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There are too many things to worry about when preparing for the decoration of the new home. The first step is difficult. How should a decoration company choose? How can I choose a reliable repair company? First of all, we have to clarify our needs and our budget. Decoration companies are also divided into mid-end, high-end and simple decoration, and decoration is also divided into full package, half package and clear package. According to your actual needs, find the decoration method and decoration company that suits you. After completing the previous step, you can search for information on the Internet, select some companies with good online reputation, and then conduct on-site inspections. The content of the inspection is the professional qualifications, business licenses, and industrial and commercial registration of the decoration company, so as to avoid some online false information. eyes.bedroom interior design

It is worth mentioning that the positioning of decoration companies of different sizes will also be different, and there will be corresponding order conditions. A large-scale decoration company, with standard construction specifications, rich experience and high reputation. Therefore, before we choose a decoration company, we must first clarify the budget, and then choose a larger decoration company as much as possible. As the saying goes: you get what you pay for. Expensive things are not necessarily good things. However, cheap is really no good thing. In terms of materials used for decoration, quality and price should be combined. Dont blindly choose cheap and ignore the quality issue. At the same time, you cant just look at the quality and ignore the price. When making a choice, shop around, and in a comprehensive analysis, choose the one with the highest quality and cost-effectiveness.bedroom interior design

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The 2022 Fuzhou Well-known Decoration Company Word of Mouth Ranking Daquan? (Latest ranking and word of mouth)bedroom interior design

Fuzhou Youjia Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. has accumulated 27 years of experience in the home improvement market in Fujian. It has a 10,000-square-meter home improvement experience hall + 6,000-square-meter soft decoration MALL + 20 acres of storage and logistics parks. Decoration design, construction, building materials, soft decoration and logistics are integrated to achieve a real one-stop decoration. Youjia Decoration has always insisted on cultivating its own skilled craftsmen, creating a standardized construction process, and forming construction standards in the industry, so as to provide consumers with a better home improvement experience. In the hidden engineering link that the owners are most concerned about, Youjia Decoration Engineering Department has developed 18 major national patented products and various practical innovative processes, solving a series of traditional construction problems. Youjia Decoration has won various domestic and foreign design awards, association honors, etc., including the title of five-star enterprise credit evaluation of national decoration enterprises. At the same time, it is also the first batch of decoration enterprises to sign the “Convention on Self-discipline of Chinas Home Furnishing Industry”, which shows its determination to create a good development environment for the industry.bedroom interior design

Word of mouth index: ★★★★★bedroom interior design

Advantages: 10,000 square meters scale, self-owned workers/self-owned supervision system, 18 major patented products, 20 gold standard processes, etc.bedroom interior design


Fuzhou Medici Decoration Design Co., Ltd. is the master case of the Asia Pacific Award and Huading Award, and the main case of the top 100 international architectural decoration designers. It provides design, main materials, construction, custom furniture and soft decoration for villa families. British-style butler-level villa maintenance and other services. With leading design strength and EU environmental protection/CCC certification, it has become an outstanding model in the industry. 266 patent-grade German standard construction, and its own excellent team of workers will never be outsourced. Innovatively launched the Medici villa full case system, taking the lead in breaking through the traditional system of villa decoration, and choosing to enjoy a lifetime VIP exclusive service.bedroom interior design

Word-of-mouth index: ★★★★★bedroom interior design

Advantages: International award-winning designers, major imported materials, German craftsmanshipbedroom interior design

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Fuzhou Minghui Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, focusing on the field of wedding room decoration design, and took the lead in providing 360-degree integrated services. Minghui Decoration uses professional strength, meticulous service, and innovative design thinking to create an excellent quality of life. Minghui Decoration has established a complete set of modern enterprise management system, including perfect personnel incentive mechanism, scientific construction management system, mature quality standard system and considerate after-sales service system. Minghui Decoration adheres to the design concept of green, environmental protection, low carbon and originality, adheres to the development path of standardization, specialization and quality, and abides by the principles of integrity, stability, pragmatism and communication, and is highly recognized by customers and peers.bedroom interior design

Word of mouth index: ★★★bedroom interior design

Advantages: scientific construction management system, mature quality standard system, considerate after-sales service systembedroom interior design

Fuzhou Hesheng Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in commercial decoration design and construction. The company has experienced many years of baptism of indoor commercial space and home decoration design and construction, and has formed a professional construction design team, striving to build a cost-effective decoration design and construction team in Haixi. The company adheres to the tenet of Zhuran Hecheng to survive in the world, reshapes the concept of commercial decoration companies, and provides streamlined, efficient and professional personnel services to support your trust and build a bridge of our friendship. In the face of new opportunities and challenges, the company will be committed to creating a combination of domestic decoration industry and commercial chain industry, to be a designer of emotional communication, to be a hard-working producer, to do decoration with heart-to-heart, and to make friends with sincerity.bedroom interior design

Word of mouth index: ★★★bedroom interior design

Advantages: professional construction design team, to create a combination of domestic decoration industry and commercial chain industrybedroom interior design

Fuzhou Five-star Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. Founded in 2004, the company is a large-scale decoration enterprise integrating office decoration, commercial decoration and home decoration. It has the national secondary construction qualification. Since its establishment, the company has won the praise and trust of customers by virtue of scientific management, rational design, sincere service, advocating green environmental protection and health, and operating with low price and high quality. The company has a dedicated design team and a group of professional construction teams with exquisite craftsmanship. Diligent and dedicated, high-quality management personnel and supervisors are a strong guarantee for the quality of the project. Adhering to the concept of smart decoration, we achieve perfect quality with incisive materials and more affordable prices.bedroom interior design

Word of mouth index: ★★★bedroom interior design

Advantages: Dedicated design team, skilled professional construction teambedroom interior design

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Fuzhou Yuangeng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. , is a construction company integrating space design, decoration, soft decoration, project bidding, etc., mainly engaged in residential decoration design. According to the style positioning of different customers, the company takes creativity and execution as the basic principles, and always insists on examining the value of space. Relying on the industry experience of many professional designers and the effective integration of spatial vision, we constantly seek a unique design language, and strive to present spatial works with contemporary visual aesthetics without losing traditional genes. Relying on high-quality engineering quality, perfect service system, and developing and developing with market-oriented and diversified business philosophy, we can produce effective customer satisfaction questionnaires.bedroom interior design

Word-of-mouth index: ★★★bedroom interior design

Advantages: high-quality project quality, always insist on examining the value of space, perfect service systembedroom interior design

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Fujian Xingshengcheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in interior high-end hard decoration design and soft decoration design of villas, model houses, office buildings, hotels, homes and commercial spaces And on-site construction as one of the decoration enterprises. Xingshengcheng Design has a professional, dedicated and literate design team with vitality, passion and pursuit of perfection. Hardware focus: space planning/reasonable use. Soft decoration focuses on: life taste/art enjoyment. Construction focus: environmental protection of materials/exquisite craftsmanship. Service principle: within the customers reasonable budget, to achieve rational cost control. The design is streamlined and refined, so that 90% of the customers worry can be truly achieved. The customer only needs to spend 5% of the energy on communication in advance and 5% on the post-acceptance.bedroom interior design

Word-of-mouth index: ★★★bedroom interior design

Advantages: With a professional, dedicated and literate design team, we can truly make 90% of customers worry-freebedroom interior design

< p>Fuzhou Zechen Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional decoration company integrating interior design, budget, construction and materials. Its business scope includes interior and exterior decoration engineering, landscaping engineering, power engineering, and weak current engineering design. The company has been engaged in the decoration and decoration industry for many years, with innovative designs, reasonable quotations, and a group of independent professional construction teams to ensure that the construction is green, environmentally friendly, safe and civilized. With advanced design ideas, reasonable budget quotations, sophisticated construction technology, and high-quality full-service services, we sincerely tailor a brand-new, elegant and comfortable home life and cultural space for each customer.

Word of mouth index: ★★★bedroom interior design

Advantages: innovative design, reasonable quotation, independent professional construction teambedroom interior design

Fuzhou Mingding Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. The company was established in 2015, and its business scope includes indoor and outdoor decoration engineering, housing construction engineering, civil engineering, waterproofing engineering, garden landscape engineering, hydropower installation engineering, pile foundation engineering, municipal engineering, landscaping engineering design, etc. Mingding Decoration has a professional team, professional design, and superior quality assurance. The company is a growing company, a group of teams pursuing perfection in decoration and careful design thinking. Because of this, we have more lofty goals, with more fashionable designs and higher quality requirements. So, we can see the scenery in the distance. Because we believe, decorate your life with our sincere service and decorate the world.bedroom interior design

Word of mouth index: ★★★bedroom interior design

Advantages: professional team, professional design, superior quality assurancebedroom interior design

Fujian Hongxiang Building Decoration was founded in 2004 In 2018, we adhere to the tenet of producing moving projects and casting a century-old brand, and strive to achieve diversified development of branding, specialization, scale and industrialization. The business scope covers home improvement and tooling design and construction, complete home products (whole bathroom, whole kitchen, whole woodwork, whole soft decoration) and other integrated services. At the same time, it provides customers with real complete home furnishing solutions and becomes a powerful brand decoration agency in Fujian. For each engineering project, we will set up a project project team led by senior senior designers. Use profound practical experience and professionalism to conduct in-depth research and breakthroughs on projects from a professional perspective.bedroom interior design

Word of mouth index: ★★★bedroom interior design

Advantages: The business scope covers home improvement and tooling design and construction, providing real complete home solutionsbedroom interior design

Speaking a hundred words is not as good as taking a look at the site. After all, the construction site is the basis that can best reflect the quality of a decoration company. For the craftsmanship, it is the most real to go directly to the decoration company to inspect the construction site. At the same time, it is also necessary to understand whether the construction team is the decoration companys own. If the decoration company adopts project subcontracting, the interests that may ultimately be damaged are still on the owner. Regarding how to determine whether a company really adopts the 100% self-owned worker system, you can ask the workers on site a few questions when visiting the construction site: whether the company pays the wages uniformly, whether the company has signed a formal labor contract, and whether the company has purchased insurance etc.bedroom interior design

It is worth mentioning that the reputation of the decoration company is also very important. Word of mouth is something that cannot be faked, because the strength is there. Irregular decoration companies will naturally not have a good reputation. It is worth mentioning that a regular decoration company will have a set of perfect after-sales service, so that problems can be solved in time in the future. The decoration contract is the best proof to protect your own interests. Only when you write it down in black and white will you feel at ease, including discounts, after-sales period and payment methods!bedroom interior design

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