20placeswhereyoushouldspendthemostmoneyondecorationwall art prints

Author: Tang Kui Ba Ba

If a house wants to become a warm and comfortable home, it is naturally inseparable from the careful decoration. Renovation itself is a very expensive thing. Many new people who are renovating for the first time may get the focus of decoration wrong and use good steel on the knife handle. We must understand where to spend money on renovations and where not to spend money. Only by using good steel on the blade can the decoration be economical and practical. Today, Fatty Han will give you a rundown on the 20 places where you should spend the most money on decoration. You cant save a penny. Dont wait until something goes wrong to regret it.garden decor

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1. Hydropower renovation projects cannot be saved< /p>garden decor

A hydropower project is the foundation of a house, and now all hydropower projects are concealed works. They are all buried directly into the walls, floors, and ceilings. If there is a problem in the later stage, the wall has to be pried off for maintenance. Therefore, the hydropower project must not be saved. Once it is reworked later, I really want to cry. Therefore, the hydropower project must be in place at one time, and it is also for safety reasons.garden decor

2. Switches and sockets cannot be savedgarden decor

Switches and sockets are used very frequently in our daily life, and these things are closely related to our personal safety. Therefore, the quality must not be poor. If there is a problem in the later stage, it will threaten the safety, and if it is broken, it will be very troublesome.garden decor

Also be sure to plan the quantity in advance before the decoration, dont use the plug-in row when it is not enough at the back. Using a power strip will get wires all over the place, like spider webs, which is especially ugly.garden decor

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3. Kitchen, bathroom, balcony waterproof The project cannot be savedgarden decor

Kitchen, bathroom, balcony, these three functional areas have one thing in common, that is, they will use water. Therefore, the waterproofing works of these three functional areas cannot be omitted, otherwise, if there is water leakage in the later stage, the downstairs neighbors will have to find the door. The shower area of the bathroom should be waterproofed at least 1.8m, preferably directly to the top, and the waterproofness of other locations should not be less than 30cm.garden decor

4. The base layer of the wall can’t be savedgarden decor

The base layer of the wall is easy to be ignored. As long as the base layer of the wall is not done well, no matter how good the latex paint is, it can’t prevent the wall from cracking. , no matter how good the wallpaper is, there is no guarantee that it will not mold. Although the cost of hanging the net may be a little high, in order to avoid the cracking and peeling of the wall in the later stage, it is still necessary to pay attention to the treatment of the base layer of the wall. Therefore, the cost of the wall base cannot be saved, and the cost will still be spent.garden decor

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5. Smallpox project cannot be savedgarden decor


Although it is said that the ceiling is not a suspended ceiling, a simple circle of plaster lines is more fresh and attractive. If it is an old house, the above is the floor structure. After a long time, the gap between the floor and the floor may crack, so the ceiling needs to be a suspended ceiling, and dont save it when it shouldnt.garden decor

6. The separation of dry and wet in the shower area cannot be savedgarden decor

The toilet has three functional areas, the hand washing area, the toilet area, and the shower area. Among the three functional areas, only the shower area is the wet area. The other two are dry areas. Every time I take a shower, there is always water splashing all over the place and the dry areas get wet. Therefore, when decorating, the separation of dry and wet can not be saved. If the area of the bathroom is relatively small, you can consider making a water retaining strip + a shower curtain, which still has a good dry and wet separation effect.garden decor

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7. Toilets cannot be savedgarden decor


The toilet in the bathroom can’t be saved. The cheap toilet is a few hundred dollars. Although it is cheap, what should I do if it cracks while squatting? Expensive tens of thousands of yuan is not necessary, we just use the mid-range!garden decor

8. The bathroom water heater cannot be savedgarden decor

The kitchen and bathroom need to install the water heater. The water heater is connected with water and electricity, and the water can conduct electricity. Therefore, the water heater must not be saved. If you choose a low-quality water heater in order to save a few money, it will be very dangerous if the electricity leaks later.garden decor

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9. Bathroom showers cannot be saved< /p>garden decor

Taking a bath is a very comfortable thing, it can wash away the fatigue of the day. The shower head in the shower area can be directly related to the comfort of the shower. If you choose a more expensive one, it can be equipped with functions such as supercharging and automatic cleaning. If the shower head is too inferior, it will be used for a while with cold water and hot water for a while, or the water pressure is low, which will seriously affect the comfort of the bath.garden decor

10. The kitchen cabinets cannot be savedgarden decor

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The kitchen cabinets are a relatively humid and high temperature place, so the board of the cabinets must not be saved. The poorer boards often contain a lot of formaldehyde inside. In a high temperature and humid environment, formaldehyde is released faster, and the service life of the board will be shorter.garden decor

11. The kitchen hood cannot be savedgarden decor

The kitchen is the place to cook. The cooking method of the Chinese is mainly frying, and the fumes are relatively heavy. cause an impact. A good range hood can absorb more than 95% of the fumes and reduce noise. Just imagine the smoke billowing from the kitchen or the constant humming noise while cooking, and you probably wont be able to stand it first.garden decor

12. Doors and windows can not be savedgarden decor

Doors and windows are not only used for blocking, but also have a great role, that is, noise prevention. Good doors and windows have a vacuum inside, which can effectively soundproof. In addition, good doors and windows also have a good thermal insulation effect, which can keep warm in winter and isolate from heat in summer.garden decor

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13. Door locks cannot be savedgarden decor


The door lock is an important level of home security, and the quality of the door lock is very important. A good door lock can ensure the security of the home, and it is not easy for a thief to destroy it. Low-quality door locks can be opened with a single pry, and there is no sense of security at all. They are simply decorations.garden decor

14. The anti-theft function of windows cannot be savedgarden decor

Anti-theft windows are as important as door locks. A good anti-theft door and window can not only effectively guard against thieves. If there are small children at home, it can also increase the safety to prevent children from falling and other situations.garden decor

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15. Hardware accessories cannot be savedgarden decor


The wardrobes, cabinets, hanging cabinets, shoe cabinets and other cabinets at home are all matched with hardware accessories such as hinges, hinges, and handles. Hardware accessories can not be saved, the quality of hardware accessories determines its service life. Poor-quality hardware accessories will rust in a short time, which may cause the cabinet to loosen, or even fall. Because of saving a little money on hardware accessories, the cabinet was damaged. I really picked up sesame seeds and lost watermelon.garden decor

16. Moving the sliding door rails can not be savedgarden decor

The balcony glass partition door in the home, the glass partition door in the kitchen, and the wardrobe door in the bedroom may all adopt the method of moving the sliding door. The key to moving the sliding door is the door track below. The quality of the door track directly affects the service life of the door, so the door track must not be omitted.garden decor

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17. Floor tiles cannot be savedgarden decor


Floors are meant to be stepped on, and often drag something. Therefore, the wear resistance of the floor must be good, otherwise the floor will lose its luster and even have traces in a short time. When laying tiles on the floor, there will be gaps at the joints. It is best to use a beauty joint agent instead of white cement to save money. Otherwise, it wont take long for the cracks in the floor to turn black and moldy.garden decor

18. Glass glue cannot be savedgarden decor

There are many places where glass glue is used, such as sinks, workbenches, glass in shower areas, etc. Do not save glass glue, otherwise it will not take long, and the inferior glass glue will be moldy and black, and the visual effect will be very ugly.garden decor

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19. Wallpaper glue cannot be savedgarden decor


If you use wallpaper on the walls of your home, you need glue to bond the wallpaper. Glue should also be used better, inferior glue contains relatively high formaldehyde. For the sake of health, it is better not to be too stingy, otherwise, after a year and a half, there will be formaldehyde bay windows on the walls, which will cause great harm to the body.garden decor

20. The cost of decoration workers cannot be savedgarden decor

Finally, the cost of decoration workers cannot be saved. After all, everyone comes out to work to make money. If there is a conflict with the workers because of the cost of decoration, it will affect the enthusiasm of the workers. When you work, you will not be too sad, and it is easy to make problems in the details. It is better for everyone to maintain a harmonious relationship, which can ensure the smooth progress of the project.garden decor

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