180,000decorated146squaremetersofmodernandsimplestyle,neighborsinthecommunitysaiditwasworthiteaster decorations

House Introduction

Area: 146㎡

Unit type: three bedrooms and one living room

Style: modern minimalist style< /span>

This case shared by Qijia Xiaobian today uses white as the main decorative color with log furniture to create a fresh and open feeling.grinch christmas tree

Living Room

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The living room and the balcony are separated by a glass sliding door, which ensures the lighting of the living room, and also isolates noise and dust. privacy.grinch christmas tree

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beige fabric sofa, it looks very soft Comfortable, the log coffee table is decorated with exquisite flowers, and life has an atmosphere; behind the sofa is a study.

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TV background wall adopts whole wall storage +The classic design method of TV centering, open and closed storage collocation, some display decoration, some closed storage, neat and orderly.grinch christmas tree


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dining room, kitchen, living room, study in In the same space, the open design is more space-saving and more layered when looking at it.grinch christmas tree

wall art

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The restaurant adds a little more romantic feeling to the blue embellishment, and the piano is placed beside the restaurant is high-end and elegant.grinch christmas tree

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The piano is a musical instrument and also an excellent decoration. Using the space above the piano and decorating it with metallic objects, it is a little extravagant and extravagant.grinch christmas tree

Master Bedroom

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The ground is spliced with fish bones, The foot feels comfortable and has a visual extension effect; the master bedroom has a bay window and a small living room, and you can enjoy a leisure space in the bedroom.grinch christmas tree

Secondary bedroom

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The second bedroom is made into a princess room, which is the room of the 7-year-old daughter, with a dreamy pink and white mosquito net, and a theme room decorated with hellokitty, which is very suitable for little girls.grinch christmas tree

Kids Room

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Kids room bunk bed design, give The younger brother who just turned 4 years old, the upper floor can be used for storage and hide and seek, which is super practical.grinch christmas tree


fall decor

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