120squaremetersofAmerican-styledecoration,envythewarmthofothersinterior designer near me

Today, we will see a 120-square-meter American-style home of one owner. From the porch to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the living room, from the bathroom to the balcony, everything is full of what I look forward to as a home, which is simply envious of others!wall decor


After entering through the entrance, lets enjoy this beautiful house together.

p>【Living Room】

My requirement is that the workmanship should be better, it should be horizontal, straight, and the edges and corners should be clear.wall decor

I like the colors to be warmer and store as much storage as possible. I like to be very relaxed when I go home. There are a lot of books and I need a bookshelf.wall decor

The fabric sofa in the living room has chosen a relatively stable color, and the three paintings on the wall are all purchased online, including the American-style wall clock.wall decor

=1&wx_lazy>=1 p>Restaurant and dining hall, lets take a look at it as a whole.

wxamp=5&cox_wx p>【Restaurant】

The building of the photo wall and wine cabinet in the restaurant is the owners idea, which makes this house beautiful.wall decor

=1&wx_lazy>=1 Oh, the north-south is transparent, this house is extremely well-lit.

wall hanging

< p>style=p>The sliding door of the wardrobe in the master bedroom is a very simple shutter shape.


【Childrens Room】

The childrens room designed for the baby is relatively large, which is suitable for both play in the room and study and rest.wall decor

The wallpaper is not fancy, and the color of the curtains is not heavy, so that the baby can grow up healthily.

p>【Tatami Room&Study Room】wall decor

This house is not only used as a guest room when guests visit, but also suitable as a study room, with both functions.


It took a long time to select the tiles, and the final result is really satisfactory.wall decor


The green plants on the balcony and the decoration like a sun room make the whole balcony full of vitality.

wxamp=5&wx p>

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