168㎡modernandsimple,returningtotheoriginaldesign,simpleandnaturalelle decor

pop up christmas treeIn this 168-square-meter house decoration case, the overall space adopts modern and simple hard decoration, under a wide range of white and wood tones, the layout is modern Petty and comfortable furniture creates a natural and comfortable living atmosphere.

Living Room

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▲The living room is based on a modern and simple space, and the ceiling is suspended and the flat top is installed into rail downlights and spotlights , a black downlight rail is installed on the ceiling, making the space look minimalist, generous and comfortable; the simple TV wall, with walnut TV cabinet + wall-mounted TV, presents a simple and generous natural atmosphere.pop up christmas tree

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▲The sofa wall is based on the simple wall, hang a black and white painting, and add wood veneer on the left side Material, with glass partitions, gray leather sofas, and brown leisure sofa chairs, also make the space more modern, elegant and comfortable.pop up christmas tree

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▲A pot of banana leaf green plants is placed on the edge of the leisure sofa chair and sofa, which also makes the space look simple, fresh and delicate .pop up christmas tree

Restaurantpop up christmas tree

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▲The whole dining room and living room The hard decoration maintains a consistent shape, and the furniture is also in a modern and simple design, bringing a gorgeous and refined sense of dining ceremony.pop up christmas tree

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▲The dining chair with metal tripod + leather cushion back, matched with a solid wood dining table, arranged next to the middle island, also provides a refined Premium dining experience.pop up christmas tree

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▲The combination of orange and black leather dining chairs, plus the walnut dining table, also makes the dining room more gorgeous and elegant And dignified grade.pop up christmas tree


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▲The kitchen is based on gray floor and wall tiles, installed with modern The simple white cabinets and the spacious kitchen space adopt a U-shaped console, providing the owner with a relaxed and comfortable cooking experience.pop up christmas tree


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▲The bathroom is on the retro gray wall and floor, and the wash basin is integrated with the wall Molded design, a space is added under the washbasin, and a small low wall is also made after the wall-mounted toilet as storage, the entire bathroom space is simple and practical.pop up christmas tree


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▲The bedroom has a modern minimalist space, ceiling hanging The design of flat top + no main lamp, the bedside wall is designed in simple gray, brown leather bed + gray sheets, and a row of simple white wardrobes at the end of the bed, creating a simple, comfortable and practical bedroom atmosphere.pop up christmas tree

xmas decorations

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>▲Wall lights are installed on the bedside walls on both sides, and solid wood bedside tables are arranged, so that you can have a comfortable and bright experience when reading and looking at your mobile phone before going to bed.pop up christmas tree

Studypop up christmas tree

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▲The study is set with a custom storage cabinet + large desk combination, and the desk surface runs through to the custom cabinet Inside, the whole space is designed to be integrated. At the same time, a leisure sofa is arranged behind the desk. When you are tired from reading and work, you can lie down on the sofa and relax.pop up christmas tree

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▲The combination of desk + custom cabinet, the desk extends from the cabinet to the bay window, the overall gray cabinet, combined with the wooden countertop, presents a simple and natural atmosphere.pop up christmas tree

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▲The curtains are designed with venetian blinds, making the whole study look simple and bright, and next to the leisure sofa A floor lamp that provides a gorgeous and refined leisure experience.pop up christmas tree

Kids Roompop up christmas tree

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▲The childrens room adopts the design of a custom platform bed, with gray mattresses and Sheets, a storage counter by the window, and a custom-made desk next to the platform bed make the whole space design simple, practical and comfortable.pop up christmas tree

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▲The unified white oak texture of the desk and bed is simple and natural.


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▲A jewelry cabinet is placed in the middle of the cloakroom, and the wardrobe on the side is designed with glass doors , a full-length mirror is hung on the right wall, the whole space is simple, elegant, convenient and practical.pop up christmas tree

floor plan

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Design: Hanyu Design, Comments: Design Pavilionpop up christmas tree< /strong>

wall mirror

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