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;This issue of apartment renovation sharing

Injecting people as the core into the design, creating an ideal life of scientific interaction between people and space, and emotional communication between people, is the key to building a better life in the future.  In this phase of the apartment renovation, we will think more about the relationship between people and space, be independent in the lively, be tolerant in emotions, be presumptuous when happy, heal when sad, and inject warmth into every corner.aesthetic bedroom

As the core area of the family, the living room carries the connection between family members. It should be inclusive and warm. When we sit down, it is no longer an island. In addition to meeting the basic functions of the space, all living room designs should give families more ways to coexist and communicate.aesthetic bedroom

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project Address: In the Parkaesthetic bedroom

Project Type: Flat Flooraesthetic bedroom

Interior Area: 125

Designer: Xu Yidi

Design Style: Modern Style

Project category: whole case design

The owner appreciates the black and white minimalist style, and everything is mainly clean and concise. On the premise of retaining the original number of rooms, I hope to add more While having more storage space, it should not be too crowded visually. From the communication, I learned that the owner especially likes cooking and hopes to have more space for expression.aesthetic bedroom

Pattern change animation – transformation strategyaesthetic bedroom

canvas wall art

1. Move the kitchen to the living balcony and add a new part of the western kitchen;aesthetic bedroom

2. The central kitchen, western kitchen, and dining room are connected to the living room area to form an integrated core area of LDK;aesthetic bedroom

3. The central kitchen is equipped with sliding doors to avoid the problem of lampblack;

4. The wall of the multi-functional room is extended, so that a set of housekeeping cabinets can be installed on one side of the aisle area to increase the use value of the aisle; 5. The shoe cabinet is connected to the TV wall, and more storage is added. Space;aesthetic bedroom

6. Connect the balcony with the living room area, and the living room space is more open.aesthetic bedroom

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Design The teacher follows the principle of space subtraction, reduces the color, and does not need to be too many furniture and decorations, so that the space is as simple and not complicated as possible. Unnecessary space partitions are removed, and the dynamic area readjusts the functional area with an open layout. A large number of lockers are designed around the functional area, and are embellished with textured and delicate decorations to make the space more layered.aesthetic bedroom

The whole area presents the integrated design of LDK, from the kitchen, living room, leisure area, balcony area, to maximize the openness and integration of public activity space, so that people in different areas can interact with each other. You can communicate and interact at any time, and the life line is more convenient.aesthetic bedroom

With an open layout, the kitchen area can also enjoy plenty of light, so that the field of vision is also broadened. The designer arbitrarily planned the background wall of the living room with geometric figures, giving space changes and a sense of hierarchy.aesthetic bedroom

The designer starts from the hobbies and needs of the homeowner. In terms of material selection, he does not pursue eye-catching visual effects, and the soft furnishings are not piled up too much. The furniture with a full sense of design is arranged to leave a spacious and refreshing space. , unique tough and elegant temperament.aesthetic bedroom

Upstream News Li Leiaesthetic bedroom

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