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This is a bungalow with an actual area of 126, three bedrooms + study design. The change is relatively large, which is to improve the room. The decoration and the cabinet cost about 300,000. Although the decoration is not luxurious, there are small details everywhere, low-key and high-end.wall decals

The whole is a modern minimalist style, using a doorless design, without the slightest waste of space, and without any complicated embellishments, and strive to maximize the sense of space. Share with you, I believe it can bring you different design inspirations.wall decals

< p>Entrance

A set of shoe cabinets is made at the entrance, without handles, and the cabinet doors are notched to be used as handles. In addition, it can also prevent the shoe cabinet from being too closed and odorous. The background wall of the living room extends to the entrance, making the living room and the entrance seamless.wall decals

Living Roomwall decals


The TV background wall in the living room is designed with solid wood + slate, which can be matched with the color of the overall cabinet. The ceilings are all suspended along the edge, which is simple and atmospheric. The sofa background wall uses the original wall to make a slight The height difference, the paint is artistic paint, and the texture similar to the wall covering is more gentle.wall decals

Restaurantwall decals


The restaurant has changed the original north balcony into a western kitchen cabinet, and the kitchen sliding door is designed without a door cover, which looks more simple and elegant.wall decals



The decorative line on the top of the aisle is combined with the extremely narrow door cover and stainless steel skirting, which makes the whole aisle full of modernity. Cabinets, here the cabinets are also handleless, with bouncers installed inside.wall decals

Secondary bedroom


The second bedroom is made of sky blue latex paint, which gives people a bright and fresh feeling. The bedside table, desk and bay window cabinet are combined into one, and the overall feeling is stronger. Made a blue + orange color jump to avoid the visual fatigue caused by blue in the whole house.wall decals

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Master Bedroomwall decals


The headboard of the master bedroom is made of young and bold coral pink, with solid solid wood furniture, it has a unique flavor. The bay window in the master bedroom was removed directly, instead of a bay window cabinet, a lounge chair was placed to expand the bedroom space.wall decals



In order to increase the lighting of the study room, all the walls of the study room were removed and made of glass partitions, so that the study room looked advanced and translucent. The cabinets in the study room were of the same color as the living room, and the cabinet doors were made of extremely narrow glass. The cabinet door reduces complexity to simplicity, so that everything you can see can present a clean and neat effect.wall decals

Guardianwall decals


The guest bathroom also considers the lighting problem, and the original guest bathroom wall is changed to a half wall, which not only visually increases the space area of the guest bathroom, but also solves the problem very well. The problem of insufficient lighting in the aisle can also increase the storage and storage space, making it more advanced.wall decals

Some small cornerswall decals

The coffee table in the living room is going to be replaced with a multi-functional coffee table later. The appearance of wood grain color and decoration style are well combined, and the function of opening the drawer is a small The refrigerator is placed in the living room without taking up space, and it is very convenient to take iced drinks.wall decals

In addition, it is also a bluetooth speaker, and is equipped with LED ambient light function, connecting to a mobile phone, you can hold a concert at home, and with the music, you can also change the color.wall decals

There is also a wireless charging area to charge your phone, so you wont be bound by a charging cable again! In addition, it is also equipped with a cold water outlet, which makes it more convenient to entertain guests and make tea.wall decals

< p>
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The balcony sliding door track is embedded, and the floor tiles are installed When the track is pre-buried, it is convenient for later cleaning, and combined with the doorless design, it is more clean and neat.wall decals

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