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Generally speaking, before decoration, we need to consider in advance how long the house will live, and the changing factors such as having children, and then combine with how much energy we currently have to put into decoration. Set a general budget.bedroom design

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Budget ratio

Generally, it is 30% for main materials, 5% for auxiliary materials, 15% for labor, 10% for equipment, 10% for electrical appliances, Furniture 20%, decoration 10%.bedroom design

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Today, Xiaoqi will teach you how to save money from the following six sections!

Door Hardware

Paint-free doors instead of lacquer doors:bedroom designIf you save money, paint-free doors for interior doors are better than lacquer doors. Although the appearance may not be as good as lacquer doors, the quality is not good. It is inferior to the lacquer door, and has a variety of color changes, which is more modern, individualized and green.

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The sliding door does not need to pursue too high quality:bedroom designThe sliding door itself does not need to pursue too high quality, it is mainly the guide rail that decides the sliding door service life.

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Broken bridge aluminum is cost-effective:bedroom designAlthough plastic steel has good thermal insulation and sound insulation, it is not strong enough compared with aluminum alloy. It tends to change color over time. The broken bridge aluminum is still an aluminum alloy window in essence, but a heat insulation strip is added in the middle. And good quality (export grade) plastic steel windows are more expensive than good broken bridge aluminum casement windows, so it is better to choose broken bridge aluminum in terms of cost performance.

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Decorative materialsbedroom design

Floor fixation:bedroom designBedroom floor covering, due to living room The gap between the floor tiles and the bedroom floor needs to be leveled with cement mortar. After the leveling cement is dry, some construction parties require the ground to be solidified. On the one hand, it can prevent cracks and prevent dusting.The effect is not very big, and the ground cant be checked and can not be brushed,Let the construction party deduct this item from the contract, which can save money .

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Choose domestic bricks of high-end brands:bedroom designIt is enough to choose domestic bricks of mid-range brands. There is no need to choose expensive ones. Not to mention the pursuit of imported brands, first-line brands are more of a brand premium.

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Tile specification+paving method:bedroom designFor example, 300*300, 600*600, 800*800 tiles, paving method It is recommended to choose positive stickers, (paving cost 50-70 yuan/m). If you choose other size and regular floor tiles, and then add complex paving methods, the paving cost per square meter will be 2-3 times the price of the floor tiles (paving cost 80-200 yuan/m).

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How is tile usage calculated?bedroom designTake floor tiles as an example, the exact calculation method: (room length/brick length) * (room width/brick width) = the number of bricks used, plus the loss of about 3%-5% . For example, a room of 6*5m uses 800mm*800mm floor tiles, 6m/0.8m=7.5 pieces (take 8 pieces), 5m/0.8m=6.25 pieces (take 6 pieces), the total amount is 8*6 pieces = 48 pieces, buy 50-52 pieces are enough.

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There is a little tip. There are large areas of tiles in the kitchen that are covered by cabinets. This kind of place is usually invisible. You can separate it out to calculate the area. Use some affordable special bricks to save money. less money.bedroom design

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< br>bedroom design

Less use of small bricks, tiles and mosaics:bedroom designThe labor cost of tiling is relatively expensive. There are more beautifying agents, and the cost will be a lot more.

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It is not recommended to siding on the wall:bedroom designThe cost of the former is too high, the ordinary solid wood composite siding is about 800/square meter, and the high-end solid wood composite The price of siding varies from 800-3500, and the price of logs will be higher.

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No marble for TV background wall:bedroom designIf the living room is small or on a limited budget, there is no need to spend a lot of money to install a cold marble. Because the price of marble is relatively high, especially natural marble, some can reach 1,000 yuan / square. In addition, it is heavy and needs to be fixed by a keel, which is difficult to install, and the labor cost will also increase.

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Do not use too much plaster line:bedroom designIf the home is Nordic or modern, do not use too much plaster line, the plaster line is measured by the meter After all, using too much not only makes the space more complicated, but also more expensive.

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Select tiles for threshold stone and bay window stone:bedroom designThe effect of ceramic tile for threshold stone and bay window stone is similar. Just lay it and save a third of the money.

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Wall Paint/Wallpaperbedroom design

Latex Paint is more cost-effective than wallpaper:bedroom designIt is recommended to choose a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective latex paint. No matter how expensive the wallpaper is, its lifespan is not as long as that of latex paint, and it usually takes about seven years to be re-laid.

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The pricing method of latex paint:bedroom designpainting area=(use area-kitchen and bathroom area)*3.5, or painting area=(building area- Kitchen and bathroom area)*3. The paint bucket = painting area ÷ the amount that can be painted in each bucket, and the amount to be purchased can be calculated by calculating, reducing waste and effectively controlling the budget.

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Multiple ventilation is king:bedroom designMany people are overly pursuing environmental protection and no formaldehyde, and spend a lot of money on imported paint products, but in fact, the environmental protection of general brands Performance is not much different. More ventilation is the only way to save money.

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Furniture Upholsterybedroom design

Fabric sofa cost-effective:bedroom designIt is recommended to choose a fabric sofa, which is fashionable, practical and cost-effective. Changing the sofa cover can change the style.


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Choose furniture made of composite materials:bedroom designFor example, dining tables, etc., you can choose furniture made of composite materials. Solid wood furniture is too high-end and expensive. The poor quality of low-end products also has the risk of excessive formaldehyde and benzene series.

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Use of custom furniture:bedroom designIn the case of tight budgets, using less custom furniture can save a lot of money. If you choose to customize, remember that the pricing methods of different brands and stores are different, and the specific price depends on the whole house customization fee of your own home (there are not many cabinets).It is suggested that the cost-effective project is based on the projected area, and the cost-effective one is based on the expanded area.

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< span>Replace partition walls with cabinets/glass:bedroom designThe partitions can be built without walls, which will cost more and take up space. If you need partitions, you can choose custom cabinets, glass Partitions, etc., save money and look beautiful.

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Building materials and furniture choose direct supply from manufacturers:bedroom designBuilding materials and furniture do not need to be purchased at the original price, choose direct supply from large platform manufacturers, genuine products Low price saves money.

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Appliancesbedroom design

Home appliances do not need to be assembled at one time:bedroom designYou can purchase the necessary furniture first: beds, wardrobes, etc., and home appliances can be purchased slowly. Because home appliances are affected by promotional policies, the price fluctuates to a certain extent, and there will be discounts if you wait until the shopping festival, such as the Qijia Eleven Family Decoration Festival, Big brand productsMore discount.

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Dont blindly pursue new products for home appliances:bedroom designThe more complex and smarter home appliances are, the easier it is to break, the maintenance costs are also high, and the iterations are too high almost. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose practical home appliances, there is really no need to blindly pursue expensive new products.

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Choose a domestic brand with first-class energy efficiency for the refrigerator:bedroom designThe refrigerator has a large space, and power saving is what needs to be paid attention to. A domestic brand with first-class energy efficiency is enough. The so-called imported artificial intelligence refrigerator, the price of one more function is immediately higher by several thousand yuan.

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Ordinary water purifiers are enough:bedroom designWhole-house water purification for small units, lack of space and difficult pipeline layout; Water purification equipment can account for 1/5 of the total renovation budget. If the home is not a mansion and the budget is not so generous, then it is not recommended to purify the water in the whole house.

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Projector PK TV:bedroom designCurrently there are giant-screen TVs on the market, which can also achieve an immersive experience, projection at the same price The picture quality of the instrument is lower than that of the TV. If the budget is limited and you want better visual enjoyment, choose a TV.

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You can buy a simple and cheap bed:bedroom designIf you want to save money, you can buy a cheap bed, and a better mattress will be very comfortable.

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Other Money-Saving Guidesbedroom design

Suspended ceilings are optional:bedroom designOn a budget Its best not to make a ceiling, the current minimalist style looks good with no main lamp design.

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Select a partial ceiling:bedroom designIf the central air conditioner is installed at home, you can choose a partial ceiling, which can not only maintain the height of the floor but also save money.

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Pay attention to the cabinet pricing method:bedroom designTo calculate the cabinet price, first take accurate measurements. If there is a range hood above the cabinet, then only the money from the cabinet is charged. Be careful not to repeat the measure at the corner when measuring the size of the cabinet, otherwise it will cost about 0.6 meters long for the cabinet.

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Do not use light strips and spotlights:bedroom designLight strips and spotlights in the living room and corridor, do you really use them frequently? It is better not to open less frequently, which can save the budget. Especially if it is installed in a fully sealed place, it is more difficult to maintain and it is also a cost.

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Buy lamps separately:bedroom designThe most economical way to buy lamps is to buy lampshades, bases (caps) and bulbs separately. Large ceiling lights are expensive, and if the wattage of the bulbs is the same, it will be much cheaper to buy them separately.

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Curtain folds:bedroom designNot as many as possible, 1:1.5 is enough, many businesses will suggest 1:2 or even 1:2.5, These are all selling cloth under the name of folds.

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Renovation time:bedroom designTry not to renovate in time for the Chinese New Year. After the Spring Festival, the decoration price of the decoration workers is relatively cheap, and the workmanship time is more.

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Choose online shopping:bedroom designSuch as latex paint, socket panels, smart toilets, bathroom hardware, lamps, etc.< span>Online shopping during the 11th Decoration Festival.

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At the same time, the additional logistics and transportation costs, upstairs costs, and installation costs for online shopping are also budget expenditures that need to be considered.bedroom design

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The question of the reserve fund:bedroom designWhen you know how much money you can spend on renovations, it is recommended to set aside two percent of it Ten or so are used as a reserve fund to deal with emergencies and efficiently control the budget.

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The above are the 36 treasure cheats about Xiaoqi Anli, so that the decoration is not tiring and saves money! If you are tired of decoration, find Qijia!bedroom designThe Qijia 11 Family Decoration Festival is underway! Let you rest assured and spend less!What other money-saving tips do you have, lets chat!

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