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180 square meters of light luxury and simple design, unique home space, this kind of house design is rare

This creative design is also very popular with the owner and his wife. First of all, some Nordic elements are added to make the home more lively, without the dull feeling of black and white background decoration, and the overall color is not too much. This design style is also very suitable for families with children. It will make the home warm and comfortable, and at the same time, it will not look particularly messy, and the fresh and natural design can also make the home more comfortable.aesthetic room decor

Case:aesthetic room decorNordic minimalist design

Main building materials:aesthetic room decorWooden, fabric, marble, etc.

Housing area:180m²

Budget:Above 500,000

Housing type:Three bedrooms p>




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From the floor plan , it can be seen that the overall room type is rectangular, which requires a wider space in the design of the space, so that the room type looks more rounded. Therefore, when designing, we should also add some elements with a sense of connection, so that the room type becomes upright and three-dimensional, and at the same time, it will not make people feel oppressive.aesthetic room decor

[Living Room]aesthetic room decor

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Design focus:

Fresh and comfortableaesthetic room decor

The overall design is mainly white, but some mo Randy-colored elements, such as leather sofas, as well as wallpapers and accessories, will have some echoes, which will make the home more detached and not too dull. And the matching of the murals is also just right, which will increase the brightness of the living room.aesthetic room decor


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Design focus:

Mainly simple

The design of the dining room is simpler, because it is connected to the living room, so it is In the matching of table accessories, the same color tone is chosen, which also makes the living room and dining room echo, and the two are more coordinated. And whether it is a dining table or dining chair, it is mainly simple, which will make people more relaxed.aesthetic room decor

[Entrance]aesthetic room decor

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Design focus:

Hollow out occlusion

The design of the entrance is also The practical wind route, whether it is a coat rack, a shoe rack, and some wall cabinets, are all for the convenience of the homeowner for storage, and in addition to commonly used items, other items can be hidden, which is also very good. Moreover, the hollowed-out small screen actually has a very good effect, which can make people curious.aesthetic room decor

[Bedroom]aesthetic room decor

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Design Focus:


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< p> The design of the master bedroom is also based on white and original ecological colors, which can make people sleep better, and at the same time, it has great practicality in the construction of the overall layout, which makes it more comfortable.

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Simple and Atmospheric

The overall bedroom design is also very simple, including the creation of cabinets. The detailed design also makes the overall space more distinctive.aesthetic room decor

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Design focus:

Detailed design

In the placement of items, in fact, many of them reflect the aesthetics of the homeowner, and the collocation of some ornaments is also very suitable for presentation in the bedroom. In addition, the small tatami design is good for relaxing and drinking tea.aesthetic room decor

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Design focus :

Color matching

The treatment of side sleeping is also dominated by simplicity, and the overall color matching is also very layered It also has a certain degree of independence and privacy with the design of balconies and windowsills.aesthetic room decor


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Design focus:

Black and white

< p> The design of the bathroom is still very simple, without too many complicated designs, but the pattern of the wall tiles also enhances the presence of the bathroom, and it will not feel too monotonous.


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Design focus:


The design of the kitchen is It is very practical. First of all, there are many storage cabinets, which will not make the kitchen look too chaotic. The green plants placed can also make the kitchen look more dynamic. The overall look is very spacious and does not feel cluttered.aesthetic room decor

【Childrens Room】

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Design highlights:

Clean and tidy

< p> The design of the childrens room is not so complicated. In addition to tables and chairs for study, bookshelves and shelves for some items are also designed above, and the color matching also echoes the overall decoration.

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Design focus:< /figcaption>

Bright and comfortableaesthetic room decor

The design of the childrens room is also a little simpler, and because the window and the bed are very close, it makes the overall look more Its bright, its not cluttered, it doesnt look messy, and its still very comfortable.aesthetic room decor

Summary:aesthetic room decorIn the Nordic style design, it is very important to have color matching. The Morandi color added in this house design is a very good choice. It will not look messy, and each room has echoes.

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