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Design style: American style

Building area: 126 square meters

Space pattern: three Room and two halls

The decoration pays attention to the sense of history, and uses a large number of complex antique products and deep wood to create a strong elegant atmosphere.baubles

As for luxury, the editor thinks that compared to European style, American retro decoration actually does not have much vain design, only with a little extravagance in casualness, it is easy to cause a confused sense of luxury.baubles

Warm color American retro decoration effect The picture gives a sense of grandeur and luxury visually.baubles

Looking closely, in the living room A large number of complex and cumbersome decorations, the color selection is also dazzling, but still can clearly feel a sense of leisure and casualness.baubles

Perhaps this deep tone makes You feel depressed, but this is the different atmosphere that American retro decoration renderings bring to you.baubles

American retro decoration still pays attention to comfort, The spacious living room and the unobstructed furniture make you have to surrender to its solemnity and elegance.

Spacious and bright American retro decoration The renderings may be the favorite of modern people. The outside light enters the house one after another, and the lighter tones are more fashionable.baubles

It doesn’t feel heavy or oppressive, and it works well It shows the characteristics of American retro decoration.baubles

Western countries have long dining tables shape, and the American retro decoration renderings are no exception.baubles

There is no excessive decoration in the space , exquisite but simple furniture, telling people the legend of American retro.

China has Bogujia, the West has Wine cabinet.

American retro decoration renderings are usually It will be accompanied by a very retro wine cabinet, or a strange shape that makes people nostalgic, or a simple and simple filled with wine.baubles

This American retro decoration renderings, the most eye-catching The ceiling design greatly increases the floor height visually. Even if the decoration in the space is complicated, it will not make people feel depressed, which is very suitable for American retro decoration.baubles


I love simple American retro bedrooms and can also be decorated like this.

Simple wooden furniture is common in space, Visually elegant.

A simple sliding door set up a wind and rain, let the bright light fully shine in .baubles

Visit various style decoration model houses Later, it will be found that most of the decoration model houses are the home of soft furnishings. If you change a set of furniture and decoration, it will be a brand new decoration model house.baubles

A typical warm wallpaper on the background wall of the bedroom in the American style decoration, mahogany The tinted bed feels thick and comfortable.baubles

The square solid wood wardrobe is more versatile , it is suitable for any style of decoration.

wall mirror

American style furniture is not There is a whole set of furniture in the bedroom.baubles

The mahogany-colored wooden floor and white plaster line are very classic in decoration. With spotlights, it seems to light up the room, which is more beautiful.

In the American-style three-bedroom renovated room, the kitchen has been completely renovated, and the small The editor just casually glanced outside the sliding door.baubles

Cabinet made of white tiles and wooden cabinets Surface composition, it looks high-end atmosphere.baubles

126 square meters American three-bedroom decoration style As a selling point and representative, it is natural to show exquisiteness and comfort.

Mahogany table with leather sofa design, The study is transformed into a leisure sanctuary for afternoon tea, with a strong royal and aristocratic style.baubles

The study is designed in a separate room, Facing the morning light and evening wind, the bedroom balcony study is thinking with a peaceful mood.baubles

The study is an absolutely quiet space to let go of troubles.

Look at the second bedroom in American style Design, this is American style.baubles

The bedroom bed is the most common and classic in American families, the line Delicate and detailed, the wood is strongand comfortable.

The bedroom bed is an American country style with a soft mahogany color.baubles

Mention the bathroom design in the American retro decoration renderings. This bathroom is also very distinctive.

The wooden wall does not have the luxury of European style, but it makes People feel very comfortable.baubles

bathing is a pleasure, maybe There is no need to accompany luxury scenes, in the American retro decoration, it is good to be at ease.

>From this point of view, the balcony in this 126-square-meter American-style case, as everyone likes, can dry clothes or drink afternoon tea.baubles

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Place individual and comfortable chairs, surrounded by green plants, so that you can enjoy the warmth of your home and relax. Close to nature and fresh outdoor air.baubles

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