly used small things.string lights

The topmost place holds books or storage boxes that are not frequently used.

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The balcony is on the side of the sofa in the living room. When the black framed glass stacking door is fully opened, the balcony and the living room are connected together, which is very spacious.string lights

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When the sun is too hot, the blinds can adjust the indoor light and the air circulation is good not hot.string lights

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Living Room & Work There are non-load-bearing walls between the rooms, and double doors are simply made to make the study and living room more transparent, and the studio is also very simple.string lights

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The dark gray wall in the middle is matched with a light-weight white bookcase and a log-colored storage board, plus a simple desk and a unit sofa, and a practical and simple workspace is available.string lights

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Master bedroom with dresser and crib down Its quite spacious, and the whole is very simple, very suitable for a quiet rest.

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< /p>

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Secondary bedroomstring lights

This renovation, the couple realized the long-awaited Ins style Childrens room. The 360mm small desk is also cute and durable, and the 1.5-meter wardrobe is enough to cope with the little daughter when she was a child, and it can also be transformed as the little daughter grows up.string lights

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The bathroom of the master bedroom has a large bathtub , the log washbasin cabinet makes the space especially warm, and the paintings on the wall and the brass shelving have more layers and textures.string lights

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On the basis of keeping the original two bathrooms, we borrowed some from the children’s room space, so that a suitable basin cabinet can be made, and the barn door also maximizes the space saving.string lights

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Black washbasin cabinet is more convenient to take care of , and more tidy, modern + exquisite hardware on the wall.string lights

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toilet The water tank is built into the wall, and the space above is used to make a simple storage cabinet. The glass partition on the side satisfies the separation of dry and wet between the guest and the bathroom, and does not affect the lighting.string lights

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Decoration, the starting point is forever Its all about whether you like it or not.

You can do subtraction in your life, and maybe you can find a life that truly suits you.string lights

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