150㎡modernandsimple,fullofwood-likespace,simple,naturalandhigh-endgarden ornaments

In this 150-square-meter modern minimalist decoration case, a large number of wood veneer materials are introduced into the hard decoration of the space, and simple and comfortable furniture and soft decoration are arranged. The overall simple and generous layout creates a kind of Simple, natural and comfortable living atmosphere.tree skirt

Living Room

▲The living room is designed with a ceiling without main lights, a combination of wood veneer TV wall + hard-pack sofa wall, and the wooden floor is covered with gray The carpet, the overall simple and comfortable sofa, sofa and chair arrangement create a simple and natural living room atmosphere.tree skirt

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▲ The TV wall is based on a wooden feel, and a black open bookshelf is added to the right side, where exquisite books, pottery and other arrangements are placed There are also large pots of green plants in the corner, creating a dignified and artistic space atmosphere.tree skirt

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▲The khaki-colored hard-packed sofa wall, gray fabric sofa, and elegant throw pillows make the living room look extraordinarily relaxed and comfortable. nature.tree skirt

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▲The minimalist square-circle double-split coffee table is matched with a simple gray sofa chair with a metal frame. The whole space is mainly furnished with simplicity and simplicity, giving people a relaxed and comfortable experience.tree skirt

Aisletree skirt

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▲Under the decoration of wood veneer texture, combined with the ground of wood floor , making the aisle space also simple, elegant and fashionable.tree skirt


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▲ Behind the TV wall is the restaurant area, and the ceiling is made of wood. For decoration, the floor is tiled with marble texture, with dark solid wood dining table and chairs, the whole restaurant space layout is stable and dignified and natural and comfortable.tree skirt

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▲ A simple and exquisite metal chandelier, a glass vase on the dining table, and flower branches also bring a dignified and gorgeous A sense of dining ritual.tree skirt

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▲The kitchen is made of grey marble The ground foundation and cabinets are also made of rock ash texture, coupled with elegant white walls and custom built-in electrical cabinets, the entire kitchen design is modern, elegant and stylish, providing the owner with a relaxed and comfortable cooking space experience.tree skirt

Studytree skirt

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▲The study adopts the design of custom cabinet + desk combination, providing a storage and work It is a practical study room; a small coffee table and cushions are arranged near the window, which also makes the study room a comfortable space for casual chats.tree skirt

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>▲The bottom of the hanging cabinet above the desk has a light strip design, which also makes the desk area bright, warm and comfortable.tree skirt

fall decor


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▲Simple and elegant bedroom, with white and wood-colored walls and cabinets Under the matching of the body, the gray and white bed linen is arranged, which also makes the bedroom space look comfortable and natural.tree skirt

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▲The dark wood color drawer is arranged at the end of the bed, and the wall lamp is added to the wall, showing a simple and dignified comfort.


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▲The bathroom adopts elegant white wall tiles and installs a clean and white bathtub. Hidden light strips are also installed at the side wall modeling, making the whole space look stylish, elegant and generous.tree skirt

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▲The washbasin has a clean and elegant marble texture, and then a wooden bathroom cabinet is installed. A large-sized bathroom mirror is hung above it, and the basin on the counter is installed to provide the owner with a fashionable and elegant bathroom experience.tree skirt

Second Bedroomtree skirt

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▲ The bedside wall of the second bedroom is made of wood-feeling walls + hard-clad walls The whole bedroom is simple, generous and comfortable.tree skirt

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< span>▲A dark wood color bedside table is arranged next to the bed, forming a modern and fashionable black and white gray effect with white sheets and gray bedside wall.


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▲The guest bathroom is made of gray floor + washbasin, and light wood color is installed Bathroom cabinet, elegant white wall tiles + bathroom mirror cabinet combination, also provides a fashionable and simple bathroom function.tree skirt

Tea Roomtree skirt

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▲The tea room is arranged with the wall panel of the poetic ink painting as the wall. The solid wood tea table and chairs create a Zen-like and dignified tea tasting space atmosphere.tree skirt

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▲The details of Chinese artistic conception and soft decoration make the tea room more dignified and elegant.

Design: Hongtai Design, Comments: Design Pavilion

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