14×11meterstwo-storymodernvilla,aclassicofsimplicityandfashionbedroom interior design

Compared with the traditional Chinese and European styles, the modern style has won the favor of many rural house builders with its light and fashionable appearance and reasonable and practical layout.home decor

Lets take a look at todays modern villaZJ-2052home decor, it has a simple shape, no excessive decoration, showing a fresh and elegant temperament everywhere; the interior layout is also more Paying attention to the improvement of the quality of life, most bedrooms face south, and the guest bedroom is separated, creating a more comfortable living space for the family.


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Basic information of house typehome decor


Size: 14.4m × 11.7m

Size: 153.35㎡

Building Area: 299.43㎡

Building height: 9.95m

Building structure: brick-concrete structure

Building situation: 4 rooms, 4 halls, 3 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 entrance, 1 living roomhome decor

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The first floor is mainly used for dining, kitchen and leisure and entertainment areas. There is no bedroom, so that the family can rest at ease on the second floor.home decor

The large living room with a width of nearly 8 meters is comfortable and atmospheric. With the panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows, the interior is no longer dark and humid.

There is a south-facing tea room and a chess and card room, where the family can drink tea and play cards together in their spare time, making rural life more colorful.home decor


Second floor

The bedrooms on the second floor are mostly south-facing and connected to the balcony, so that the family can enjoy the warm and warm sunshine without leaving home.home decor

There is a storage room on the northwest side, which increases the storage capacity of the house. The sundries that are not commonly used at home can be stored in an orderly manner, and the home is cleaner and tidy.home decor


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