130㎡three-bedroomAmericanpastoralstyle,givingyouthepoeticpastorallifeyouyearnforartificial christmas trees

American pastoral style decoration can always give people a quiet and elegant, simple and natural sense of life interest. Through the rendering of color, the overall natural leisure, without losing the elegant temperament.fall decor

This case is a 130㎡ three-bedroom American pastoral style, from the overall decoration design to local treatment, from space decoration to interior furnishings, while enjoying the American casual style, people feel the greatest comfort.fall decor

< p>The living room is dominated by natural colors, and green plants + picture frames + fabric sofas are integrated into it. There is no complicated ceiling, the simple chandelier hanging down with the off-white bay window will not block the natural light, and the whole space becomes bright and open! Between the cities, surrounded by the natural wind, it seems to be the dream residence of urbanites.
< p>The main tone of the wall is fresh off-white, which is natural and simple, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, creating a leisurely and comfortable paradise for the family. There are small cabinets next to the sofa and put your favorite decorations , books, listening to the wind in my spare time, reading books and drinking tea, the life I long for is nothing but the same.
< p>The kitchen has enough space, designed as a super practical U-shaped kitchen, and adopts wall cabinets + floor cabinets, the storage space is also large enough, beauty and practicality coexist, the overall kitchen is clean and neat, creating a very good cooking space .
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Elegant and refined Pastoral style, there should be a more comfortable bedroom. Entering the bedroom, the American elegance begins to unfold in front of us. A retro-style locker by the bed adds a touch of American style to the bedroom.fall decor

< p>Colorful woven ribbons in the bedroom decorate the monotonous walls, giving it a full personality. There is ample space in the corner of the wall, and there is enough space for children to play

The bathroom is relatively simple as a whole, and the biggest feature is the blue retro door, which makes the whole space not monotonous. The washbasin cabinet looks clean and neat, giving the whole space a soft, bright and clean feeling.fall decor

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We believe that slowness makes peoples lives happier, more fulfilling, and have the opportunity to experience more. Even in the city, there is always a corner where people can retreat. Design simple and cumbersome decorations, keep only the simplest outline, make everything simple, and your heart will slowly calm down.fall decor

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