138-square-meterAmerican-stylethree-bedroom,pastoral-stylelivingroomisspaciousandfullofhistoricalflavornativity set

138 flat three-bedroom American style, the way of decoration, the budget is 120,000! The decoration effect is also very bright. As a reception area, the living room usually requires a concise and lively decoration, and the decoration should be brighter and brighter than other spaces, usually using a lot of stone and wood veneer decoration; Americans like things with a sense of history, which is not only reflected in the soft furnishings The love for antique artworks is also reflected in the eccentricity of various antique wall and floor tiles and stones in decoration and the pursuit of various old techniques. On the whole, the American pastoral living room is spacious and rich in history.
Furniture is exquisite but has indispensable attributes to mix and match without being obtrusive, so that every corner exudes an aesthetic atmosphere
The curtain is completed by the contrast of blue and orange Successfully created a pleasant atmosphere in the space
The living room creates an aesthetic sense of space with large-scale and brisk oil paintings
The placement that breaks the conventional living room layout is eye-catching Bright as if every corner is a good place to read a book
Using simple plaster lines to ban the traditional TV wall, it is convenient for the homeowner to read quietly and accompany his family to make the public area display its beauty. Function
The main feature of the bedroom design is warmth and tranquility. Only a quiet space can guarantee our rest. The bedroom is a private place, so we must consider its quietness.
Bright colors and understated wood details create a more elegant atmosphere
The color of the bedroom space is light green and white boxwood as the overall furniture material, harmonious and romantic Without losing texture
With the changes of the times, people have extremely high demand for bathroom design, and bathroom design specifications have also become a major focus. The current bathroom design pays attention to excellence, the space transformation is more perfect, and the visual is more beautiful. The following bathroom design example, I hope it will help you!
The bathroom uses natural and abundant sunlight and smooth three-separation moving lines to make the space transparent and tidy while meeting the storage requirements
When the restaurant is decorated, some people will consider the feng shui of the restaurant Influence, the restaurant is the place where the family reunites, and has a great relationship with the familys wealth, so bright colors and bright lighting should be used when decorating, so that not only the mood is bright, but also reflects the familys brightness and wealth. Rolling, properly decorated may also bring unexpected good fortune to the family.
The walls of the restaurant are made of simple plaster lines and cream gray light slowly enters the restaurant through the gauze curtain, adding a gentle filter to the bright sunlight
You Do you know the height of the kitchen countertop? Many homes do not consider this detail when decorating, and later found that it is either short or tall, and it is very inconvenient to cut vegetables and wash vegetables. The countertop must be customized according to your own height. Generally, 82-88 cm is a relatively comfortable position. Knowing the height of the kitchen countertop will reduce a lot of troubles after decoration.
The kitchen continues the color scheme of the restaurant, emphasizing the essence of life with simple practicality. Being here is more comfortable and gentle.
The designer breaks the traditional living room layout and makes the public area display its charm. Let life wrap a laziness and leisure, and spread to every corner.

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