140squaremetersofAmerican-styledecoration,low-keyandconnotative,afashionablehomeforfemaleteachers!aesthetic room decor

The owner of the case shared with you today is a female teacher. She likes the home decoration style of light luxury, low-key luxury and connotation, so the overall style of this home decoration is Positioned in American style, to create this 140-square-meter residence, under the designers ingenious design techniques, it has built a stylish and artistic home atmosphere for it, lets take a look at thiskitchen wall decor140American style decorationCase~

Entrance Designkitchen wall decor


Make a cloakroom in the entrance area, that is, inside the white door on the right side of the entrance, shoes, coats All other items can be stored in, so that the items have space for storage, and there is no need to worry about the messy items and no place to place them.kitchen wall decor

Living room design


Open the balcony It is connected to the living room, which makes the living room more abundant and has a wider field of vision. The color matching of black and white makes the living room space more distinct.kitchen wall decor


The sofa made of fabric material is soft and comfortable, coupled with the black and gray background, it forms a contrasting color with the beige wall, which is formed by the designer using aesthetics Color matching.kitchen wall decor


Abandon the design of the TV cabinet, adopt the embedded design, and embed the TV and audio into the wall. The two sides of the TV wall of Yashibai are wood veneer. With the transition of copper-colored lines, the entire TV wall looks neat and delicate.5f3fa7dfc2e074f5bdfd0d2be65c7bf5 1661505200.1387 702kitchen wall decor

In thiskitchen wall decor140square meterAmerican style decorationcase, the living room and dining room interact with each other Connectivity is just a simple distinction made by glass partitions, but it will not appear obtrusive.


The decorative painting on the background wall of the sofa is very artistic and calligraphy, showing the depth of the space in a symmetrical form, with the couch beside the sofa The lively and interesting floor lamp brings more observability and activity to the living room space.kitchen wall decor


The floor lamp in the corner of the sofa is an American-style decoration. The tough metal lines and the white round ball lamp are more textured.kitchen wall decor


Restaurant Designkitchen wall decor


in the restaurant In the design, the most prominent display of the American style is the chandelier above the restaurant, which is matched with the elegant dining table and chairs, which increases the visual sense and the level is more distinct.kitchen wall decor

Kitchen Design


Simple design and easy cleaning are the mainstays. The choice of porcelain and white floors is convenient for later cleaning and cleaning, and the color transition between colorful gray and white also enhances the sense of design for the kitchen space.kitchen wall decor

Bedroom Design


Master bedroom The choice of color system has a little retro American feel, which is both elegant and textured, and the embellishment of copper color adds a sense of fashion to the bedroom space.kitchen wall decor


The bedroom chooses double curtains, which can not only facilitate lighting during the day but also isolate the noise outside the window at night. The color system is more harmonious and unified.kitchen wall decor


strong>American style decorationThe relevant sharing of the case mainly includes the above. If you are more interested in this decoration style and want to know more, please leave a message to consult us!

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