142squaremetersoffour-bedroom,Americanpastoraldecoration,theoveralleffectisquitegood!mirror design

142 square meters of four-bedroom, American-style pastoral decoration, the overall effect is quite good!

The happiest thing in life is probably a family living together in peace and health. Of course, there is also a basic material condition required here, that is, a house. Although the house is not a panacea, it is naturally the most perfect to have a house of your own. No, the case I want to share with you today is a 142-square-meter four-bedroom house. The owner has a pair of lovely, well-behaved children and tough parents. In order to make the family live more comfortable, the owner also spent a lot of energy when decorating the house. Then let me show you the renderings of their new house decoration~house interior design

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The decoration of their home is American pastoral style , In addition, they usually pay more attention to life, so every place has been carefully considered during the layout.house interior design

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The mix and match design of the lemon yellow background wall and the red brick bar gives this home a different home atmosphere Feeling~house interior design


A round ceiling can bring a better aesthetic sense~

The combination of blue and yellow looks very good here~


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The master bedroom is a small and fresh route~ So it is decorated with green~house interior design

small christmas tree



The girls room is pink and cute~


For most boys, blue is their favorite color~


Does the decoration of this bathroom look pretty good~

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This is another balcony~Its very comfortable~

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