21×13metersoftwo-storyChinese-stylevillawithmainroomandfirewoodroom,ruralhouseshouldbedesignedlikethisbathroom decor

Main room and firewood room The design of Chinese housing has been passed down for thousands of years. It is not only practical but also full of memories. Presumably many people have the memory of crawling and rolling in the main room and waiting to feed in the firewood room. But now there are fewer and fewer main rooms and firewood houses in rural houses. Is it that the culture of main houses and the memory of firewood stoves will be forgotten by history like this?house interior design

Hunan Mr. Tang looked at such a scene and felt very uncomfortable. So when the old house was demolished and rebuilt this year, Mr. Tang contacted us and asked us to help him design a unit with a main room and a firewood room. .house interior design

In the face of such a person with cultural pride, we cannot let him down, so this two-story Chinese-style villa with a main room and a firewood room was born, with gray tiles and white walls, red lanterns, wooden elements, full of cultural atmosphere.house interior design

Unit type highlights: main room, firewood room, multiple bathrooms, large terrace, separation of static and dynamic…house interior design

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Basic information of unit typehouse interior design

Size: 21.24m × 13.14m

Site: 236 ㎡

Building area: 427㎡

Building height: 9.3m

Building structure: brick-concrete structurehouse interior design

Building situation: 6 Room 1 Living Room 1 Main Room 7 Bathrooms 1 Kitchen 1 Fire Room 1 Dining Room 1 Laundry Room 1 Chess Room 1 Tea Room 1 Study Room 1 Spare Room 1 Terrace 1 Balcony


Plan:house interior design

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First Floor

The entrance to the south is the main room, The traditional customs are also in line with the aesthetics of the rural public, which are upright and solemn and majestic. Taking the main house as the axis, the left side is the dynamic area, and the right side is the quiet area, forming a pattern of separation of dynamic and static, making life more comfortable.house interior design

Set up a kitchen and a firewood room. Modern kitchen utensils and traditional earth stoves cooperate with each other to meet a variety of cooking methods. Young people are familiar with them, and older generations are familiar with them. The operation is more convenient and efficient. higher.house interior design

A chess and card room and a tea room are set up, and rural life should be combined with work and rest. It is also a good enjoyment to play chess and cards, drink tea and chat in your spare time!house interior design

There are 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and both bedrooms are designed with ensuite bathrooms, making daily living more convenient and more comfortable.house interior design

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Second floorhouse interior design

Second floor with living room in the middle, south facing Connected to the terrace, it is an ideal and comfortable living space with excellent lighting and ventilation efficiency.house interior design

It has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, of which 3 bedrooms face south, 2 bedrooms are designed as ensuite bathrooms, and 1 bedroom is adjacent to the study, which is more functional.

Set up a terrace, set up a trellis, and plant some vines, fruits and vegetables, which can beautify the environment, eat, and enjoy the shade.house interior design

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