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With the development of the times, modern peoples aesthetics are unconventional and full of personality. Similarly, as a personal space, home design has gradually shown a trend of diversification and personalization.boho decor

Although the current home design, various styles have complemented each other and gradually merged, no style is the best style. But to achieve this, it is undoubtedly based on the designers in-depth understanding of various home design styles. On the contrary, why talk about style without style?boho decor

Learning interior design, understanding and learning to distinguish interior design styles, is still a required course for interior designers!boho decor

If you don’t know enough about interior design styles, please bookmark this! Visually, this answer should be the most complete introduction to the interior design style of Zhihu~boho decor

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It is easy to organize, the editor has arranged 30+ interior design styles according to Eastern, Western, The four major types of modern and niche have been classified, but this is not a strict subject classification, just for the convenience of sorting, everyone knows~boho decor

Oriental – interior design style

▶Chinese classical styleboho decor

Chinese classical style is the interior decoration art design style of Chinese classical architecture represented by palace architecture. It is magnificent, magnificent and luxurious, with high space, great depth, carved beams and painted buildings, magnificent and magnificent. The shape pays attention to symmetry, the color pays attention to contrast, the decorative materials are mainly wood, and the patterns are many dragons, phoenixes, turtles, lions and so on.boho decor

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Chinese style has been greatly developed in the Ming Dynasty. When the Qing Dynasty entered its heyday, it has mainly retained the following two forms: one is The Ming style with strong Chinese philosophical implications has a relatively simple shape, and the contrast with the space is not too strong; the second is the more complicated Qing style, or the Tibetan style with bright colors. Ornaments get the most ideal space decoration effect.boho decor

Chinese style is not the retro Ming and Qing Dynasties in the full sense, but through the characteristics of Chinese classical interior style, it expresses the pursuit of the oriental spiritual realm that is elegant, subtle, dignified and prosperous.boho decor

Due to the high cost of decoration in Chinese classical style, the modern atmosphere is not strong, and now it is mostly used as an embellishment in home design.boho decor

New Chinese styleboho decor

The design of the new Chinese style inherits the essence of the Tang Dynasty, Ming and Qing dynasties, and refines the classic elements. To enrich, and at the same time change the feudal thinking of hierarchy, honor and inferiority in the original space layout, and inject a new breath into the traditional home culture.boho decor

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No rigidity without losing solemnity, focusing on quality but avoiding unnecessary harshness, these constitute the unique charm of the new Chinese style. In particular, the Chinese style has changed the drawbacks of traditional furniture that are not good-looking, not easy to use, comfortable and uncomfortable. In addition, it is more flexible in layout in different types of rooms, and it is now accepted by more and more people.boho decor

Japanese (Japanese) styleboho decor

Japanese style is directly influenced by Japanese Japanese architecture and pays attention to the flow and separation of space. One room is divided into several functional spaces, where people can always think quietly.boho decor

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The Japanese style has always been known for its simplicity and elegance, fresh and leisurely style. Lines, and abandon the curve in the space division, with a strong sense of geometry.boho decor

In Japanese interior design, the color is more focused on the color of wood, as well as the color of bamboo, rattan, hemp and other natural materials, forming a simple natural style.Japanese style is also known as healing style. The warm and moist logs create a Zen-like space. The combination of simplicity and warmth is very healing.boho decor

Southeast Asian styleboho decor

When it comes to Southeast Asia, many people will unconsciously think of mysterious temples or hot climates. Southeast Asian style is a combination of The design that combines the characteristics of Southeast Asian ethnic islands and exquisite cultural taste is full of tropical and exotic flavors, widely used wood and other natural raw materials, such as rattan, bamboo, stone, bronze and brass, dark wood-colored furniture, and some partial use of some The golden wallpaper, silk-textured fabrics, and lighting changes reflect a sense of stability and luxury, as well as the natural beauty from the tropical rainforest.boho decor

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Buddha statues, candlesticks, aromatherapy, bergamot and other handicrafts are common in authentic Southeast Asian-style living rooms. These decorations also add a touch of Zen to the home.boho decor

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Western – interior decoration styleboho decor

European (classical) styleboho decor

European classical style mainly refers to Western classical style. This style emphasizes gorgeous decoration, strong colors, and exquisite shapes to achieve a graceful and luxurious decorative effect.boho decor

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A large pool of lamps is used at the top of the European living room, and a gorgeous chandelier is used to create the atmosphere. The upper part of the doors and windows is mostly made into an arc shape and bordered with patterned plaster lines.boho decor

There are two more luxurious Roman columns erected at the entrance of the hall, and there are real fireplaces or fake fireplaces in the interior. Use wallpaper on the walls or choose high-quality latex paint for a luxurious effect. The ground material is mainly stone or floor.boho decor

The European-style living room pays great attention to the use of soft decorations such as furniture to create an overall effect. However, it should be noted that this type of decoration can only achieve its effect in a room with a larger area and space. If the space is too small, not only will it not be able to show its style and momentum, but it will cause a sense of oppression to the people living in it. To have a certain aesthetic literacy, can make good use of European style, otherwise it will only be self-defeating.boho decor

PS European classical style originated from ancient Greek style, ancient Roman style, Gothic style, Baroque style, Rococo style, etc. The editor will introduce these styles to everyone here. Introducing them one by one will also help to deepen everyones impression of each interior design style and quickly learn to distinguish them.boho decor

Ancient Greek styleboho decor

Ancient Greek style is a type of European classicism, advocating simplicity, simple interiors, and emphasis on symmetry , mostly blue and white. (Representative: Parthenon)boho decor

Ancient Greece formed a relatively stable stone beam-column structure and a standardized standard format, creating a Doric, Ionian and Corinthian columns are dignified in style, friendly and cheerful, pay attention to composition, precise construction, and meticulously carved. They also use visual aberration correction to achieve high artistic results.boho decor

Ancient Roman styleboho decor

Ancient Roman style is also a kind of European classicism style. Classicalengravingboho decoris often used. The tone of the building is stable and thick. Compared with Greece, it uses morearch structuresboho decorand Corinthian columns. At the same time, it is common to see human figure sculptures andphilosophersboho decorbustsboho decorAppear. (Representative: Roman Pantheon)

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Gothic style

The Gothic style belongs to the medieval style, with solemn interiors (mostly reflected in the roof), paying attention to symbols, and most of them are closely related toreligionutensils. The Gothic style buildinginteriorroofcornersis polished and smooth, andinteriorpays attention to lighting. At the same time, the common bannersoil paintingsboho decoron the walls are used to make up for itswallscharacteristics. (Representative: Cologne Cathedral)

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The Gothic style combines technology and art with its pointed coupons, pointed rib cross arches, flying buttresses, beams Columns, stained window lattices, stained glass windows and towering spires constitute distinctive features, so it is also called the high-straight style. Later, it developed the structural construction technology of the arched dome, and carried out innovations that integrated the essence of Eastern and Western technology and culture. It was decorated with various colors of marble, glass, and colored bricks, which constituted the unique style of Byzantine decoration.boho decor

Baroque styleboho decor

Baroque style, the interior is gorgeous, pay attention to balance, the wall treatment is mostly in line with the decorationfurnishingsboho decor.Spaceboho decormust be vacated in the center of the main room, anddecorationsshould be more. (Representative: St. Peters Basilica)

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Baroque style prevailed in Europe in the 17th century, emphasizing changes in linear flow and gorgeous colors. It is characterized by the use of flexible and exaggerated emphasis methods such as curved surfaces, twists and turns, flow, and interspersed to create special artistic effects to present a mysterious religious atmosphere and a floating illusion of beauty.boho decor

Baroque architectural colors like to use bold colors, including red, yellow, blue, and green, the main features are luxurious and comprehensive.boho decor

Rococo styleboho decor

Rococo style (Rococo Style), produced in France in the 1720s and popular in Europe, is a Developed on the basis of Baroque architecture, it is mainly manifested in interior decoration: the interior is gorgeous (note that it is bright), and it is rich and noble. The basic characteristics of Rococo style are delicate and charming, gorgeous and delicate, sweet and gentle, and complicated. (Representative: Palace of Versailles)boho decor

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Rococoarchitectural styleboho decor(Rococo Style) withEuropefeudal The decline of aristocratic culture is the background, which shows the decadent and flashy aesthetic ideals and ideological emotions of the declining aristocracy. They cant stand the serious rationality ofclassicismand the arrogance of Baroque, and they pursue beauty and leisure.

Rococo style pursues slenderness and complexity, prefers curved patterns such as mussel shells, swirls, water plants, etc., and is painted with gold, white, pink, pink green and other colors, paying attention to delicate tones and shining luster , with mirrors, drapes, crystal chandeliers and luxurious furnishings. European palace aristocrats prefer this style.boho decor

Neoclassicismboho decor

Neoclassicism is an art style that was popular in Western Europe from the 1850s to the early 19th century. On the one hand, he opposed the extreme complexity and ostentation of the Baroque style, but re-advocated the artistic expression of the classical rational laws of the 17th century, mainly emphasizing the order and clarity of thinking, the dignity and tranquility of the spirit, the simplicity and balance of the structure, and the symmetry of proportions.boho decor

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The lines of the neoclassical furniture are straightened, no longer in the rounded Rococo style, decorated with bronze finishes with fan, leaf, rosette , Sphinx, etc., and also brought furniture, stone carvings, etc. into the interior furnishings and decoration.boho decor

Mediterranean styleboho decor

In pre-Renaissance Western Europe, furniture art re-emerged in the 9th to 11th centuries after a catastrophe and a long period of depression. And form a unique style – Mediterranean style. Mediterranean-style furniture is quickly accepted by people in large areas outside the Mediterranean with its very friendly pastoral style and the atmosphere of soft tones and combinations.boho decor

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Abundant products, long coastlines, diverse architectural styles, and a terroir and culture formed by strong sunlight, these factors make the Mediterranean Sea free and unrestrained, colorful and bright .boho decor

Mediterranean-style homes generally use several design elements: white plaster walls, arcades or arches, and sea blue doors and windows. The soul of the Mediterranean style, the more consistent view at present is the romantic feelings of azure blue, the pure beauty of nature with the same color as the sea and the sky and the bright sun.boho decor

Ancient Egyptian styleboho decor

The decorative style of ancient Egypt is simple and vigorous, mainly stone, the column is the symbol of its style, and the capital of the column is like blooming Papyrus flowers, the column body is tall and straight, with linear grooves, pictographs, reliefs, etc. in the middle, and there is a column base plate below, which is ancient and dignified. Smooth granite is the usual material for paving, and rough granite pieces are mostly used on the main background of the TV wall, also known as the cultural wall.boho decor

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Islamic styleboho decor

Islamic style is characterized by the combination of east and west walls, interior Color jumps, contrasts, gorgeous, its surface decoration highlights pastel painting,stained glassboho decorface brick inlay, doors and windows usecarvedboho decor, openworkpanelboho decoras balustrades , and also commonly used gypsumrelieffor decoration. The stalactite body of brick craft is the most characteristic technique of Islamic style. Stained glass mosaic can be used onentrance hallsor partitions in your home.

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Islamic style should never be usedanimalsboho decorfiguresstatuesboho decor

valentines day decor

and Western religious objects (essential elements), Also not to be confused with Persian orByzantinestyles. ( Great Mosque of Colva)

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Moroccan style

Due to its geographical location and historical reasons, In Morocco, Arab culture and trendy Western culture coexist, creating a Moroccan style with different styles. Some people also call it mix&match, which is a style of casual matching.boho decor

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Brightly colored and ornately decorated colored ceramics,metal craftsboho decor, fine carvings and inlays on metal utensils are all Moroccan style typical characteristics.

American style

It is rooted in European culture. A new understanding of classical culture. The shadow of almost all European furniture can be found in American furniture, but it is not a simple replica of European furniture. It absorbs and accommodates the advantages of European furnitures elegance and style, without the sense of distance caused by that gorgeous indifference.boho decor

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French styleboho decor

French style mainly pays attention to the symmetry of the axis in interior decoration design, momentum Magnificent, giving a noble and elegant aristocratic atmosphere.

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French households often use whitewashing and gorgeous color matching. The whitewashing method conveys the introverted characteristics and style unique to the French countryside. The color matching is white, gold and dark. Wood color is the main tone.boho decor

When it comes to French style, the first thing that many people think of is romance. French style will naturally reveal a romantic and charming atmosphere from the bottom of my heart, just like the sunshine of Provence. whole house.boho decor

Bohemian styleboho decor

Bohemian style retains the nomadic style, with bright colors and nobility.

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Bohemian style was originally an extension of the clothing field, but applying clothing style to home decoration has a unique flavor. The color matching is often dominated by bright colors, and a large number of exotic elements are used to express an eclectic sense of freedom and exotic style. Most of the furniture types are retro.boho decor

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Modern-Interior Design style

Modern minimalist style

Minimalism design idea, first proposed by German architect Mies van der Rohe, 90 In the early 1990s, he entered the field of home design. The minimalist style is characterized by simplifying the design elements, colors, lighting, and raw materials to a minimum, but has high requirements on the texture of colors and materials. Minimalism strives for refinement and perfection, and every detail must be repeatedly scrutinized and refined, simple but not simple, full of artistic high-level sense.boho decor

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Modern people face the hustle and bustle of cities, pollution, and intense competition, as well as busy work and stressful lives. Therefore, more and more yearning for a fresh, natural, casual and relaxed living environment, more and more urban people began to abandon the luxurious decoration, and strive to have a natural and simple living space.boho decor

Modern light luxury styleboho decor

The hottest home design style at the moment. The concept of light luxury recently originated in the fashion circle. The mid-to-high-end positioning is not blindly conforming to the crowd, but also has its own unique taste. In the face of increasing aesthetics, interior decoration is gradually turning to unique customized light luxury design.boho decor

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The so-called light luxury is actually based on the ultimate minimalist style, through some exquisite soft decoration elements to highlight the texture, but also condensed unexpected functions and details, thus highlighting a high-quality lifestyle.boho decor

Modern Jane European styleboho decor

Modern Jane European style, which combines the characteristics of luxury, elegance, harmony, comfort and romance, is popular among Chinese people. s favorite.boho decor

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Absorbs the physical and spiritual characteristics of European style, replaces complex patterns with simple lines, and adopts more bright and fresh colors, which not only retains the classical European style Elegant and luxurious, but also more suitable for leisure and comfort of modern life.boho decor

Nordic styleboho decor

Nordic style is an artistic design style in countries close to the Arctic Circle (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland), mainly referring to Interior design and industrial product design.boho decor

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The Nordic style mainly has the following notable features, first of all, it advocates the use of natural materials, and secondly, there are no complicated textures and patterns in the Nordic design style, and the whole is simple and elegant , simplifies complex shapes into simple primitive graphics, and is more elegant in the use of colors. In the choice of furniture, it reflects the characteristics of simplicity and directness.boho decor

In recent years, the simple style has become more and more popular in China, and the simple, natural and humanized style of Nordic style has also been respected by more people.boho decor

Nowadays, when it comes to Nordic style, the pictures we imagine are almost the same, mainly white, transparent and bright, and after some people summed up the Nordic style as cold and minimalist, countless people have formed a positive attitude towards Nordic design. stereotypes.boho decor

However, I have to remind everyone that the word Nordic style does not exist abroad. This style is only a general reference to the art and design styles of northern European countries in China, and the earliest name of this genre is Scandinavian style (discussed below).boho decor

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Knock on the blackboard:boho decor

There will be a question from my friends, I can’t tell the Japanese style Whats the difference with Nordic style? They are all minimalist, high-brightness and low-saturation, all like to use warm and bright wood, and all pursue humanized design, so how to distinguish them?boho decor

Its actually very simple! As long as you figure out their design philosophy, it will be easy to distinguish!Japans minimalism hopes that people will forget the objects themselves and focus only on daily life, so as to achieve the unity of man and nature; while the Nordic minimalism hopes that people will focus on the objects themselves!boho decor

Pastoral styleboho decor

Pastoral style is to show the rural atmosphere through decorationdecorationboho decor, but here Pastoral is not a rural pastoral, but a style that is close to nature and yearns fornatureboho decor.

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The pastoral style is called pastoral style because the theme of pastoral style is close to nature and shows the atmosphere of simple life. The biggest characteristic of pastoral style is: simplicity, kindness and reality.boho decor

LOFT style/industrial style

LOFT literally means warehouse, attic, but the word gradually became fashionable in the late twentieth century and evolved into When a fashionable residence and lifestyle, its connotation has gone far beyond the original meaning of the word.boho decor

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In the 1940s, the LOFT lifestyle first appeared in New York, USA. It originated from the transformation of old industrial plants or warehouses into studios with residential functions.boho decor

Most of the people living in it are a group of young artists, who have no money, so they can only rent out the old factory buildings to renovate, keep the original main structure, and then match them with the ornaments they bought from everywhere. Therefore, the industrial style will present a retro, shabby, tough yet compelling feature, which is highly sought after by young people and individual friends.boho decor

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Those little-known niche stylesboho decor


Wabi-sabi is Japanese wabi The meaning of sabi, wabi originates from the Three Dharma Seals in Theravada Buddhism (all things are impermanent, all dharmas are without self, and Nirvana is quiet), which is an integral part of Japanese aesthetics.boho decor

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Wabi-sabi is widely recognized as an integral part of Japanese aesthetic consciousness. Almost everything related to aesthetics, such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and literature in Japan, has been greatly influenced by it. Wabi, originally refers to a sense of emptiness in philosophy; Sabi, a sense of loneliness in human nature. Simply put, it is an empty and lonely beauty.boho decor

The wabi-sabi wind is somewhat similar to Northern Europe in some places, because they are very simple, but the wabi-sabi maple has a kind of incomplete beauty, conveying a kind of unclear feelings.boho decor

Memphis styleboho decor

Memphis style is a combination of retro and modern, pursuing various possibilities of color, often deliberately breaking the rules of color matching, Express emotions through color, geometry and line.boho decor

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Memphis style can resonate with a combination of simple elements, often with eccentric and exaggerated shapes and bright colors, and strive to express personalized cultural connotations. A fearless and unconventional attitude.boho decor

Scandinavian styleboho decor

Scandinavian style is a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modernity, emphasizing the practicality of functionalism It removes unnecessary decorations, leaving only the most practical parts, with simple design and simple colors.boho decor

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Although Scandinavian style emphasizes the practical functions of products, it also pays great attention to the use of human factors in the design, so as to avoid too rigid geometry form, resulting in a humanistic aesthetic.boho decor

Scandinavian design began to have a name as early as the 1900s, and in the 1920s and 1930s Scandinavian absorbed the positive elements of modernism, and after the 1950s it passed through the United States Promoted by the market and carried forward, sweeping the world.boho decor

Scandinavian furniture emphasizes simple geometric silhouettes, lines and natural materials that are easy to copy. Therefore, many small partners have formed a wrong understanding of Scandinavian furniture – cheap, but in fact genuine Scandinavian design is almost a luxury, although it is a minimalist style, but the decorative surface treatment pays attention to the unfinished treatment , The requirements for the test of craftsmanship are very high, and in fact, the money is not spent at all.boho decor

Kyiv styleboho decor

The color of Kyiv style home decoration mostly uses black, white and gray tones, which are slightly darker, and the choice of home is also more stable, practical.boho decor

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The Kyiv-style home decoration has added many industrial elements, such as metal, glass, bricks, etc. The thick colors bring warmth to the home, while industrial elements It makes the home tougher.boho decor

ArtDeco styleboho decor

“ArtDeco”, that is, Art Deco style, also known as Art Deco, originated in France and flourished in the United States. An important school of style in the history of world architecture.

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ArtDeco mainly used Egyptian elements such as curvilinear lines and pyramid shapes to decorate the facades of the buildings, expressing the nobility pursued by the high-end class at that time ; And the modern shape gives the ancient and noble temperament, representing a revival of the city spirit.boho decor

Vintage styleboho decor

Vintage originally means old-fashioned, the most distinctive, and the decoration style of vintage can also be understood as retro style. A sense of age, slightly outdated, but also unique.boho decor

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The earlier a material is developed and used, the more timeless it is, such as brass, leather and velvet, which are common in vintage decoration styles decoration.boho decor

Place one or two old antiques at home and mix and match with modern furniture for a shabby and fashionable feel.

Zakka style

Zakka is the Roman phonetic of Japanese groceries. Coexistence of different styles of objects.boho decor

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Zakka style decoration choose cotton, linen, rattan, bamboo and other natural materials to decorate the space, and use a small amount of metal, glass and ceramic items To improve the texture of the space, hanging hanging baskets, bamboo baskets and lighting on the top add layers, and finally put a wealth of green plants to make the whole space more vibrant.boho decor

Black and white styleboho decor

Black and white is a classic combination of home colors, and there is always a fashionable temperament that is not out of fashion. Simple white and deep black, such contrasting colors, bring a strong visual impact and a modern urban atmosphere.boho decor

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The above is an introduction to 30+ interior design styles, I hope it can help everyone~boho decor

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