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Recently, friends often leave messages to Xiaobian to ask about the decoration process, so today I will bring you a decoration process Detailed explanation, take a look!

I. The whole process of decorationceramic christmas tree

The decoration can be divided into four parts: design, construction, installation and finishing, which are subdivided into:

Preliminary design, structural dismantling and modification, water and electricity modification, woodworking engineering, tile engineering, painting walls, kitchen and bathroom ceilings, purchasing water heaters, installing wooden doors, cabinets, hoods, laying floors, pasting wallpaper, installing switches Sockets, optional lamps, sanitary ware, curtain rods, post-cleaning, furniture entry, home appliance installation, home accessoriesceramic christmas tree

2. Analysis of 21 links in the whole process of decorationceramic christmas tree

(1) Pre-designceramic christmas tree


In the pre-design, One more thing that must be done is totake a detailed measurement of your house. The measurement content mainly includes:

1. Determine the area involved in the decoration processceramic christmas tree

Especially tile area, wall paint area, wallpaper area, floor area

2. Identify main wall dimensionsp>

Especially in the future, it is necessary to design the wall size of the furniture. By the way, I would like to remind everyone that before starting construction, don’t forget to go to the property to go through the construction procedures and pay the decoration deposit.ceramic christmas tree

(2) Main body dismantling and modificationceramic christmas tree


Enter In the construction stage, the main demolition and renovation is the first project, which mainly includes demolition of walls, building walls, shoveling of wall skins, replacement of plastic steel windows, etc. It is clear that the frame of the construction site should be erected firstceramic christmas tree

(3) Hydropower renovation

Before the water circuit renovation, the main structure demolition and modification should be basically completedceramic christmas tree


Between the water and electricity renovation and the main demolition and modification, the first measurement of the cabinet should also be carried outceramic christmas tree

In fact, the so-called first measurement of the cabinet has no actual content, because the wall and the ground are not treated, the cabinet designer cannot give the specific design size, but only the water inlet and the hood socket reserved by the developer position, and put forward some relevant suggestions. Mainly include:ceramic christmas tree

1. Check whether the position of the range hood socket affects the installation of the range hood in the futureceramic christmas tree

2. Check whether the position of the water meter is appropriate

3 , to see if the location of the water inlet is convenient for future installation of the sinkceramic christmas tree

After the waterway renovation is completed, it is best to waterproof the bathroom immediately

Some owners It has always been believed that before the decoration starts, some main materials should be put on the scene in advance. What the editor wants to say is that unless it is the main material that needs to be used for the main body demolition, otherwise, the entry time of main materials such as ceramic tiles and large core boards should be after the hydropower transformation. Because if the circuit transformation involves ground slotting, the tiles and large core boards are not placed in the wrong position, and it is very troublesome for workers to move around. I would like to remind you here.ceramic christmas tree

(4) Woodworkingceramic christmas tree

1000ceramic christmas tree

Woodworking, bricklayer , Oilers are the three brothers in the construction process.The basic order of appearance is: wood – tile – oilceramic christmas tree

The basic principle of appearance is – whoever gets dirty first. Whoever gets dirty goes first is also one of the basic principles for determining the order of home improvement. In fact, woodworking work such as wrapping the riser, making decorative ceilings, and sticking plaster lines can also be used as a detailed part of the main demolition and modification in a sense. Considering that it does not conflict with the water circuit renovation, and sometimes requires some cooperation. Just like if you are going to make a fake wall at home, you should consider whether there is a water and electricity line on the fake wall. If there is, you should ask the water and electricity renovation workers to pre- Burying the pipeceramic christmas tree

(5) tilingceramic christmas tree

If the workers are too busy, the foreman will usually let the second bricklayer come in to til the tiles before the carpenter boss is finished. This is normal because there is no conflict between the two per se The process of the operation also involves the installation of the following two links:ceramic christmas tree

1. Installation of the crossing stone and marble window sillceramic christmas tree

The installation of the crossing stone can be combined with the paving The floor tiles are completed together, or after the floor tiles are laid. The installation of the marble window sill is generally done after the window cover is completed. The worker who installs the marble will prepare the glass glue, and then seal the marble and the window cover with glass glue.ceramic christmas tree

2. Floor drain installationceramic christmas tree

The floor drain is the first one to appear in the home improvement hardware, because it needs to be installed together with the floor tiles, so everyone When you start shopping for building materials, you should buy a floor drain earlyceramic christmas tree

The second bricklayer leaves the site. At this time, you can make an appointment for the second measurement of the cabinet.Accurately, after the kitchen wall and floor tiles are installed, You can make an appointment for the second measurement of the cabinetceramic christmas tree

(6) Brush the wall paintceramic christmas tree

The third oil worker enters the site, mainly to complete the basic treatment of the wall and brush the top paint , painting the furniture of the carpenter boss, etc.ceramic christmas tree

1000ceramic christmas tree

The owner who is going to put wallpaper only needs to let the third oil worker do the basic treatment on the wall where the wallpaper is planned.

As for whether to leave the last coat of paint, this question is not necessary. To be honest, from the experience of many owners who have renovated, it is not very meaningful to leave the topcoat once, because the subsequent operation is no more dirty than painting.ceramic christmas tree

Being the boss, the second, and the third After leaving the venue one after another, many owners will think that their renovation is almost over, but in fact, if you count them by stage, it is less than one-third. The reason why everyone feels this way is becausepeople generally understand that decoration is only the construction link of decoration, in fact, the installation link of decoration is also the main point of decorationceramic christmas tree

If the design link is If we imagine what our future home will look like, then the construction process is to pack our home. In fact, the purchase of the property is almost in the installation processceramic christmas tree

(7) Water heater installationceramic christmas tree

< img src=”//inews.gtimg.com/newsapp_bt/0/10704524705/1000″>ceramic christmas tree

The delivery and installation of the water heater can be notified after the wall and floor decoration is completedceramic christmas tree

The water heater is generally installed before the ceiling, and the gas water heater has become the current trend. It is generally installed in the kitchen or closed balcony. If it is an electric water heater, it is installed in the bathroom.ceramic christmas tree

(8) Kitchen Bathroom ceiling

The next step after the water heater is installed is the ceilingceramic christmas tree


The kitchen and bathroom ceiling is the first step in the installation process, and it is still continuing the packaging of the home.

At the same time as the kitchen and bathroom ceiling, the moisture-proof ceiling lamps and exhaust fans (yuba) of the kitchen and bathroom should have been purchased. All kitchen and bathroom ceiling lamps and exhaust fans (yuba) are installed at the same time. It is recommended that families with small areas should not install too complicated ceilings, otherwise the space will be more narrowceramic christmas tree

(9) Cabinet installationceramic christmas tree


After the ceiling is finished, the cabinet can be installed on the door.ceramic christmas tree

Also installed are thesink (can not include the upper and lower water parts) and the gas stoveceramic christmas tree. Before installing the cabinet, it is best to coordinate the property to pass the gas, because the gas stove needs to be tested after it is installed.

(10) Installation of hoods and stoves

The installation of hoods and stoves should preferably be arranged on the same day as the installation of cabinetsceramic christmas tree, which is convenient for the coordination between the two masters

(11) Wooden door installation


On the second day of cabinet installation, As early as more than a month ago, after the measurement of the wooden door was completed, it is now possible to install aboutceramic christmas tree

The hinges, door locks and floor suctions to be installed at the same time as the door are installedceramic christmas tree. The production cycle of solid wood doors is generally one month. Therefore, in order to make the construction period closely linked, it is necessary to let the wooden door manufacturer come to the door to measure the size of the door opening as soon as possible after the main demolition and modification is completed.

garden ornaments

About When dealing with door openings, everyone needs to pay attention. If the height of the door openings in the house is inconsistent, workers need to handle them to the same height, which will look better.ceramic christmas tree

(Twelve) Floor Installationceramic christmas tree


< strong>The floor can be installed on the second day of the installation of the wooden door, the following issues need to be paid attention to:ceramic christmas tree

1. Before installing the floor, it is best to have the manufacturer come to the door to survey the groundWhether it needs to be leveled or partially leveledceramic christmas tree, some decoration companies or renovation teams will recommend that you level the ground or partially level, subject to the actual survey of the floor manufacturer

2. Before installing the floor, theThe floor for paving should be cleanedceramic christmas tree, and the floor should be kept dry, but do not use water during the cleaning process

(13) Paving wallpaperceramic christmas tree

< img src=”//inews.gtimg.com/newsapp_bt/0/15272822565/1000″>Before laying the wallpaper, try not to have anything on the wall.

If it goes well, it will also be a day. If conditions permit, the floor should be It doesnt matter if you protect it, it doesnt matter if you dont have any conditions. Its no problem to hand over the wallpaper glue left on the floor to the cleaner.ceramic christmas tree

(14) Switch and socket installationceramic christmas tree


In the bathroom, all sockets and switches must be waterproof, and sockets must have covers

Entrance Light switch, it is recommended to use induction type or fluorescent type, so you dont have to touch the dark when you go home.ceramic christmas tree

It is better to have more switch sockets and not less.In the place where sockets are arranged, at least one socket should be reservedceramic christmas tree. You should know that there will be more and more household appliances in general. Once there are new appliances but no sockets, it will be difficult to install them again

(15) Lamp installation

< img src=”//inews.gtimg.com/newsapp_bt/0/15272822750/1000″>ceramic christmas tree

When installing lamps, if you install asub-control switch, you can save the A lot of troubles

Because if there is only one main switch, and several lights are turned on and off at the same time, it is impossible to choose the brightness of the light and the power will be wasted, but if you install a sub-control switch, you can choose to turn on several lights at any time according to your needs. lamp. If there is an aisle at the entrance of the house,it is best to install a switch at the end of the aisle, so that the power can be turned off directly after entering the door, instead of going back to the door to turn off the lightsceramic christmas tree

(16) Hardware sanitary ware installationceramic christmas tree

1000ceramic christmas tree

The upper and lower water pipe fittings bought before , bathroom pendants, toilets, drying racks, etc., all installed together. After the large items in the front are installed, the home is still very cold. After the lamps and hardware sanitary ware are installed, the home will be alive. It is no exaggeration to say that the first time you turn on the dragon water and watch the water rush out, you will feel in your heart. It will be beautifulceramic christmas tree

(Seventeen) Curtain Rod Installationceramic christmas tree


The installation of curtain rods marks the basic end of home improvementceramic christmas tree

You can take a breath, the busy and dark days of decoration finally usher in the dawn

(18) Cleaning


Do not install curtains before cleaning the land< /p>ceramic christmas tree

When cleaning, there should be no furniture or unnecessary appliances in the home, and try to keep as many planes as possible so that it can be cleaned thoroughly.

(19) Furniture Approach


As for the time to buy furniture, it is suggested that the earliest time after the water circuit renovation is completedceramic christmas tree, so that we have a rough idea of the basic size range of furniture. Therefore, some people have already ordered all the furniture in a hurry before the decoration starts, and there may be a problem of inconsistency in size, but the general style of the furniture can be determined first.

(20) Appliances Approachceramic christmas tree

1000ceramic christmas tree

At this time, home appliances should enter the field, The installation is installed, ready to move in!

(21) Home Accessories


Home accessories, the last step of home improvement, and it has been transformed from decoration to decoration, including the installation of curtains, which belong to the home accessories linkceramic christmas tree

As for buying curtains, Xiaoben reminded everyone before that it is best to order After good furniture, so as not to clash in style. Home accessories also include buying some green plants, wall paintings, handicrafts, etc.ceramic christmas tree

After moving in, everyone can play freely, remind everyone,Before moving in, test for formaldehyde, control Air and ventilation, after all, health is the most important!ceramic christmas tree

Third, two divisions of the decoration process

(1) Everyone has a preliminary understanding of these 21 steps, look carefully Parents will find that there are some points that need attention in the text, so the details are as follows after integration:ceramic christmas tree

1. Go through the start-up procedures 2. Self-measurement 3. Pre-designceramic christmas tree

4. Main body Demolition and modification 5, door-to-door measurement by wooden door manufacturers 6, first measurement of cabinets

7, water and electricity renovation 8, bathroom waterproofing 9, main materials entering the siteceramic christmas tree

10, woodworking 11, tiling (installation of window sills, floor drains) 12. Shower partition ruler 13. Second measurement of cabinetsceramic christmas tree

14. Wall paint 15. Kitchen and bathroom ceilings 16. Gas stove)

18, wooden door installation 19, floor installation 20, wallpaper installation

21, switch socket installation 22, lighting installation 23, hardware sanitary ware installation 24, curtain rod installation< /p>ceramic christmas tree

25, cleaning 26, furniture entry 27, home appliance installation 28, home accessories

29, check-in

(2) Six-step division of the whole process of decoration< /p>ceramic christmas tree

According to the characteristics of the project and divided according to the 29 links just mentioned, the whole process of decoration can also be divided into the following six steps:ceramic christmas tree

The first step: design ideas (3)


Step 2: Demolition and modification of the main body (4)

Step 3: Concealment project (7)

Step 4: Cover project (10, 11, 14) , 15, 19, 20)

Step 5: Installation stage (17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25)ceramic christmas tree

Step 6: Closing stage (26 , 27, 28, 29)

This is the whole decoration process and precautions that Xiaobian brought you today. I wonder if it makes you feel that the decoration process is instantly clear?ceramic christmas tree


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