120squaremetersofmodernminimaliststyle,thestudyisplacedinthelivingroom,thediningroomandtheentrancearecombinedintoone,thewholmirror design

In busy work, finding a place of peace of mind is the meaning of home. Just like our [Huainan·Yuxiangshan] 120㎡ owners home, in line with the principle of simplicity and refinement, on the basis of relaxed life, it brings the quality enjoyment of customized aesthetics.diy christmas decorations


Custom Design Plan – Floor Planspan>


Design Description:

1. The sofa background wall is planned for the office area, the custom storage cabinet is left empty to design the desk, and the study is placed in the living room, which increases the storage space and satisfies the owners needs for Office and study needs.diy christmas decorations

2. Due to the limitation of the area, the design of de-entrance was chosen, and the entryway was integrated into the sideboard At the same time, it solves the different storage needs of the two functional areas and improves the space utilization rate.diy christmas decorations

3. The handle-free grill storage cabinet is planned for the TV background wall, which not only brings a natural warmth to the space The atmosphere also increases the storage space.diy christmas decorations

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Project address/Huainan·Royal Fragrant Mountaindiy christmas decorations

custom style/modern minimalist

custom type/whole house customization


Restaurant & Entrance


Considering that there is no independent entry, so When entering the door, he made a two-in-one design for his sideboard and entrance cabinet. Customized a storage cabinet with a height of 2426mm and a width of 2855mm, with a full storage space of 6 square meters! At the same time, a place is reserved for the refrigerator in advance, so that the space maintains a better overall sense, and it also relieves the tension of the use of the cabinet. Only one sideboard has attracted countless fans, and it is too fragrant without the entrance.diy christmas decorations

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An open storage area is designed with an empty space in the middle. In addition to being convenient to put some keys, mobile phones and other handy items in and out, sockets are also reserved and installed in advance, so that residents can plan their daily life in advance. The area where small appliances such as water dispensers and coffee machines are used.diy christmas decorations

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In the dining area in the middle, the designer follows the humanistic movement line and home interaction. An integrated island is planned for the extension of the traditional dining area. It has increased storage and operation space, chatting and drinking with friends and family here, which is also a happy life experience.diy christmas decorations

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The corner curved elements of the dining table, the stone countertops, and the high-grade and simple gray, black, and brown cabinets are combined to reflect the humanization and viewing of aesthetic customization as a whole, and fill the quality of life!diy christmas decorations

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In the planning of the living room, a layout design in which the functional area is divided into two is adopted.diy christmas decorations

In the movie viewing area, the TV background wall serves as the facade of the home. Design storage space. The wooden grille is used to create hidden storage on the left, and the shelves on the right are open.diy christmas decorations

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The sofa turns around and the space behind is a multifunctional office for this home Area.diy christmas decorations

Using the space on the wall, customize a door-to-top storage cabinet, and then extend a thin drawer to meet the The owners storage needs for books also solve the needs of learning and office work.diy christmas decorations

interior design styles

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Storage Cabinet Dimensions▼diy christmas decorations

A bookshelf is designed above the desk , to store commonly used items, and it is more convenient to take them at your fingertips.diy christmas decorations

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The handle-free cabinet door design will not make the entire storage cabinet appear depressing and cramped.diy christmas decorations

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There is also an open storage area built into the wall next to the sofa, which can be used as a reading corner to enjoy a comfortable reading time.diy christmas decorations

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The balcony is open, Glass doors cut off the balcony, which not only makes the living room more spacious, but also does not affect the normal drying function. The storage cabinet is customized according to the size of the washing machine and dryer, which is just right for storing laundry detergent.diy christmas decorations



The kitchen is about 7 square meters, and a space is reserved for the integrated stove in front of the custom cabinet. The gray-based oil-mixing cabinet seems to have faded away the smell of oil smoke. This kind of kitchen Its not huge, but it also makes cooking a treat.diy christmas decorations

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The design of the master bedroom continues the simple and generous style of the living room. The gray latex paint creates a quiet sleeping atmosphere. It is matched with a wardrobe with a height of 2434mm and a width of 2371mm. The white cabinet door is matched with a black metal handle. Fashion.diy christmas decorations

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Master bedroom wardrobe size▼


handle details▼diy christmas decorations

< p>Secondary bedroom
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The layout of the secondary bedroom is similar to that of the master bedroom. The difference is that the second bedroom wardrobe chooses a fishtail-shaped golden handle, which is more delicate and romantic.diy christmas decorations

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Secondary bedroom wardrobe size▼


handle details▼



Hanging basin cabinet Reduce the problem of mold storage in the cabinet, and also reduce the dead angle of hygiene.

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There is also a public sink outside the bathroom door, and the drawer can also be used to store some toiletries, which relieves the tension in the use of the bathroom.diy christmas decorations


floor vase

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