Project coordinates: Central Mountain Mansion

Project style: American style

Project area: 300㎡

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Project Type: Residential

【Design Ideas】


This case is an American light luxury style. The space is guided by light, so that light and shadow are as close to life as possible, embellishing and enhancing the space. Sophistication.autumn wreath

In terms of lighting, the homeowner chose the design without main lights. No main light does not have no main light, but follows the principle of multiple lights and multiple paths to meet the lighting needs of various scenarios and the possible changes in future space use functions. The main lamp fits a variety of styles and integrates with the American style of home decoration to create a comfortable home space that is neither too monotonous nor too luxurious.autumn wreath


[Design presentation]autumn wreath

① Entranceautumn wreath

Spotlights provide accent lighting for the space after entering the door, and aluminum strip lights are suitable for wall cabinets and shoe cabinets. And the ground provides supplementary lighting to meet local functional lighting.autumn wreath


② Living room

High The space shows the charm of three-dimensional layers.

The living room space meets the design principles of high, middle and low lighting. The ceiling and wall light troughs provide soft ambient light for the space. Spotlights wash the walls, and together with the wall lights, they provide supplementary lighting for the space, making the light more layered. The light of the chandelier is cast on the ground, providing low-level lighting.autumn wreath


③ Kitchenautumn wreath

chandelier And the lamp trough provides bright dining light for the space, which fully meets the needs of family gatherings. The cabinet and surrounding spotlights provide supplementary lighting for the space, illuminating every corner.autumn wreath

kitchen decor


Set linear lights to ensure basic lighting in the kitchen, and also add spotlights to provide supplemental lighting to avoid shadows that affect operation.autumn wreath


④ Staircase

The stairs start with A more artistic spiral presentation reduces the burden on the visual space of the stairs.autumn wreath

Step up, the lights that light up step by step are like jumping sprites, bringing a sense of lightness to the space.


The light trough and chandelier above the stairs provide basic lighting, and the surrounding spotlights light up every corner. Spotlights with small openings illuminate the lockers by the stairs.autumn wreath


⑤ Bedroom

Light The master bedroom is warm and light, making the space more warm.autumn wreath

Linear lights around the ceiling of the bedroom provide soft basic lighting for the bedroom, spotlights at the end of the bed and lights at the head of the bed. Spotlights and chandeliers provide accent lighting for the space.autumn wreath


⑥ Bathroom

The bathroom space is mainly comfortable, and the lighting is full of details .

Ambient light and key light complement each other, taking into account both practicality and beauty.autumn wreath


[Space Display]

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Use the light to weaken the cold feeling of the space, cooperate with the home decoration style, and create a comfortable and comfortable space atmosphere with delicate and elegant light and shadow changes.autumn wreath

Create high-quality lighting and serve a better life!


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