120m²Americanpastoralstyle,enjoythetruemeaningoflifeintranquilityandmoderation!throw pillow

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Leng Qingqing, designer of Yitong International Home Furnishings Shenzhen Xinhaocheng Store

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Designer profile:

Name: Leng Qingqing

Working years: 6 years

Good at style: American style

Design concept: American pastoral is an open, free and relaxed design style, advocating a relaxed and unrestrained lifestyle, using simple and clear lines and elegant and decent decoration to express a comfortable and comfortable life. Comfortable and comfortable natural rural life.baubles

stands for Worksbaubles

Project name: Vanke Lucheng

Project area: 120m²

Soft decoration cost: 750,000

Requirements from the owner: Both the male and female owners in this case have received higher education, and They all like a relaxed lifestyle. It is required that the effect of the design is attractive, warm and uncomplicated, and can be relaxed at home.baubles




The designer takes the beige American pastoral style as the keynote. During the integration of a large number of flower elements, Qingwan is comfortable with a simple and elegant natural atmosphere, especially in the selection and matching of furniture, lighting, and colors, to subtly highlight the owners personality. The taste and cultural connotation create an ideal home environment with a sense of warmth and belonging.baubles


▲The overall color scheme of the living room design is based on Brown and off-white are the main colors, like the combination of the boundless land and the vast sky, giving people a comfortable and comfortable feeling. In the simple and simple tone, the decorations full of pastoral atmosphere are embellished, which is simple and elegant, making the space full of rich artistic atmosphere.baubles


▲When the flowers and plants wallpaper are laid out in a large area at home, the overall space style will become extraordinarily natural. The peace and comfort of American pastoral ecology.


▲The olive green glass vase makes the whole space more transparent. .baubles



▲Soft sofa, dark brown solid wood round table, add a cup of coffee, in the afternoon sun, quiet meditation and reading are good choices .baubles


▲The living room is opened into an open plan, and the wooden floor is paved all the way to the dining room, which strengthens the flow and coherence of the space sense. The kitchen and dining room are separated by a glass door, which not only isolates the kitchen fumes, but also acts as a visual extension. The three spaces are combined into one, which immediately becomes open and bright.baubles


garden decor

▲And the solid wood dining table and chairs, under the background of the bean green leather, get the natural and elegant American feelings. sublimation.baubles

▲The layout of the master bedroom is relatively simple and elegant, the choice of log furniture exudes a classical nostalgic atmosphere, and the off-white cotton and linen bedding creates a leisurely, Fresh living atmosphere. The desk and chair on the balcony, stay in the corner quietly, leisurely and comfortable.baubles

▲The light yellow flower curtains in the second bedroom echo the pillows on the bed, creating a fresh and elegant pastoral atmosphere. The bottom of the window sill is designed as storage, and the top is made of a unique bay window. In your spare time, you can lean against the window to read a book or bask in the sun, how warm life is.baubles

This kind of life makes us yearn for, only those who love life can design such comfortable and warm works. Leng Qingqing conveyed the most vivid and simple elements of American pastoral, and inadvertently let the bright pastoral atmosphere permeate the home, showing the profound heritage of the designer.baubles

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Which detail of the design in this case impressed you the most?baubles

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