130㎡modernNordicstyle,cleanandcomfortableminimalisthomechristmas trees

Original title: 130㎡ modern Nordic style, clean and comfortable minimalist home


The original apartment is still very good. There are few load-bearing walls in the overall layout. The dynamic and static areas are very clear. They are two separate spaces, which can allow the owner to rest in the quiet area. When not disturbed by the moving area.ornaments


The main color of the living room is white as the main color, and the roof is made of white. The double eyelid ceiling is designed with no main light, which not only increases the transparency of the space but also increases the three-dimensional feeling. The surrounding walls are made of white as the background, which is simple and clean. The living room uses a gray sofa, and one side is also matched with a pink sofa. It has a very romantic feeling. In order to reduce the monotony on the sofa background wall, abstract decorative paintings of different sizes are also designed, and the taste of the owner is overwhelming.ornaments


Part of the living room is dominated by a large area of floor, and the TV is removed and directly extended to form a bar, allowing the kitchen and the The connection of the living room is more interesting, because most families do not watch TV in the living room now, so the function of the TV is weakened, leaving a blank area for future design, and a wooden countertop is also designed on the TV background wall, where one or two plants can be placed. Green plants, fresh feeling blowing.ornaments


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The living room and dining room are in the same large area, but in the middle The corridor of the entrance is divided, and the corridor is used to separate the two spaces. The left is the living room and the right is the dining room. In the design of the roof ceiling, the same space is used as the double eyelid ceiling. The living room is designed without main lights, and the dining room is matched with copper metal elements. The lighting is made of logs, and the dining table is made of logs, including the dining chairs. The side of the dining table close to the wall is also designed as a small cabinet. The white low counter top can be placed books and other items, and the wall is also designed with a suspended countertop. It is used to put some sundries or decorations, and it is full of exquisiteness.ornaments


The kitchen is set in natural color and the wall is 10 *10 small white square bricks, the ground is 30*30 black bricks, the kitchen cabinets are cement-resistant door panels, and a utility room and food cabinet is designed next to the kitchen, which is an essential space for home and family, The refrigerator is on one side of the door. From the entry direction, the left side is the cooking area, and the right side is the washing area. The space layout is clear.ornaments


The study is the most frequently used place by the owner, and the cabinet is also a design It is well made on site, and it satisfies the functions of placing printers and drawers, and books of various heights. The single-sided wooden board is used as the countertop of the desk. Even the bookcase behind the desk is designed with all logs and is distinguished by different sizes of grids. It is closed, and the whole study has a strong academic atmosphere, which can make people calm down and do one thing.ornaments


The bathroom uses small hexagonal black tiles to make the floor , The wall is spliced with small white square tiles. The overall black and white design reveals simplicity in fashion. The washbasin is designed with a black countertop with a white sunken countertop, which is easy to clean. The mirror marble is matched with a round mirror with black hardware, copper The chandelier with metal elements goes down vertically for better light, and the sink and shower are separated by frosted glass sliding doors, forming two separate areas, which are beautiful and clean.ornamentsReturn to Sohu, see more

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