15uniquedesignsfordecoration,mostpeopledontknowcanvas wall art

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The first is workmanship, the second is experience and innovation, workmanship is the first element, but experience and innovation can often solve the problem Unexpected problems make the decoration worthwhile, so take a look at these uncommon designs today, and you can also learn from them for your own decoration.home decor

First, minimalist windowsill stone.

Almost every home has window sill stones, but the practice is different.home decor

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▲As shown in the picture, the conventional window sill stone is shown in the picture, with ears on both sides, and the edge is turned over and curved. This method is ugly and abrupt without a window cover.home decor

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▲A minimalist window sill, as shown, no ears, no flanging , which fits perfectly with the size of the windowsill, and looks more minimalist and advanced

Second, the kitchen countertops do not turn over the countertopshome decorThe countertops in most kitchens are quite satisfactory, and everyone does this. wrong.

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▲As shown in the picture is a conventional quartz stone countertop practice, turn down 5 cm, in order to prevent water stains on the countertop When it comes to the cabinet, its actually a lot of thought, and no one will let the table top water.home decor

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▲ Compared with the table in the picture, it is obviously much more minimalist and advanced. Because it is made of slate, it does not need a backing plate to make it directly, and the vision is more beautiful. Can quartz stone do this?home decor

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▲As shown in the picture, in order to make the bottom of the cabinet more sturdy, if quartz stone is generally used, it must be backed. Therefore, the thickness cross-section of the backing plate is just blocked by the quartz stone turning table, and the cross-section of the backing plate will be exposed if the quartz stone is not used for turning the table, which is not beautiful. If you make invisible handles, the overall cabinet door will not look good.home decor

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▲If you want the quartz stone to realize the practice of not turning over the table,first discard the backing plate, The second cabinet door has no handle pull slot designhome decor, the cabinet body and the backing plate use the same color, and the minimalist quartz stone countertop can be realized without flanging.

Third , Arc-shaped external corner treatmenthome decorThere are many external corner positions in the home, usually the treatment of arched door openings, if the arc-shaped effect will be softer

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▲As shown in the picture, the conventional arched doorway is used.v2 0bcb6e4d874398e134f259c17dec81ef bv2 0bcb6e4d874398e134f259c17dec81ef 720whome decor

▲Actually, if the arched door is treated with curved external angle strips, the external angle will not look so sharp and will not bump, and the overall arch will be softer visually.home decor

The first 4. Turning the stone on the bathroom cabinethome decorIn fact, it is not only the bathroom cabinet, but also the balcony washing wardrobe. /pic1.zhimg.com/v2-4dac603cb5ff8e97d61f1eac4b038c44_b.jpg”/>v2 4dac603cb5ff8e97d61f1eac4b038c44 720w

▲As shown in the conventional dry area practice, tiles are applied uniformly, and then the door opening in the dry area has to be closed with a dumb mouth cover, which is not only expensive, but also visually appealing if the dry area is in a public area. It also seems very cumbersomehome decor

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▲As shown in the picture, the uniform discoloration latex paint in the dry area is only used on the top of the bathroom cabinet The upturned form of the stone prevents water splashes and is easy to take care of. It not only satisfies the function, but also saves the cost of ceramic tiles and dumb mouth sleeves. At the same time, it is visually more refreshing and advanced.home decor

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▲The picture on the left is a conventional balcony method, which is covered with bricks and a visually cumbersome dumb cover, which is not very expensive; as shown on the right, the balcony does not The water does not need to be covered with wall tiles, and the stone is turned up to prevent water splashing to meet the function, making the overall balcony more refreshing and integrating with the living room, and saving money.home decor

It should be noted that as long as this stone is turned up for a full set of whole house customization, it is generally free and will not be charged separately, so why not do it?home decor

Fifth, the bathroom cabinet stone is turned down and extendedhome decorThis is actually a detail of the decoration, of course, it is also related to the cost. Details will remain regrettable.

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▲The bathroom as shown in the picture is very small. I don’t want to use a shower room, and I don’t want to use a shower curtain. At this time, pay attention to the side of the bathroom cabinet. The side of the finished bathroom cabinet is made of wooden boards. After years of washing with bath water, how long do you think this bathroom cabinet can support the board without deformation?home decor

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▲In fact, the correct approach should be as shown in the figure, the bathroom cabinet is next to the shower, and there is no obstruction , You must use a custom bathroom cabinet, and at the same time let the stone turn down to the ground towards the shower position to protect the wood inside the bathroom cabinet, thereby extending the life.home decor

Sixth, the magic of double-sided cabinets< /b>This has many practical applications and can solve many practical problemshome decor

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▲The common ones are The double-sided use of the open kitchen and shoe cabinet as shown in the figure not only satisfies the storage on both sides, but also can divide the space.home decor

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▲There is also a double-sided use of space for this corner cabinet, which perfectly realizes the two functions of layout and storagehome decor

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▲The method of smashing the walls of the kitchen and TV wall to realize double-sided cabinets can not only meet more storage requirements, but also save money More spacehome decor

Seventh, lamp shift brackethome decorIn the actual decoration, many of the lamps and lanterns will be unreasonable in the later stage. If rework is required, the top surface needs to be slotted, and the construction period is long. , delaying the check-in time

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▲A simple lamp shifter can do it, very suitable for areas with chandeliers, Or directly use the shift light to solve the problem of “After the decoration, the light is found to be off, what should I do?home decor

Seventh, pull out the dining table or hide the table boardhome decorThe small apartment is very practical and can even add more convenience

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▲As shown in the picture, the small apartment can make an invisible shift table in order to meet the dining requirements. In fact, it is to buy metal legs and high-quality rails separately.home decor

outdoor christmas decorations

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▲As shown in the picture, use the cabinet to hide a pull-out table to meet the The extension of the countertop can even meet the dining function of one or two peoplehome decor

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▲As shown in the picture, you can also use the wardrobe When the distance from the bed is very close, this method of hiding and pulling is adopted to meet the bedside table function in small spaces.home decor

Eighth, embedded sliding doorshome decorFor small spaces, More space can be saved

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▲Save space and look good, very practical for small space, the only need Note that the hardware quality must pass.home decor

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▲The bedroom study space is also applicable, the appearance is higher, more Space-savinghome decor

Ninth, rotating TV and folding standhome decorare very practical and widely used in actual decoration

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▲Using the large-angle swivel bracket, you can easily watch TV in the living room and dining roomhome decor

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▲The long-distance telescopic bracket can also better ensure the rational use of the space behind the TVhome decor

Tenth, the inner sealing plate of the wardrobehome decorThis is doing It is very suitable for whole house customization

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▲The practice of two different wardrobes as shown in the picture, you can see that the one is more beautiful and beautiful

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▲ As shown in the picture, in fact, only the exposed outer sealing plate is placed inside the wardrobe, but it should be noted that it is best to use a suspended ceiling above the wardrobe to ensure that it is horizontal and vertical. For places with uneven top surfaces, like many well-decorated houses, this The gap at the top of this method may vary in width.home decor

Eleventh, where there is customization, it is not necessary to package the pipeline separatelyhome decorto see the actual situation, if it is customized, the pipeline behind is not necessary Spending money and taking up space for packages can be completely hidden by customization

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▲ As shown in the picture, using the gap position of the flue to meet the ultra-thin storage and seasoning space, it is not only practical but also beautiful. “Kitchen flue cabinet, havent you made it at home?home decor

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▲Using the hidden water heater location to achieve both beauty and storagehome decor

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▲Using the storage of hidden gas meters and pipelines to achieve more storage in a small spaceIt is a waste to pack only pipelines, It is valuable when it is made into storagehome decor

Thirteenth, the magic use of the perforated board in the cabinetAlthough it is a small object, it can achieve great functions

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▲The glove box at home can be hung with perforated boards, so that cleaning supplies and tools at home can be placed and stored in an orderly manner Beautifulhome decor

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▲As shown in the picture above, the necessary clean cabinet storage for every household, you can use the perforated board to perfectly realize more storage and hanginghome decor

The first 14. No TV cabinet, TV wall nicheNo TV cabinet, but there are many router signal boxes in the TV wall location.

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▲The condition is that your TV wall happens to be a non-load-bearing wall. Make niches in advance to meet the layout of the router and signal box power supplyhome decor

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▲In this way, a beautiful and clean space can be achieved. Of course, if you watch Internet TV directly and leave a five-hole socket at the back, you can also achieve such cleanliness and save space to the greatest extent, even the alcoves are Donthome decor

Fifteenth, a more practical way to change shoes and stoolshome decorIf you want to change shoes and stools, you must pay attention to the method, so that both space and function are taken into account

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▲As shown in the picture of the shoe cabinet, there is no space, so I reluctantly used the position of the sub-door to customize the shoe cabinet, but made a shoe-changing stool to make room for the door More crowdedhome decor

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▲In fact, it is not necessary at all, it is just a space for changing shoes and stools. It is better to leave space if the space is tight, and directly use the finished product to replace the shoes and stools to meet the functions, so that the vision is more spacious, and there are many functionshome decor

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▲You can also directly use the foldable hidden shoe-changing stool, in the shoe cabinet The opposite wall realizes a function that can be used at any timehome decor

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