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In this 262-square-meter house decoration case, the overall space is based on a modern minimalist style. In the gray and white space, the wall is made of wood veneer material, which makes the space look simple, generous and high-quality. . Modern and comfortable furniture is arranged to create a simple and pure high-end living atmosphere, providing a quiet, elegant and calm living space.living room design

Living Roomliving room design


▲The living room is next to a large area of lighting windows, decorated with gray curtains + white gauze curtains, natural and comfortable light into the modern and generous living room space, showing Create a bright and elegant space atmosphere.living room design

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▲ The TV wall takes white slate bricks as the background, with gray wood-colored custom TV cabinets and storage bookshelf cabinets added to the bottom and sides, and a TV mounted on the wall in the middle. The whole space looks simple, elegant and atmospheric.living room design

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▲ The floor is covered with a gray and elegant carpet, and the arrangement of orange leisure sofa chairs also lights up the low-key and warm atmosphere of the space.living room design

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▲The gray fabric sofa is placed in the living room, providing a comfortable seating experience. The sofa wall at the rear adopts a wood veneer background wall foundation, and hangs a minimalist The clock also presents a minimalist and elegant atmospheric design effect.living room design

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▲ The coffee table is based on the dark black slate countertop, and arranges fruits, magazines and glass vases. The glass vases are inserted with hanging clocks and flowers. Under the overall natural and comfortable space, it presents a modern and fresh sense of literature and art.living room design

Restaurantliving room design

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▲The side of the dining room is fitted with a glossy gray tone custom sideboard, which is made in the middle of the sideboard There is an empty space layer, the floor is covered with gray polished tiles, and a dining table with a round stone countertop is arranged in the middle, with a metal tripod with a dark gray leather cushion and back, and a black circle is added to the design of the ceiling without main lights. Line decoration, the whole space looks modern, elegant and layered.living room design

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▲The arrangement of fruit plates and hanging clock vases on the dining table also adds to the freshness of literature and life in the restaurant space.living room design

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▲ There is also a middle island bar next to the dining table, a sink design is also added to the bar, a bar-shaped chandelier is installed above the bar, and the side wall is A decorative painting with a geometric pattern is hung on the surface, which provides the host with a tasteful and elegant dining and kitchen space experience.living room design

Kitchenliving room design

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▲The kitchen is a space with gray floor and wall tiles, and the overall black design of the cabinet is similar to Embedded appliances maintain a consistent style, and a row of light strips are installed at the bottom of the hanging cabinet on the top, which makes the console area brighter and provides the owner with a modern, generous, practical and convenient cooking space environment.living room design

Aisleliving room design

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▲The entire aisle has a ceiling, with a row of chandeliers in the middle. An in-wall bookshelf is also installed on the side, and the overall design is simple, practical and elegant.living room design


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▲A large desk is placed in the middle of the study, and a custom bookshelf is placed in the back. Ceramics and other decorations also make the space more elegant and interesting.living room design

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▲ in this In the loose and comfortable space, whether it is working overtime or reading, it is a relaxed and comfortable experience.living room design

canvas wall art


▲The bedroom space is based on clean white wall space, and is furnished with comfortable and elegant bed furniture, providing the host with a quiet and comfortable sleeping space surroundings.living room design

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▲ The bedside wall is designed with light gray hard-clad siding, dark gray leather beds, dark bedside tables on both sides, and a pink-gray gradient carpet on the floor, which also makes the space more elegant and natural.living room design

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▲The dark bedside tables on both sides are designed in a modern and gorgeous layout, and the floor is covered with a wooden floor with a fishbone, making the bedroom look natural, relaxed and comfortable.living room design

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▲bedside A desk is arranged by the window on the right, which also provides an extra convenient space for the owner to work overtime.living room design

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▲The bedroom is separate Leisure chairs are placed on the side of the large window, where you can sit here to read or relax in your spare time, and life is also a different kind of fun and comfortable.living room design


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▲The wooden floor of the cloakroom is paved with fishbone, with a brown glass door Wardrobe, adding light strips in the wardrobe, so that you dont need to look in the dark when looking for clothes, and a dressing table is placed in this space, which provides practical and elegant convenience for the owner to dress up.living room design

Second Bedroomliving room design

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▲The bedside wall of the second bedroom is covered with a gray hard-covered bedside wall, with a khaki leather art bed+ Clean white sheets and a spherical chandelier on the side bedside table make the bedroom simple, comfortable and gorgeous.living room design


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▲The bathroom is under the gray wall and floor tile space, and the washbasin adopts double-top basin + large In the design of the combination of mirror cabinets, a vase is placed in the middle of the double basin, which adds freshness and vitality to the bathroom space. The floor of the shower room is treated with anti-skid treatment, and gauze curtains are installed on the windows to make the bathroom space appear practical, artistic and natural.living room design

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▲ The wash basin of the guest bathroom is designed as a more practical and easy-to-care under-counter basin. There is also a small bay window in the shower room, which is convenient for the arrangement of bathroom supplies and vases, making the living space more relaxed and interesting.living room design

floor planliving room design

< br>living room design

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Design: Zhang Zhijun & Zhong Licheng, Peng Jingsong, Photography: Sheng Su, Review: Design Pavilion

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