120㎡modernminimaliststyledecoration,adreamhomecreatedbysmartcolorsfall wreath

Living room

The floor of the public space is made of 600*1200 large slabs. The shape design of the ceiling increases the artistic atmosphere of the space. The circular chandelier, glass and The texture of golden metal is compatible, and the space is full of atmospheric beauty.canvas wall art

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The leather three-person sofa chair and the fabric single person are matched with each other. The blue curtains and the sofa are on the sofa, and the color is consistent. The decorative painting of Hermes orange and bright colors increase the visual feeling of the space.canvas wall art

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Customized Keding wood veneer in the living room, and then embedded a 100-inch projection screen inside. The black log decorative cabinet makes the whole space more advanced.canvas wall art

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A sideboard is set within the reach of the restaurant to increase the storage function of the space. The hollow design in the middle hides small lights to improve the visual effect; the central air conditioner provides space Provides a comfortable temperature inside.canvas wall art

Integrated design of dining room and living room, white slate table top, fabric chair backrest, lacquered metal feet, the collision between different materials forms a perfect match.canvas wall art


The kitchen is designed with a one-line cabinet according to the apartment type, with white kitchen utensils on the whole surface, and textured walls Tiles are fresh, clean and comfortable in style, and good kitchen design can create a safe home.canvas wall art

The kitchen is equipped with water purifiers, range hoods, stoves, etc. The layout is reasonable, and it is very convenient to pick up. The upper and lower cabinets are designed to meet the storage requirements.canvas wall art

Master bedroomcanvas wall art

living room decor

The overall color of the master bedroom is gray + blue design. The quiet little bay window has a small compartment on the inside, where small ornaments can be placed.canvas wall art

The wooden floor of the bedroom is also made of fishbone. In addition, the main light is not placed in the bedroom, and the light source is completely satisfied by the wall lamp. The lacquered bed gives people a quiet feeling.canvas wall art

Furniture customization, walnut is used for the cabinet body, pure white paint for the cabinet door, plus built-in long handles. The design of the whole surface is divided into left and right, which can not only be used as a writing desk, but also can store clothes, which is very convenient.canvas wall art

Secondary bedroom

The color of the secondary bedroom is lighter than that of the master bedroom, creating a good environment for sleeping and quiet, with bay windows The curtains above are set with three layers of curtains to meet different levels of light.canvas wall art

The four-piece set of pure cotton is neatly placed on the bed, the round bedside table is convenient for placing items, the dresser on the other side, the exquisite table and chairs, the front side Shaped mirror to meet makeup needs.canvas wall art

balconycanvas wall art

The balcony opens up the entire wall, installs transparent glass windows, and the washing machine is placed directly on the balcony. It is very convenient to dry clothes, and it can ensure sufficient sunlight.canvas wall art


The textured tiles of the bathroom use the same series of tiles of the kitchen, which is not only convenient for cleaning and sanitation, but also plays a good role in The anti-slip effect, the use of the hanging cabinet, makes the space more light and fashionable.canvas wall art

The bathroom is designed to separate dry and wet spaces. The transparent glass door makes the space appear more spacious. The fusion of metal and stainless steel creates a clean and neat sanitary environmentcanvas wall art


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