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Project Information:

Project Address: Tianyue Jialing

Project Type: Flat

Interior Area: 150

Designer: Zhu Zonghai< /p>

Design style: modern style

Project category: whole case design

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The owners of this case hope to have a comfortable and comfortable home in the tedious urban life, making them feel both practical and convenient, and refreshing. The male protagonist prefers minimalism, calm and down-to-earth, and has a unique tranquility and comfort. The hostess likes cooking and yoga every day.christmas baubles

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The kitchen is an important expression of refined life , In the original apartment type, there is an extra moving line from the kitchen to the living balcony, which destroys the integrity of the kitchen. I learned from the communication that the hostess especially hopes to have a western kitchen.christmas baubles

The designer re-planned the space. On the premise of keeping the original number of rooms unchanged, the designer extended the kitchen to the original living balcony, and integrated a western kitchen in the dining area. The multi-functional room has also been reset to meet the fitness needs of the hostess and the childrens hobbies of drum kits, and a new shoe cabinet area has been added to make its structure more regular.christmas baubles

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, privacy, scene and other perspectives, rationally planning each space just right, allowing owners to flexibly switch between private spaces and shared areas, bringing a comfortable home experience, but also to find their own house usage guide . Create a home that is simple, clean, stylish and warm.christmas baubles

The transparent and spacious living room, horizontal and vertical lines enhance the sense of balance and depth of the space, with the elegant atmosphere between the soft decoration elements, successfully create a calm and atmospheric living space, while satisfying aesthetic and practical needs.christmas baubles

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From this perspective, the restaurant It can be seen that the designers intention and caution when landing. All materials and colors are coordinated in one go. The material of the TV background wall echoes the shoe cabinet and the sideboard. The fabric gray of the sofa sets off the leather gray of the dining chair. The color material runs through, achieving a rare integrity. The sunlight through the large floor-to-ceiling viewing windows implies that time is flowing slowly. The addition of the Hermes Orange Modern Minimalist Chair injects soul into the home space, making the whole space full of freshness and charm of life.christmas baubles

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