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The original intention of many people before the decoration of the new house is to make the new house perfect. You will find all kinds of things that are not so satisfying, so as to avoid everyone feeling dissatisfied with the details after moving in. Today, I will summarize some useful home decoration designs for you based on the decoration experience of people who have come here. Share with you here.bedroom interior design

01bedroom interior design

Shoe Cabinet


In order to be comfortable in the decoration and use, the design of the shoe cabinet is also very particular. In this way, you dont have to kick the shoes when you change your shoes at home. You can put the shoes as you want, and you dont have to worry about the strange smell coming from the shoe cabinet every time you open the door.bedroom interior design

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One-key power off at the entrance

When you go out, you don’t have to worry about any lamps in your home that are not turned off. I happily went out to play with the refrigerator and the central air conditioner with different circuits, which can be unaffected.bedroom interior design

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Kitchen countertopsbedroom interior design

In the design of the kitchen countertops, the countertops in the vegetable washing area are generally higher than the countertops in the cooking area. When bending over to wash vegetables, it will not feel laborious, and the height of the countertop is best within the range of 65-90 cm.bedroom interior design

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04bedroom interior design

Kitchen Wall Cabinet Mounting Reflector

It is recommended to install a reflector for the hanging cabinet at the top; in order to expand more storage space, it is recommended to make more hanging cabinets. Some people may have doubts, the hanging cabinet is so high, it is really super difficult to take things, and it is too high to see what is placed in it. The editor here still recommends that you make more hanging cabinets, just Installing a reflector on the top of the ceiling can solve everyones doubts well, and the items placed inside can be seen.bedroom interior design

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Locker Organizerbedroom interior design

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As the staying time becomes longer and longer, there are more and more large items in the home. The inside is not very messy, so you need a large and sufficient storage cabinet for storage. Dont forget to install a built-in sensor light for the wardrobe here so you dont have to worry about finding your clothes.bedroom interior design

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Bathroom niche


The bathroom area of a small apartment is already very small. In order to better store it, it is recommended that a small apartment can be an alcove , You can simply do some storage, and you can also do it in the bathroom. The bath supplies are placed on it and used directly, which is very convenient and easy to clean.bedroom interior design

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Bathroom Electric Towel Dryer

Install an electric towel drying rack in the bathroom, no longer afraid of wet and slippery towels and bacteria breeding . It can even increase the temperature of the bathroom, consume less electricity, and it is not expensive.bedroom interior design

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08bedroom interior design

Gas Pipes

The stone packaging of the gas riser is equipped with stainless steel ventilation grille. beautiful. Some model rooms are sealed with stone, and then equipped with stainless steel grilles. If there is a leak in the pipeline, the smell can be released immediately to ensure safety.bedroom interior design

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09bedroom interior design

About Furniture

10. Furniture; don’t choose any kind of solid wood large furniture for home decoration now, it really takes up a lot of space and the price is still expensive It’s expensive. If you move in the later stage, the handling fee will be very large; now the apartment types are generally just in need. It is recommended that everyone choose furniture with thin legs and shorter legs. Compared with those large solid wood furniture, These furniture will match the house better.bedroom interior design

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10bedroom interior design

Joints for floor finishes

The floor of the ground decoration and the door stone need to be installed and connected. Before, a copper door strip was designed between them. It is very ugly; now the more popular processing technology is to make the floor and the stone the same height, and use a stainless steel strip to close the edge. The requirements are still very high.bedroom interior design

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Bedroom switch socket heightbedroom interior design

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The traditional home improvement algorithm is to design the height of the socket at 30 cm, but for the current decoration, if it is in accordance with the previous formula It is quite unscientific to carry out decoration. My family installs sockets in this way. As soon as the bedside table is placed, the socket is blocked. Now a more scientific approach is to design the switch and socket on the top of the bedside table, making the ground 75 cm, so that when designing and placing furniture, you are not afraid of being caught. Furniture got in the way.bedroom interior design

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12bedroom interior design

Insulation of sewer pipesbedroom interior design


The sound insulation of windows and doors is what comes to mind the most, but often forget the sound insulation of sewer pipes, compared to windows and doors For example, the sound insulation layer of the sewer pipe should be much lower, but it should be considered in advance when decorating. We can try to wrap the pipe with sound insulation cotton when making the sewer pipe, and then lay bricks or plaster to achieve the purpose of sound insulation.bedroom interior design

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