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Author: Tang Kui Ba Ba

If you want to have a happy home, in addition to having your own house and good decoration, there are many furniture and electrical appliances. Nowadays, there are dozens of electrical appliances in every household. However, some electrical appliances are very tasteless, and they are basically dusty when they are bought. It is a pity to throw them away. Today, Fat Han summed up 20 kinds of furniture and electrical appliances that are worth spending money on. Through these furniture and electrical appliances, we can not only facilitate our lives, but also make our lives more enjoyable and effectively improve the happiness of life.throw pillow

< p>1. Smart fingerprint locks

Nowadays, many people decorate their doors and like to install smart locks. Not only because of its stylish appearance, but also because it is more convenient. Smart locks basically have a fingerprint unlocking function. When we go out for a run or exercise, it is inconvenient to carry a key with us. If the smart fingerprint lock is installed, you only need to press the fingerprint when you go home, and the door will open, which is very convenient.throw pillow

2. Entrance sensor lightsthrow pillow

When we are busy all day, we drag our tired bodies home. As soon as you get close to the gate, the sensor light turns on. Whether we take out the key to open the door, or the fingerprint sensor, we dont need to touch the dark. Moreover, as soon as you approach the door of your house, there are lights to illuminate your way, which will give you some mental relief.throw pillow

< p>3. Electronic cats eye

Now is the age of the Internet, many people use mobile phones to monitor the situation in their homes, mainly for security reasons. The electronic cats eye is such a device. Even when you are at work, you can check the situation at your doorstep in real time through the mobile phone app. Generally, it has night vision function. If a single girl lives alone, electronic cat eyes are still necessary. Someone knocks on the door, and you can find out whats going on outside through your phone.throw pillow

4. Dryerthrow pillow

During the rainy season, the clothes are often left to dry for several days. Clothes that cannot be dried for a long time will have a musty smell. At this time, we should put the clothes in the dryer and dry them for an hour or two. After taking them out, the clothes are fluffy, loose and comfortable to the touch. If its winter, just take the clothes out of the dryer and wear them, its hot and very comfortable.throw pillow

< p>5. Induction hand sanitizer

Because of the epidemic, I didnt use hand sanitizer for hand washing at home. Now I have to use hand sanitizer every time I wash my hands. Sometimes the hands are dirty and oily, squeeze the bottle of hand sanitizer, and the bottle body also becomes oily. Later, the induction hand sanitizer was installed, and the hand sanitizer foam came out automatically. No need to press or rub the foam, which is very convenient and hassle-free.throw pillow

6. Bladeless fanthrow pillow

Traditional fans rely on rotating blades to generate wind energy, and the blades are relatively sharp and unsafe to use. Now a kind of bladeless fan is popular, which is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also has soft wind, and there is no safety hazard in use.throw pillow

< p>7. Dishwasher

There is no need to quarrel with my wife because of the problem of washing dishes, saving trouble and effort. Todays dishwashers are all built-in, and you dont have to worry about taking up space. Its just a lazy artifact.throw pillow

8. Kitchen Kitchen Treasurethrow pillow

When washing dishes in the kitchen, it is often not clean due to the problem of oil stains. Therefore, hot water is still very much needed. If it is too troublesome to get hot water from the bathroom, it is better to install a small kitchen treasure directly in the kitchen, which can basically meet the hot water required for washing dishes.throw pillow

< p>9. Kitchen ceiling cool bar

The kitchen is a place to cook and cook, and it is not suitable for fans with open flames. But its too hot in summer, because the fumes are heavy, so its not suitable for installing air conditioners. At this time, a Liangba can be installed on the ceiling. It does not have a strong DC wind like a fan, and there is no need to worry about the air conditioning filter being blocked by oil. It can create cold air, it is especially cool in summer, and it does not occupy space when installed on the ceiling.throw pillow

10. Garbage Disposerthrow pillow

In the base cabinet under the sink, install a garbage disposal. Usually, some kitchen waste can be thrown directly into it, and it will be automatically smashed and discharged through the sewer. You dont have to put dirty garbage in the kitchen, and you dont have to worry about forgetting to throw the garbage and smelling it, which is very convenient.throw pillow

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< p>11. Front water purification

Install a front water purification device in front of the main waterway at home. It can prevent large particles or water plants in the water from entering the faucet. It simply filters some coarse impurities and effectively protects electrical equipment such as water purifiers.throw pillow

12. Water purifierthrow pillow

Tap water generally has the smell of disinfectant water, and it cannot be drunk directly. We can install a water purifier at home, it is best to buy a RO reverse osmosis water purifier. The impurities are filtered out, and the purified water can be directly consumed. When buying a water purifier, you must not buy low-quality products cheaply, otherwise the filtered water does not meet the hygienic standards, which will be embarrassing.throw pillow

< p>13. Instant hot water dispenser

Instant hot water dispenser, how many degrees of water you want to drink directly come out of the machine. No more worrying about boiling water and then letting it cool down. With the above water purifier, it is simply an artifact.throw pillow

14. Capsule coffee machinethrow pillow

Friends who like to drink coffee can be equipped with one, without the trouble of hand grinding every time you want to drink coffee. Buy a capsule coffee machine, start it with one button when you want to drink coffee, and you can drink hot coffee in a few seconds.throw pillow

< p>15. Smart toilets

It is becoming more and more popular to install smart toilets. In winter, the heating function can be activated, and there is no need to squat on the toilet and shiver. And you can turn on the cleaning mode after going to the toilet, which is simply the gospel of hemorrhoids.throw pillow

16. Pull-out faucetthrow pillow

The traditional faucet has only one fixed water outlet. Now it is popular to install a pull-out faucet, which can be rotated out like a shower, with a 1-meter-long water pipe, and it is also convenient to spray other places.throw pillow

< p>17. Cabinet light

When cooking in the kitchen at night, because the chandelier is above the head, it is easy to have shadows in front of the body, which seriously affects the cutting and cooking of vegetables. You can install a light strip under the wall cabinet, and it is still bright in front of you. Light strips can also be installed in the wardrobe of the bedroom, so you no longer have to worry about finding clothes in the dark.throw pillow

18. Remote control lightsthrow pillow

It is said that the bedside in the bedroom should be designed with dual control lights, so that you dont have to get up and turn off the lights when you are wrapped in a quilt. However, it is now more advanced, and the remote control light is directly installed. Not only can the switch function be realized, but also the brightness and tone of the light can be adjusted.throw pillow

< p>19. Hand-held vacuum cleaners

There are always hand-held vacuum cleaners at home, some corners, or the pulleys of windows all need vacuum cleaners. It is very convenient, and it can be sucked clean when you stretch it out.throw pillow

20. Air humidifierthrow pillow

Whether it is the air conditioner in summer or the heating in winter, it will cause problems such as dry air. At this time, you need an air humidifier, add tap water, turn it on when you use it, your breathing will be much smoother, and your skin will not become dry due to lack of water.throw pillow

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