132㎡colorfulparent-childhouse,Morandicolorisnotonlygood-looking,butalsofullofsenseofluxurywall art



1. Entryway Design

Entry blue entryway cabinet separates the independent entryway area

Regularly laid out geometric tiles are connected to the back wall of the entryway

Japanese traditional Nadeko pink

with half-moon geometry to kick off the interior style

At the same time, it retains a function that is easy to put on and take off shoeschristmas decorations

Exhibits a gentle and elegant feminine charm

The neutral sofa back wall and the existing low-saturated blue cloth sofa

focus on the whole room On the Nadeshiko Pink TV Wallchristmas decorations

Achieving a visual that is harmonious and not too sweet

Leave too much decoration Elements, pure and colorful colors

The TV cabinet echoes the image of the half moon with simple curved lineschristmas decorations

Use the grille to reduce the weight of the cabinet, consider The smoothness of the moving line to the balcony

Specially retracted living room cabinets to reserve walking space for this purposechristmas decorations

without falling to the ground设计则供扫地机器人穿梭自如的余裕

3. Kitchen Design

The restaurant area uses color jumping with Nadeko powder walls and white door panels

Add some childish imagery to the color of the restaurant, and at the same time overcome the oppression of the low ceiling of only 2.12 meterschristmas decorations

Use the arc curve to smooth the height The drop is connected with large beams and columnschristmas decorations

at the same time, grooves are applied to eliminate the sense of weight of beams and columns and release the top space

residential apartment on the second floorspan>

Considering that the restaurant on the first floor may cause oil fume intrusionchristmas decorations

Specially made a fume barrier to overcome

The large-capacity storage function of the kitchen design is enough to meet the use

The hostesss favorite gardening elements are cleverly integratedchristmas decorations

< span>The floor tiles are mixed with fog gray and dark green embellishments

The calm and soft color mixing creates another comfortable atmosphere

4. 工作室设计

After the sliding door is opened, the studio covers the workplace for the whole familychristmas decorations

In response to the hostesss interest in making handmade leather bags

Under the consideration of low ceiling pressure and storage needschristmas decorations

Planning for hanging Laminates as storage space

Open cabinets can also allow the hostess to display works

interior design styles

5. Master bedroom design

The master bedroom uses a pink headboard to connect the overall color systemchristmas decorations

Bring a neutral gray tone to balance the space atmosphere

< section>The other side plans a large-area storage wardrobe

Provide the hostess with enough clothing storage needschristmas decorations

christmas decorations

in order to introduce the roomchristmas decorations

section>The relationship between the bedroom and the dressing room is only divided by the arches

and a ventilation window is installed in the dressing roomchristmas decorations

Arch design to improve bedroom lightingchristmas decorations

You can also see the half-moon ingenuity hidden in the curved door framechristmas decorations

< section>

The design of the two daughters rooms incorporates the needs of childrenchristmas decorations

The pediment in the room comes from the ideas of the two daughterschristmas decorations

span>christmas decorations

Different mountains show their own unique characterschristmas decorations

and follow the rolling mountains to incorporate the pink impression that my daughters lovechristmas decorations

span>christmas decorations

The original large floor-to-ceiling windows in the eldest daughters room are connected to the outdoor balconychristmas decorations

In order to maintain the privacy of the room, the high window frame is left just right的日光通道christmas decorations

christmas decorations

The designer is more aimed at the beams and columns in the little daughters roomchristmas decorations

Use grooves and curved ceilingschristmas decorations

simplify its sense of weightchristmas decorations

christmas decorations

7. 卫浴设计christmas decorations

The bathroom inherits the daughters love for pinkchristmas decorations

The designer presents the diversity of pink space in a delicate way

Use pink coloring agent to collage white and white tileschristmas decorations

Jump out of the large color wall and let the color release moderately< /section>


Pokechristmas decorations

read the original text< /section>

, getchristmas decorations

0 yuan design!christmas decorations

christmas decorations

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