128squaremetersofAmericanpastoralstylethree-bedroom,charmingcolors,givingpeopleasenseofspringbreezewall mirror

American style always gives people a very natural and comfortable feeling. If American style and pastoral style are combined, what effect will it show? Below is a set of American pastoral home. This house is not only very reasonable in layout, but also in charming colors, giving people a feeling of spring breeze. This is what a home should look like.metal wall art

Many people ask how to decorate the living room beautifully. The editor recommends that the furniture should not be too big. Some families bought an oversized corner sofa during decoration, which took up most of the living room space, and it seemed that the space was congested, and there was no sense of design and space beauty to speak of. Remember not to buy too much furniture, the living room decoration will look good.metal wall art


TV background wall is designed like this Simple and stylish but not monotonousmetal wall art


Dress up the home like a beautiful garden, which makes people feel comfortable to look atmetal wall art

When decorating the bathroom, be careful not to use large bathrooms, and leave enough space for activities to be more convenient to use. In addition, when necessary, it is necessary to abandon the installation of bathtubs, bathroom cabinets and other bathroom products that can further improve the quality of life. In terms of aesthetics, keep the main color consistent with the home decoration style, or coordinate the color matching.metal wall art


Colorful wall tiles with blue The colored bricks are still very good, fresh and brightmetal wall art

floor vase

The restaurant is the place where we dine, and the decoration design of the restaurant will affect our appetite, so it needs to be carefully designed to create a romantic and warm environment, so that Can increase appetite. If your dining room is close to another living space. At this time, it is best to let the two spaces use the same color as the main color, and then choose some different, but small decorative embellishments that are close to the main color.metal wall art


Colorful restaurant People can enjoy the view while eating~ Behind the white glass sliding door is the kitchen.metal wall art


The study is directly opposite the restaurant , and the partition between it and the study is also well designed.metal wall art

Do you know what details should be paid attention to in kitchen decoration? If the decoration is not appropriate, it will not only affect the appearance, but also cause inconvenience in use. The decoration of the kitchen should consider lighting, ventilation, electrical appliances, etc. In the overall design, safety issues should be considered, and concealed works should be done well, especially the location and number of sockets should be appropriate, otherwise it will affect the overall effectmetal wall art


Beige tiles create a beautiful kitchenmetal wall art

farmhouse decor

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